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Obama body surfing at Hawaii beach. Will he get bounce from riding the waves


The Honolulu Star Bulletin story about Obama's day at the beach.


artobama8.jpg (AP photos)



I'm impressed. The guy has like zero body fat--so to stay afloat has to be a feat.

LOL Thank God this isnt McCain doing this.

All the girls are gonna like him now for his body, looks like he just got the hillary supporters back@!

Look at that body! This alone should motivate us to get up and move around a bit.

Interesting that he is able to go to the beach and look so relaxed while people are losing their homes, gas prices are ridicolously expensive,food prices have rocketed, russia invaded a democracy, we are still fighting 2 wars, but the good news for americans, is your future idiot in waiting is at the beach getting ready to debut his new book.
Congrats Obama, congrats.

The change that is needed is that the democrats should change back to when they represented middle class america, at this moment they arent at the beach, they are approaching hell.

That silly book everyone is raving about, well, people fail to see that this guy, the author, has used the buyers 2 times to make money for himself, at the expense of a vulnerable public figure. He's just capitalizing on the time.

I think he looks just right! I'm surprised that the Fixed News executive blamed him for being "too thin".

I'll tell you one thing Lynn. If the nation had to see Mr. mcCain in his birthday suit, his election would be over at one glance. I'm sorry McSamers, but one shot of him in the buff and he'd be TOAST. ACK!!!!!!

Well, okay, I thought the vacation was probably a bad move--but I think he'll get a big enough bounce from the convention to over come that.

WOW…Look at these abs

I will do everything in my power to see Obama in the White House, including using my house for the political gatherings since VA is a hotly contested state.

Yes we can!


I think you should give it up. You're probably jealous yourself. You wish your boy friend is as hot as Obama. I know the MSM has been waiting to jump on Obama's pictures.

I won't be surprise if Republican uses these pictures as a negative Ad. By the way, did I tell you, you reporters are getting pathetic.

Wow! If he didn't have my vote before he sure as hell has it now! Very nice!

Judging from the pathetic comments from women here (Oh, isn't he just a hunk? He's SO dreamy! Just look at those abs!!!)I'd say it's high time to take away women's right to vote.

What's wrong with this picture and the people who thought it was 'too negative' to point out that, yes, he's thin (I thought that was GOOD THING?) can be cured with the instant runoff second choice ballot.

Obama deserves a break from the grueling schedule.

He is not obliged to aave the world as he is not president yet and has a deep need to visit relatives and take a few days in a health environment (not a gold course).

Yes McCain without a shirt Ooooh!

Even worse would be to see Bush in his swimsuit or Hillary in a thong suit. Wow.

I am soooo happy to see that the first black president in U.S. history can body SURF good!!! How amazing is that? Truly a child of Hawaii!

Imagine if a female candidate were to emerge topless after surfing or dipping?

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