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McCain stepping up attack on Obama celebrity with "fan club" ad



Whoever is doing these ads are idiots. The ads are working for Obama and not against him. Hell-I was thinlking of supporting McCain but this ad actually helped me switch to Obama. These people are right, he is dreamy, an inspiration, someone I can get behind. Sounds kind of liker a leader to me.

Haha, Rob is right. The ad spends way too much time making Obama seem inspirational and like a leader. The digs slip by and are forgotten. The MaCain campaign is like the gang that couldn't shoot straight, with apologies to Jimmy Breslin.

Oh, Rob---this AD didn't make you vote Obama, you've been with him all along if you say things like that about a Daley MACHINE HACK. (actually an ad like this solidifies any pre-existing 'anti Obama vote--doesn't create it, but anyway) Look--I'm voting for the guy. I think Hillary is more lefty than Obama and I wish she woulda won. Maybe she still will and then we can focus our time not on squeeking by but getting a majority in congress, but then, I'm a middle aged woman and nobody will listen to me.
But if they did...
Know what's REALLY important? (Aside from the fact that some other members of the oligarchy also have open marriages even though they have to pretend they don't to get stupid Americans to go vote for them. Aside from the fact that Hillary shoulda fired her ENTIRE campaign staff because they did NOTHING for her--talk about disorganized. People in PA who supported Hillary ended up writing and running their OWN ads in local newspapers for her!)
Governor BUSH and the other gang of white house occupiers LIED and are now CAUGHT by Ron Susskind over the war in Iraq!

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