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Obama vice president spokesman-in-waiting David Wade explains operation. Video. Obama campaign manager David Plouffe cameo.


David Wade will be the spokesman for whoever presumptive Democratic nominee Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) taps as his running mate. In this video, Wade explains the operation being readied for Obama's vice presidential candidate. The man who walks by and waves in the background is Obama campaign manger David Plouffe. Taped in Obama headquarters on Aug. 8, 2008.



Awright awready, name the person so we have someone who can go after McCain on the B S he's putting out. Obama has taken enough blows.

It's Bayh.

ok. whatever. give us the vp fast enough. please avoid Hillary by all means. Mark my word, I don't think the Clintons wish you to win!

Read my lips, Nope!

Orek---I don't want McSame to win--which is why I want Hillary on the ticket.

So, while I signed up to hear who 'good family man' Barack picks as veep, if it's not Hillary, I'm gonna wanna know if Barack knew about the sham spoiler campaign Elizabeth and John ran.

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