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The scoop from Washington on flaws in Obama energy ad, McCain Paris/Britney spot

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Obama released a TV spot saying McCain's campaign got $2 million from "Big Oil" while McCain proposed "another $4 billion in tax breaks" for the industry.

The truth is that McCain's campaign has received $1.33 million from individuals employed in the oil and gas industry, not $2 million. Obama himself has received nearly $400,000, according to the most authoritative figures available. We find the $2 million figure is based on a mistaken calculation.

Furthermore, McCain is not proposing new tax breaks specifically targeted to the oil industry. He's proposing a general reduction in the corporate income tax rate, which Democrats figure would benefit the five largest oil and gas companies by $3.8 billion.
A new McCain ad calls Obama a celebrity (true) who says he'll raise taxes on electricity (false).
McCain's new ad claims that Obama "says he'll raise taxes on electricity." That's false. Obama says no such thing.

McCain relies on a single quote from Obama who once - and only once so far as we can find - suggested taxing "dirty energy," including coal and natural gas. That was in response to a reporter's suggestion that a tax on wind power could fund education. Obama isn't proposing any new tax on electricity or "dirty energy" as part of his platform, and he never has.

It's true that a coal/gas tax would raise electric rates, but so would a cap-and-trade program to restrict carbon emissions. Cap-and-trade is an idea that both McCain and Obama support, in different forms. Neither candidate characterizes cap-and-trade as a "tax."


I thought that Obama was thinking about about adopting the tboonpickens plan? He should, so should McCain. I read the article about Obama and the boone pickens plan at?? I cant figure out which one of these two Im voting for., Im hoping a third party candidate will surge so I can get behind another candidate other then these two. I would of Voted for Huckabee, Clinton, or Ron Paul. Geesh.
I think Paul is thinking about running on the LP ticket. , I just cant bring my self to vote for McCain. He seems like his age might be wearing on him a bit. The last thing we want is for McCain to end up a puppet., like hes already showing signs of. Did you see where that reporter stumped him and he just sat there not saying a word for like 2 minutes??? Unreal. Or the clip of him cussing, man what a potty mouth. LOL I think the video was at This election season is just one big dissapointment after another. The only that makes it worth watching is the candidates gaffs and antics.

To be a "celebrity" means to be well known. One can be well known for representing the best of human possibility, as Obama does for many in America and around the world. Others are "celebrities" for being sad examples of human possibility, Brittany, Paris, and George W have become that for most. The McCain campaign apparently wants us to forget the difference.

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