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Sun-Times Exclusive: Obama campaign talking points for Thursday

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DENVER--The Chicago Sun-Times has obtained the talking points from the Obama campaign for Thursday, when Barack Obama delivers his acceptance speech at Invesco Field.

Thursday, August 28 - Change you can believe in 

Barack Obama's acceptance speech

On Thursday night, the DNCC will throw open the doors of the convention and move to Invesco Field at Mile High so that more Americans can be a part of the fourth night of the convention as BarackObama accepts the Democratic nomination. Obama will communicate the urgency of the moent, highlight the struggles Americans are facing and call on Americans to come together to change the course of our nation.


This convention will be a working convention for the campaign. We don't want to waste thise opportunity to get some important work done for the fall campaign.

If we are going to spend all this money bring people together, we want to maximize this chance to spread our grassroots message and train people to organize their communities for the last weeks of the campaign.

Our focus is on turning each of our state delegations into super field activists and giving them the tools they need to help us win in November.

-We held pre-convention delegation meetings in every state of the county with Obama and Clinton delegates coming together to plan for the fall.
-We are turning our caucuses as training camps.
-We have 10,000 plus house parties and organizing meetings set up already across the county on Thursday night.
-We are planning a massive nationwide voter registration heading out of the convention for Labor Day weekend.


As the campaign has done all year, the 2008 convention will use technology to reach out to voters who can't come to Colorado.

Voters back at home have a big variety of ways to see and hear the message of the convention.

--They will be a big part of the fourth night of the convention at Invesco Field via phone bank, texting and our outreach program.
-Voters can see and hear about the convention in their local papers and on their local news.

Convention is putting a big focus on outreach to regional media with daily regional press briefings and recruiting regional media to come to Colorado.
-We are also promoting Studio 08-our in-house TV studio where we are booking local leaders on local TV stations to deliver convention message.
-Voters will see their friends and neighbors as an important part of the nightly convention program - speaking at the podium and as part of America's town Hall.
-Voters acan watch the convention on the internet in HD, with the Microsoft Silverlight Technology that we saw at the Olympics.
-Voters can catch all the convention's latest news via our daily online Web TV show - Countdown to America's Future.
-For the first time ever, voters can watch the convention in Spanish with our first ever simultaneous Spanish translation feed.


America's Town Hall is a nightly segment of the convention program in which elected leaders, national policy experts and other convention speakers will respond to directly to voters.

Americans will have their converns addressed, challenges listened to and their questions answered live by our country's leaders.

Through a series of "open calls" in cities across America and online at, people submitted their questions and concerns, and their stories directly to us via video and text. We will take time nightly - a serious part of our program - to have our speakers address what is on America's mind.

America's Town Hall is just one way that we willl be changing the program of this year's convention and using technology to directly connect with voters around the country.

Another way we hope to connect with voters is by organizing the themes of each night of the convention to address what is first and foremost on their minds.

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