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Obama unveils Olympic ad

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Footage of hands laying out construction plans

ANNCR: The hands that

Footage of welder with mask and gloves on

built this nation

Footage of Hands typing

can build a new economy.

Footage of hands holding potatoes freshly picked from ground

The hands that harvest crops

Footage of woman looking into camera, with windmill in background

can also harvest the wind.

Footage of construction worker nailing a roof onto house in construction

The hands that install roofs,

Footage of man installing solar panel

can also install solar panels.

Footage of modern-day assembly line and workers

The hands that build today's cars,

Footage of modern looking car on display

can build the next generation of fuel-efficient vehicles.

Close-up of Obama headshot

Barack Obama.

Obama shaking hands with man

SUPER: A New Vision for Our Economy

A new vision for our economy.

Footage of windmill farm

SUPER: Fast-Track Alternative Fuels

Fast-track alternative fuels.

Footage of warehouse workers assembling around table then fade into footage of scientists and footage of woman on home-computer

SUPER: Create 5 Million American Jobs

Create 5 million jobs developing home-grown energy technologies.

Footage of Obama with factory worker

Because America's future...

Footage of Obama reaching across table to shake hands with workers

is in our hands.

Footage of Obama

CG: Read the Whole Plan -

SUPER: Barack Obama. President.

Approved by Barack Obama. Paid for by Obama for America.

I'm Barack Obama and I approve this message.

1 Comment

Where's grandma and his sister and why has the press not interviewed them yet????????????

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