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Edwards tells CBS' Bob Schieffer he has no plans to go to the Democratic convention


From CBS.....

BOB SCHIEFFER: Russ, just before we went on the air tonight, John Edwards called me and said he wanted to talk. He said that all this happened back in 2006 before he announced that he was running for president and that he told his wife Elizabeth about it then and that she forgave him. He said because of that he thought it was just between them. I've known John Edwards a long time and I asked him if I could talk to Elizabeth and she came to the phone. She was obviously in tears and didn't say much but she told me that he had told her about then and they had decided to move on.

RUSS MITCHELL: Why did he decide to tell it now?

SCHIEFFER: He said he said he just couldn't live with the constant pounding from the tabloids. It wasn't going to stop, I was being dogged and dogged, for the sake of my family I just had to end it, for the sake of my family. So he decided to confirm it and go on, he said, for the sake of his family. He said repeatedly that he took full responsibility for this. He told me he was certain the child was not his, that the affair was over long ago. When I asked him how Elizabeth was doing he said she is just amazing, like she always is.

When I asked HER how she was doing, she said this is really, really tough.

When I asked him why he had denied the story over and over he said because so many of the stories had so much false information. He said what I should have done is confirm the part that was true and then live with it. He said he had no plans to go to the Democratic convention.

I asked him where he goes from here and he said I really don't know.

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Edwards had the best platform--and once both Hillary and Barack adopted key parts of it---they pulled away from the pack.
In France, this would not matter. In America today, it does. And that's a shame.
But the real moral failing lies with the people who have committed genocide abroad in our name.
They have sent our children and our money into war falsely.

The ONLY thing that the Edwards did wrong was not coming forward and saying "Look we had a problem--we dealt with it, let's move on."

Bigger story---will Bush pardon all the war criminals an hour before Obama's sworn in--then Cheney will pardon Bush?

An interesting blog.

But when did Obama know, and did he keep silent to keep Edwards in the primaries to help knock out Hillary?


LJ, has a very interesting question when did Obama know about Edwards? Did he remain silent because Edwards could help him knock out the best canidate..Hillary.

Lynn...Please pursue this. we need to know.

Gary H

Edwards does not have the personality/psychological make up to be President. Obama cannot win. If Democrats want to beat McCain, they need to nominate Hillary. She's not perfect, but she can produce results, is ethical, and can work with Congress. I'm a Republican, but would love to see Hillary's name in nomination, Dems...Any hope at all?

To;Eyes on the prize,
Lets hope not, Obama being is at the top of the list. His deal with Companion Security is not going to go away, rumor has it the GOP is just waiting for the nomination to come out with all the sorted details of his involvment with Rezko, Frawley, Marhru and Alsammarae, his guy Seamus Ahern is going to do an interview with the Associated Press. Obama's days are numbered.

If there had been ANYTHING there, it would have already been in the Rezko indictment--and it WASN't. Given how the justice department is STILL vulnerable for what they tried pulling in 04, Fitzpatrick was no doubt super careful. --so this is all just republican hopefulness.

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