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Lynn Sweet on MSNBC's "Verdict with Dan Abrams" talks about Edwards sex scandal



As is my sentiment about former President Bill Clinton, I think that John Edwards was so overpowered by his libido that he did not have the common sense to realize that a high profile does not sit well with fooling around.

If Clinton had controlled himself for eight years, who knows who might have been today's presumptive Democratic candidate for president.

On the other hand, joke writers everywhere are very grateful.

Bill Clinton did it.

Jesse Jackson Sr did it.

Eliot Spitzer did it.

Now John Edwards did it.

When will politicians learn?


Lynn made an excellent point. The two valley girls with you (a republican strategist and an Obama supporter) saying 'get over it!' "Clinton supporters"--LOOK. It's NOT that I'm a Clinton supporter. I want us to WIN in November, and the Republican strategist telling us "it's Obama--be quiet!" ought to tell us a LOT.
Edwards' supporters going 43 to 24 for Clinton also is NOT relevant. Not relevant. The people to LOOK at are the INDEPENDENTS or undecided.
I personally know of 3 middle aged women who woulda voted HIllary who are voting McSAME! (And yes, I've tried buttering them up!).
Back to Lynn's excellent point---Edwards CALLED the media over---and then when asked if that's HIM holding the baby--(go to the transcript like Lynn said)--he's saying it AIN"T HIM!
Hillary is way more liberal than Bill (and I do think she would not have gone to the center to appease the unappeasable repgnicans (Obama's making the same mistake now and it's sure funny watching the gang at the Nation scream about the man they made all but the inevitable nominee--misogyny of the LEFT AND RIGHT!)
I'll take the center anyday.
And HIllary TAKES the center vote than any of the candidates.
I am working for Obama. But what BUGS me are young Obama supporters saying 'Get over it! he won. He didn't win. He was SELECTED.

Lynn, this Edwards episode is getting dirtier by the minute. Its no longer just another politician cheating on his wife. And dying cancer-stricken one at that. Now we have good old-fashioned money laundering, violating federal campaign laws, with-holding imformation to the IRS, and so on. Now its coming out Edwards and his campaign manager have given between $3-8 million in 'hush' money to Ms. Hunter and Andrew Young. Each was bought a huge mansion by Edwards in Santa Barbara, CA. Anything over $10,000 is suppose to be told to the IRS. Edwards never disclosed. Plus, he was a federal candidate at time of money switching hands. Again, never disclosed. Campaign monies are NOT all accounted for. Appears he used campaign funds and PAC money as well. NOT all accounted for. This is a mess. Lynn, investigate into it and let us all know.

You know, usually Abrams had my respect during the sham of a primary (Dennis Kucinich would have had TRUE Democratic party ethos at heart--but he kept getting asked questions about UFO's) for not HIllary bashing.
His question about the Clinton campaign memo story (and did ANY of my OBAMA contributions make those get released? Hope not) was ridiculous. You could ask ANY campaign whether any of your staffers suggested something ridiculous.
(Actually, it looks like OBAMA's campaign DID say--call Bill Clinton racist--I mean Sam Clyburn in South Carolina---give me a BREAK!)
Andrea Tartaros wants us to lose and that's why she's bashing Clinton on here.
Why was she included in MSNBC's discussion about DEMOCRATIC party stuff?
The thing to remember about yesterday is---without Hillary Obama will LOSE this thing for US.

I am so sick of everybody thinking this is just a simple affair. Edwards knew this was going to come out and that he had no chance to be nominated, yet he continued campaigniing to split the Hillary/Edwards votes. He cheated on his wife and kids yes, but he also cheated the democrats out of a fair election. All the democrats knew a long time ago about his affair and Axelrod made a deal.

Bessie---his intent was to get Obama to top of the ticket---but the EFFECT will be to cost us yet another election. Only Hillary can win over the numbers of McCain fence sitters we NEED in the Fall.

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