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Lynn Sweet talks about covering her first convention with Huffington Post Rachel Sklar.

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lyn, i will not speak in old english when writing or talking to you but when i write old englishIT is my wrting style and it also seperates me from the frauds out there pretending to me , such as i am! but i did again want to set the record straight again as I did with mr. joe klein @ time about the mmr jab! i am now referring to a column in the independent sun. aug. 31,2008 DARLING WILL BE NO SCAPEGOAT BY JANE MERRICK POLITICAL EDITOR ...ALALSTAIR CAMPBELL, himself no stranger to swearing, was persuaded by MR. BLAIR TO REMOVE SWEARWORDS UTTERED BY THE PRIME MINISTER FROM HIS DIARIES. BUT MR. BLAIR WAS ONCE REPORTED TO NORTH WALES POLICE FOR USING THE PHRASE THE 'FUCKING' WELSH'- ALTHOUGH THE INVESTIGATION WAS SWIFTLY DROPPED. Why would i think that is so important? Because lyn, he knows that is TONY BLAIR KNOWS I HATE THAT WORD! I DONOT SAY THAT WORD OR THE N WORD HE NEVER SWORE IN FRONT OF ME ONLY IN 1979 WHEN HE SAID THE F WORD AND I WAS SHOCKED! NOT EVEN WHEN HE HAS BEEN ANGRY WITH ME AND EVEN NOW AS WE ARE ESTRANGED! He too, like me wants an oppurtunity to reconcile and he believed if i know he swears more than mildly ,as i do ,that it will ruin his chances to talk to the likes of me! remember, i am the one that booted HIM OUT OF MY YARD IN 2004 on our anniversay! HE WAS PRIME MINISTER THEN AND I TOLD HIM I WASN'T IMPRESSED WITH HIS TITLE ,PERSONALLY! KATHERN STAR CRAWLEY

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Lynn Sweet

Lynn Sweet is a columnist and the Washington Bureau Chief for the Chicago Sun-Times.

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