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Evanston's Ruth Milgrom--lifelong Democrat--near death wants to know about Obama's running mate


I've know Ruth Milgrom for years; a family friend, a diehard Evanston Democrat, she closely followed politics and always pressed me for the latest. She passed away yesterday and in her final hours, she had one question for her care giver: Who was Obama's pick for vice president. No better example of how people are passionate about this election than Ruth.

If Ruth had been able to ask me the question I'd pass on what I wrote a few days ago: that Biden, Bayh and Kaine are in the top mix and Biden's arrow is going up. And the pick will come anytime starting tomorrow morning, with a rollout to showcase the new partnership.

A surprise entry in the chatter--at this late stage--is Clinton.

from an e-mail....

This is Nancee, Ruth's guardian dragon. Today on my way to work , I stopped by to see Ruth. She wanted to know who Obama picked to be his running mate. I told her I though he would wait until the Democratic Convention next week to anonunce it, but if I heard anything I would let her know. She beckoned me closer to give her a hug and kiss . I gave her them and asked her if I could go to work now. As usual she said "No". This is a game we play. I left anyway. On my way home and to an appointment I stopped by , she was on oxygen to breathe easier.

She passed away quietly holding hands with ones she loved on the evening of August 18, 2008.

She alwas reminded us "Remember me , don't mourn me." We are wondering as Karl her husband would say to her "Who are you going to be bossing around next when I 'm not here ?

As I looked around at the piano in the living room , she had quite a collection of cards and pictures from you, her family and friends. This was a good visual way of keeping up with our changing lives and families. She would proudly point on new ones as they came in, and give me the complete details as she knew them, how she knew you , when she meet you , and what was going on currently with you.

She asked to be cremated and the remains wil be sent to Fort Fairfield , Maine her hometown. A memorial sevice will be held sometime next month in Evanston, Illinois. We will let know know the details when they have been arranged.

As usual , please pass the on the family and friends.




A dying wish...for Obama to HELP yet another fellow DEM find some semblence of hope and peace abd change...and still, Obama failed to complete the task for Ruth and the rest of the DEM party.

So sad...I'm so sorry for your loss Lynn...I pray Ruth is up in heaven looking down on us right now and saying, "I DO KNOW WHO IT IS!!!!!!!!"

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