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On MSNBC's "The Verdict with Dan Abrams" Lynn Sweet talks again about the Edwards sex scandal



This would matter if John Edwards was running for anything. But, he's not, and the affair is old news first reported by the Enquirer, a source that has been lining birdcages all over America with rumors of the Chimperor humping his darth vaderesque Sexertary of State! Do you really strive to be on parity with that respectable news source? If so, when should I expect to read about your latest abduction by Elvis led aliens?

C'mon Lynn. No day in the shameless life of faux journalists in the world of fluffy infotainment is this slow. There's always that relevant boring stuff, like the American Occupation of Iraq, the burst housing bubble, bank failures, the worthless American dollar, that skirmish in Georgia, or even the Olympics!

I know, all those topics are overworked by real journalists. Still, reporting that news is far more honorable than these assinine attempts to connect the dots of some over-already affair had by some married lawyer who hasn't been in the race for months now through the Presidential candidate from his party who just happens to be winning that race for the Oval Office. C'mon, Lynn, honey! This is outrageously beneath even an infotainment beast of Sun Times demeanor. You're so much better than this tripe. For crying out loud, start just saying NO to that little devil that appears on your left shoulder to tempt you into these pits.

Rage--wake UP! This is a HUGE story. It shows that there was an internal scam to wrest control of the Dem party away from the Clintons.
And they didn't care if they wasted Edwards supporters' time and money.
But, meanwhile, the Repugs are pulling their October surprise in August (well, our economyisn't as robust as when Reagan did it to Carter---THANKS TO THE WEAKENING OF CARTER BY THE CORRUPT TEDDY KENNEDY.
Jeez Louise---who else will be a keynoter--Oprah?

Dan give us a break about Edwards. If his wife gives him a break then why can't everyone else. It only hurts his wife, children, and parents. Dan why keep bringing it up causing her to have to relive it over an over. She's been through enough. Is your show ratings worth it? There must come a point when you have to say a person's life is worth more than a story.

You guys are too funny. If this was a republican, the MSM would have it front page for a week- oh...wait...there have been republicans and it has been on the front page for weeks.
I'm right again.
The press is becoming more and more irrelevant in the stories it picks and chooses. Ask tough questions, do the investigations, and report the findings. I don't want to read your opinion, I want to know what happened.
The internet discovered how to do this years ago, and the newspaper industry is still wondering why it is withering away.

As long as these people exploit their famalies the scandal is fair game.Stop preaching to us how great your morals and family values are and the press will leave you alone.They cannot have it both ways.Its pathetic how these power hungry wives behave when their husbands are caught !Show some dignity and keep your mouth shut rather than blaming the guys who caught your husband.

What happened to the "Verdict with Dan Abrams" ?
I always thought your show was one of the best.
Your conversations were your guests were always very engaging and interesting with different political views. Especially in the primaries, when you had music, it was quite different.

What's going to happen now ? Are you going to
disappear like Tucker ? WHAT'S WRONG WITH MSNBC ?
I kind like Tucker too, but you are my favorite !

As far as the Edwards scandal, I don't really care about it anyway. For some reason I never thought he was THAT loyal to his wife. There was never that closeness, and it showed on TV. I do feel sorry for Elizabeth Edwards though.

You will be missed . . . . . .don't stay away too
long !

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