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McCain new mocking spot asks, is Obama "The One?" Heston as Moses cameo



Yes, He Is Ready to Lead.

Thanks to John McCain, it has become clear that it will be necessary to call upon Joe Biden to Lead with Barack. Obama+Biden will have more experience and leadership than McCain and Romney.

Yes they are the Ones.
Obama-Biden 08

How insulting to voters who support Obama! According to McCain, we are so diluded and uninformed, that we think he is OMG....GOD. Does this make the one who opposes him....THE DEVIL.
Grow up, McCain! We don't think he is God or a rock star. Just someone who'll make a better President than you. Perhaps he will save us...from four more years of Bush policies.

Lynn, why is the religious right not outraged over the fact the McCain camp is using religion as a mockery? I am shocked there is no outrage. I mean the parting of the red sea with a campaign logo mocking the bible. I think the McCain camp should think about this one.

You are my favorite Obama media person.
However, I am always amazed how the media only covers what is thrown in front of their face.
For example, Obama Team leaks out Evan Bayh and Tim Kain and the media runs with it. Why would Obama chose Bayh if it would mean losing a Senate seat? There is no chemistry between Bayh and Obama. Bayh did poorly during his debate with Joe Lieberman. And why would he choose someone as inexperienced as Tim Kaine? If McCain picks Romney, they could say Team Experience vs. Team Inexperience. Kaine would be a disaster even though we all can agree that he is a nice guy.

Meanwhile Joe Biden has been tested time and time again. The media keeps saying that Biden "puts his foot in his mouth", yet can you name any gaffe he made in the last 16 months? Biden only needs to make it 3 more months. I believe Obama decided on Biden just before leaving for Europe. Joe was on all the talk shows and he did a great job as an Obama surrogate.

In light of the recent attacks on Obama and the closing of the polls, it seems like the media should be using their common sense and realize that they should be talking about Joe Biden, not Hillary Clinton, for his experience and attack-dog and genuine style. Obama practically said on MTP that he was going to pick him for VP, yet the media chose to focus on what they wanted to believe.

Obama-Biden 08

The most disgusting ad I've seen ever.

I'm a Christian and what McCain is doing is boarding on blasphemy!
Pronunciation Key - Show Spelled Pronunciation[blas-fuh-mee] Pronunciation Key - Show IPA Pronunciation
�noun, plural -mies. 1. impious utterance or action concerning God or sacred things.
2. Judaism. a. an act of cursing or reviling God.
b. pronunciation of the Tetragrammaton (YHVH) in the original, now forbidden manner instead of using a substitute pronunciation such as Adonai.

3. Theology. the crime of assuming to oneself the rights or qualities of God.
4. irreverent behavior toward anything held sacred, priceless, etc.: He uttered blasphemies against life itself.

In biblical days he'd be stoned to death for such behavior.

To partially quote Hillary



Well, I've finally seen this web ad, it is kinda funny, but more silly than anything else. When the repubs get fixated, they REALLY do!Barack Obama is merely using a Hopi Indian saying, about "..We are the ones.... I believe if you look at the web ads repetoire on the McCain site you will see the ad for Barack's face on the $100 bill, so who played that card first? If the American electorate fall for this garbage, by believing the arrogant, elitist persona portrayal that McCain is approving, they better shine his $520 shoes. How many homes does McCain have? Whose wife said he would run a clean campaign? Barack and his family have worked HARD for anything they have achieved, and he is READY to be president. I would not want McCain's manipulative hands on any phones in our oval office.

Jesus - Son of David have mercy on us all.

Sen. John McCain has decided to mock Moses while attempting to bash Sen. Obama.

Evangelicals- will you sit on the sidelines and let this man mock Moses - the Deliverer?

Whether you support Sen. Obama or not, if you love and fear God, what Sen. McCain has done is dirty and evil.

I'm talking to you Pat Robertson, TD Jakes, Franklin Graham, Fred Price, Joyce Meyers, etc.
I'm also talking to Jewish folks too. Joe Lieberman- where are yo- oh I forgot, you're standing right beside McCain with your hand up his back.

Are you going to sit back and let this man make fun of Moses- thereby making fun of God- because that is exactly what he has done.

John McCain has no respect for Women
John McCain has no respect for Veterans

and now we see

John McCain has no respect for God

What a guy-

Makes me want to run right out there and vote for him.


"As a practicing Christian, I am deeply ashamed that John McCain
chooses to use the Holy Bible in a mocking manner, to further his own political ambitions."

.....McCain's hero, Ronald Reagan would have NEVER approved!


This is not only a senseless and pathetic ad it is also offensive.

David Gergen pointed out on CNN how Hillary backers warned of Obama being turned into a human pinata by the GOP sleaze-machine.
Looks like we got a BINGO, folks! Obama's response ads seem totally weak. James home!
David Axelrod should be thinking of sharper ads..not worrying about carrying Montana or North Dakota. Tracking polls about dead even
despite John McBush's inept campaign and horrible economy?!
Looks like I picked the wrong week to give up smelling airplane glue!

Great ad, SNL could not have done a better job!

With the way Obama portrays himself, How his marketing and PR staff show him. It leads everyone to the same conclusion.

How many pictures have you seen with Obama with a halo around him or a light in the picture?

Obama asked if people would help him build a Kingdom on earth.

Obama said he wanted to save the world.

Obama talks of Joshua and always telling the story.

Obama is constantly proclaiming his religion and faith and being a Christian.

Obama has said his faith is in all he does.

Obama thinks faith should be in Government.

Obama and his team set up the Facade and Image of him to the people.

Which it is all funny seeing how evil and nasty obama has been to others with his smear campaigns and campaign tactics.

How obama sends his followers out to spew mean and nasty things about people. What his followers do reflects back to him.

Obama is all talk and speeches, so the images of him are formulated by what he says and what his marketing and PR teams does.

Look around, The reality of Obama is a marketing Super Star with a speech.

Is it true that Keith Olberman, Chris Matthews and David Gregory are 3 of the "Annointed One's"

I thought the ad was very funny and appropriate.

This advertisement really degrades the race for the Presidency. The people of America are wanting to find the best person to lead the country and put it back on its feet and re-establish links with the rest of the world. McCain has done nothing whatsoever to inspire people to believe he is a worthy candidate, and this ad shows him for what he really is. A jealous and spiteful old man. Shameful.

OMG, McCain is finally a "believer"!

I'm not sure what to make of this. It attempts humor in insinuating Obama as "God". Mr. McCain has said he is Christian, so if I take it a step further, is he now a "believer" in Obama (since he suggests Obama is now being worshipped as we worship God)? If so, it is nice to see you show your acceptance as Obama as "The One", but why beat up on Moses?

It is a funny ad and it hits the Obama people in the gut because they do believe he is the "annointed one".
Obama needs to respond by actually telling us what he will do if he becomes President instead of talking in generalities!

There are those who say that John McCain’s new ad depicts Barack Obama as trying to present himself as a messiah, well I beg to differ. I believe that John McCain new ad tries to depict Barack Obama as being as old as Moses, when John McCain himself is old enough to have been Moses childhood buggy!

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