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Hillary's back. Live chat Thursday. Plans busy convention schedule.

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You know, I got my Obama signs this week ( the postal delivery guy left it in the RAIN but the top cardboard became soaked and the signs inside were wrapped in plastic) but I haven't been able to get myself to put them up, NOT:.
1. when I read that Obama wants to EXPAND the war to chase Osama bin DEAD (Is this guy like the Dread Pirate Roberts? Just trot him out to scare us into letting our 'liberal' pols give more money to the military industrial complex of war profiteers and torturers?)
2. Not when I read that Obama is still pushing coal gassification--I wanna hear him denounce this from the floor of the convention in Denver. I wanna see solar power pushed. Not more coal use (the carbon release from digging it the way they do now and moving it uncovered causes global warming to increase).
Are they softening us up to coal gassification with all this crazy talk about off shore drilling versus tire gauges? (What a lovely distraction from solar and wind power--does anyone remember ANY coverage of Al Gore's talk about how we could get all our energy needs from one or the other?).
3. Not when I read that maybe he's teaming up with an up south guy as veep instead of Hillary--who can help him WIN.
I"ll put my sign up. I'll vote for the guy. But then I'm going to push for the instant run off second choice balllots in the future.
Obviously, the Democratic Party is a skeleton of what it proclaims to be.
I'll vote Obama--I ain't stupid (and I did not attend Harvard OR Yale!)
But there's something really really wrong here.
Now, I've probably Id'd myself to some bad folks here, so don't come cut the phone lines to my neighborhood again, okay? It won't stop my comments.

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