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Illinois delegation in line for best seats at the Denver convention.

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The tradition is for the home state of the nominee to get the best seats at the party convention. Nothing I have heard changes that for this year; look for the Illinois delegation to have front and center seats at the Pepsi Center when Democrats gather in Denver to nominate Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.). Expect Arizona delegates to get the great position at the GOP convention in Minneapolis-St. Paul where Sen. John McCain (R-Az.) is nominated.

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Wear a raincoat in the front row, Chicagoans, er, Illinoisians. The testosterone will be thick!
Honoring Teddy (king of the misogynists) and his enablers (Caroline and the real wifey #2).
And then there's the war-monger Powell.
(Oh! Chris Matthew's leg will be a TINGLIN'! Oh!)
And then it's on to (non-text messaging womanizer bud) George Clooney's fund-raiser in Switzerland where ALL the private schoolboys go to play!
I can't think of anything more stupid than picking a bunch of macho men to surround himself with==it plays into all the garbage the repugs are throwing.
Obama is following all the tips on LOSING this race. Read Michael Moore's "How to Blow It" article.

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