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Ohm-bama time in Denver. Quest for seats to hear Obama's acceptance speech.


The Denver Post reported that in just 24 hours 60,000 people applied for tickets set aside for Colorado residents for Barack Obama's acceptance speech at Invesco Field. But only about 30,000 seats have been reserved for Colorado. Guest blogger Dyana Z. Furmansky, a Denver resident, reports on the run-up to the Democratic convention and the quest for seats. She's one of the 60,000. Will Dyana get her seat?

Its Ohm-bama Time on Santa Fe Drive

By Dyana Z. Furmansky
Special to the Lynn Sweet blog

Denver hasn't hosted a Democratic National Convention for 100 years, and it's a safe bet that the last time the Dems stampeded into town there were no yoga studios selling tee-shirts with the Boy Orator and presumptive presidential nominee William Jennings Bryan on them.

Did somebody say Boy Orator? The silver-tongued Barack Obama's words are on tee shirts selling at Om Time, an oasis of tranquility sandwiched between the Colorado Democratic headquarters on one corner, and the center for the Obama campaign on the other, along with a slice of tattoo shop and art gallery garnish. "The Union may never be perfect but generation after generation has shown that it can always be perfected," proclaims the tee-shirt in the Om Time window.

It hangs just south of the shri shrine, and the peace and love tee shirts you'd expect. Walk by quickly and you'd think the silk-screened image of Obama's close-shaved head was Ghandi's.

It was to hear more of those sentiments from the man himself--Obama, not Ghandi--that people started lining up at the Obama campaign office at least an hour before it was scheduled to open.

About 30 of us had not been able to get through by phone or online to register for the 30,000 tickets that were available to Colorado residents to attend Obama's acceptance speech at Invesco Field August 28. We waited quietly and respectfully; Obama and Ghandi would have been proud.

"Since I missed seeing Martin Luther King in person give his "I have a Dream speech I consider it my duty to be there when Barack speaks," said the man in front of me, who was living in Hawaii when MLK spoke. "Obama's going to make history that night, and I want to be there." Waleen, who drove in from the wilds of Jefferson County and left her disabled mother with a friend so she could secure her place in line, has never voted for a Democrat before. "But I sure will this time," she said. "This is history, and nothing could stop me from getting here, nothing."

Well, a few minutes later we were disappointed. A campaign staffer showed up and opened the door but said everybody had to go online to get into the ticket pool. We grumbled pacifically and left. Back home, I still couldn't register online and instead ended up at an Obama site asking me to donate to the campaign with no link to the acceptance speech tickets.

A few hours later I decided to go to the Obama office again and try to register in person. The office was practically empty and as quiet as a yoga studio. An Obama staffer said I could use their computer to register online. So now I'm one of the 60,000 who got through in the first 24 hours.

We'll find out August 12 who made it. Sorry, no more applications are being accepted. So how come my on line registration worked this time? It turned out I had put dashes in my phone number and there weren't supposed to be any. But nobody at my house told me that.

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I wasn't there, but the fact that Bernie Mac was heckled at that Obama function in Chicago speaks volumes about Obama and his crew.

There will be a major dearth of humor in Colorado on Obamanight.

Regarding Bernie Mack, he made a crude and inappropriate joke at the fund raiser for Senator Obama. That was why he was booed. He should have known better and yes I am saddened by his passing.

It is a simple concept. If people think that something isn't funny, they don't laugh. If they are morons, they heckle.

Do you think that Obama had never heard a Bernie Mac routine before? A search on the Internet showed that many people think that it was just a bad idea to have Bernie Mac perform in the first place.

Somebody wasn't thinking, and that includes Obama.


Gandhi, not Ghandi.

"I wasn't there, but the fact that Bernie Mac was heckled at that Obama function in Chicago speaks volumes about Obama and his crew."

That you would draw that conclusion when you weren't there and apparently have no idea what happened only speaks volumes about you.

We apparently didn't get enough tickets to share in Nevada for the Speech. I know I didn't get one, ...yet. But we'll keep trying to turn this state BLUE this year anyway, and we're very close to doing it. I'll just go to Denver and hope to find one there. Maybe I can trade for one??? Sorry, I don't have any Bears tickets....Think anyone might want to trade for a Fiesta Bowl ticket, or Orange Bowl ticket, or BCS Championship ticket, or even a Michigan-Notre Dame ticket???? ANYONE???? How about it???...I'll trade football for a Speech....OBAMA/BIDEN '08.

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