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Hawaii homecoming rally on Friday for Barack and Michelle Obama. Battling "Obama fatigue."


Presumptive Democratic nominee Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) lands in his native Hawaii on Friday and starts a vacation with a "welcome" rally at Keehi Lagoon Beach Park near the airport in Honolulu featuring Obama and wife Michelle.

Obama's vacation starts on the opening day of the Summer Olympics and he'll let his paid advertising--the campaign bought time on the Olympics-- work for him while he takes some time off the campaign trail with his wife and two daughters.

The last time he was in Hawaii was December, 2006; that's when that famous bathing suit photo of him in the Pacific Ocean surf was shot. Before his presidential run, he would return to Hawaii each year. His grandmother, Madelyn Dunham and half sister Maya Soetoro-Ng are in Hawaii.

A Pew survey said 48 percent of the public is suffering from "Obama fatigue."

Asked if he was overexposed, Obama said, "We are going to correct that this week," speaking to reporters on his campaign plane en route to Chicago.

"I'm going to see my grandma, who I haven't seen in almost 18, 19 months," Obama said. "And who is getting to the age where I want to make sure where I am spending time with her on a consistent basis so she can see her great grandchildren and I want to spend some time with those children as well."

Folks need a break from politics, Obama said.

"I'm sure a couple weeks off enjoying the Olympics is what the doctor ordered for everybody."


Preview story the Honolulu Star-Bulletin's Richard Borreca

"In a February interview, Obama told the Star-Bulletin that he hoped for a Hawaii vacation sometime this year.

"We go to the beach, we go to Waimea Falls and the zoo, and we hang out in Kapiolani Park and we watch the fireworks in Ala Moana and hike up to Manoa Falls and spend time with Tutu," Obama said.

Obama's grandmother, Madelyn Dunham, lives in Honolulu near Punahou School, which Obama attended.

from the Obama campaign...


Chicago, IL - The Obama campaign today announced that Senator Barack Obama will attend a "Welcome to Hawaii" event on Friday, August 8th. This will be Senator Obama's first visit to Hawaii in the general election.

Honolulu, HI

Keehi Lagoon Beach Park
465 Lagoon Dr.
Honolulu, HI


My partner and I were lucky enough to spend 7 weeks in Hawaii last winter. We are not wealthy, we just pinched our pennies and lived as frugally as we could before, during and after that trip.

There isn't a single day that goes by without my remembering how that beautiful state truly is Paradise. My best wishes to Barack and family... yes, even Tutu and kiki .... a wonderful family time together.

Eat lots of poke, then come back recharged and kick some patooty!!! Yes We Can!

Wishing the Obama family a happy and well-earned vacation. Thank you for the good job and hard work that you do, Senator Obama - soon to President

Have a wonderful time Senetor Obama. Let the media focus now on John McCain and allow America see he is about nothing. America clearly has a choice in this election. Americans cannot claim they were misinformed. They voted George Bush twice and in this election, Americans are going to vote with their eyes wide open. Vote for the future or total distruction of this country and total American irrelevance to the outside world. Americans know that they are almost a third world country.

Obama and his family deserve time to enjoy themselves and relax. This is a family that REALLY likes to spend time together.


WE LOVE YOU !!!!!!!!!

Senator Obama always has interesting things to say. I don't think people are tired of hearing HIM.

I think the poll showed the public is tired of hearing the MEDIA always talking about him (i.e. 80% critically, over the most minor of things--while ignoring McCain's problems).

When they say, "We want to see more of McCain" I think it means MORE MEDIA COVERAGE of McCain's policies )gaffes, and confusion included).

The PRESS is the target of these comments, I think. Not the candidates.

He is in his 40's and can't keep up with McCain.

What will he do if President, Put the country on hold for a needed rest and vacation?

Excellent timing! Go to Hawaii, where yuou can bribe someone to make a really GOOD counterfeit COLB this time!

Hmm... but just a couple of weeks?

He needs to stay away for a few YEARS...say 10, 20 maybe?

He is NOT good for this country. The man wants the TITLE not the job!

This is a great ideal. He deserves a break, as does his family.

seah asks "What will he do if President, Put the country on hold for a needed rest and vacation?"

You mean like Bush, who has taken more vacation time than any other president, even during these very difficult times?

Obama is a senator, and the Senate is in recess (that could mean a vacation).

And guilda says "He is NOT good for this country. The man wants the TITLE not the job!"

I wonder what guilda's basis is for this statement.

Having lived in Hilo Hawaii from '71-'82, I also "grew up" as a teenager in the same culture that Barack did. It is a beautiful place with beautiful people!!
Enjoy your time with Michele, tutu and the keikis, and come back recharged and ready to kick 'okole!
Barack Obama- Judgment to LEAD in today's world!

Obama is a man with real perspective. Nothing is more important than your family. I'm sure he has missed them greatly for months now. Being a cancer survivor I know that these days Obama will have with his family will be as important as any days he has if he is fortunate to get into the white house.

It's good to see grandparents as much as you can when they are alive. As president he won't have a lot of time to get to see her. Also, with the goverment on vacation and Bush gone to the games in china------this is a good time for Obama to do the same! Can't accuse the man of skipping out on his duty, when the rest of the gov. is on vacation to! He needs a rest, an his family needs together time! sense mccain takes of ever week end and that makes 8 day vacation every month, obama is falling be hind in his vacation time compared to mccain!

Obama fatigue?! Everyone talks about obama, the media and even the Mccain campaign has nothing else to say but Obama. Now, that fatigue was caused by the media not Obama. Time to turn the light onto Mccain now. I can hear David(the Mccain puppet):" the media is talking too much about us, why not talk about obama!!!!!!!!!!" and i am sure they(the media) will oblige

May the Obama family be swept up in the Aloha spirit of this special place for the next week.

They deserve the rest....

He has fought hard to get where he is today and will have no issue keeping up with the rigors of The Office of The President of The United States when he is elected. I love what he stand for and how he puts his family before all of it. It is very fitting to see a politician of his caliber when so many others are going so wrong in terms of a commitment to honesty and their families. Thanks Barack and enjoy your vacation.


Those talking about Obama not being able to keep up or have snide statements about Obama going on what do you have to say about McCain holding the record on votes missed? He has skipped his senate job for four months. He also takes off most week ends while on campaign.

If he makes the oval office he will be MIA most of the time. So if I was you Mccain folks I would worry more about when McCain does go to work. Even before he started this campaign he missed 63% of the votes...and he flip flopped on bills that has his name on them.

I only hope that McCain does not make it...I can not stand the thought of hearing the way he speaks for four years and being called My Friend. I am not his friend and he is just confused in his thought processes. He is TOO old.

And if Obama is too young, then why is there so many younger people on McCain's short list?

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