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Obama top advisor Valerie Jarrett recounts "painful" Rev. Wright episode on CBS "Katie Couric Reports" Monday.


CBS' Katie Couric flew to Chicago to interview top Obama advisor Valerie Jarrett for a Monday "Katie Couric Reports" segment.

Jarrett--who met presumptive Democratic nominee Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) through his then fiance Michelle--- tells Couric the Rev. Wright episode was "a very personal and painful experience for both he and Michelle."


Jarrett, like other members of the Daley Machine gang of Buppies, is not a good person to trot out right now.
See, it's not about RACE, it's a CLASS thing.
Bill Moyers' explained it best on Friday night:
BILL MOYERS: The new cap is set at an interest rate of 28 percent. Sound high? Well, that's down from -brace yourself — 391 percent.

But the poverty business isn't taking Ohio's new law lying down. Under the innocuous-sounding name of Ohioans for Financial Freedom, the industry is circulating this petition to overturn the law. They have already raised $850,000 to try to drum up enough signatures. All of the money comes from a single donor, the payday lenders' lobbyist, the Community Financial Services Association.

MAN IN CFSA AD: I got one when my car broke down.

WOMAN IN CFSA AD: I used one when I had a larger than expected water bill, but it wasn't a decision I took lightly.

BILL MOYERS: CFSA has been especially active in urban, African American communities — that's a primary target for predatory lenders. On our website at, you can link to a startling investigation in the current online issue of MOTHER JONES.

The magazine reports that the CFSA and the subprime credit card company CompuCredit, have co-opted several prominent civil rights organizations to bolster their efforts to fend off stricter regulation. Seals of approval for payday lending have come from CORE — that's the Congress of Racial Equality, the National Conference of Black Mayors and local chapters of the National Urban League.

Even the WASHINGTON POST was caught off guard.

Charles Steele Jr., president of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, invoked Martin Luther King Jr. as he argued against the proposed Credit Cardholders' Bill of Rights Act. He defended subprime credit card lending.

The POST later had to issue a clarification that the Southern Christian Leadership Conference has a partnership with CompuCredit that includes plans to market "SCLC-branded" credit cards. Shameful.
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you can see the whole thing at:

Voting Dem one last time I fear--tell us WHY the Green Party NEXT TIME won't be a better idea?

It was painful for them ONLY because Wright was caught. Then Wright gave that ridiculous "left brain-right brain" speech. And painful for them because the public wouldn't accept them putting the blame on his WHITE grandmother. Oh, I mean "TYPICAL white grandmother".

Dear MS. Jerrett;

I just viewed your interview on CNN and learned you have known the Obama's for a long time even before they were married. Help me understand how we make decisions in life. My understanding is we make decision based on our core values. If this is coming close to being the truth,then how do you de-program yourself after attending a Church for 20 years that preached hatred for the Unted States and our govrnment along with rascial remarks against whites? And how do you de-program your beliefs from the writings of Michele Obama regarding her thesis senior year at Princeton? I maybe the dumbest indiviual in these United States but wrong is wrong and I can't believe the Obama's will change their undertones of hating this country and putting our government. Perhaps you know something that can change my mind.

Looking Forward for your reply

Jan C WHite
653 West 23rd Street Suite 247
Panama City FL.32405

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