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Democrats start to gather in Denver



At Denver International Airport...


(photos by Lynn Sweet)


YUP! Look who's doing the scut work for the party.
Ignore Hillary as veep and we are going to make it close enough for them to steal again.
I hope somebody talks some sense into the Hill haters.
And the plan to surround any Hillary supporters 'acting up' at the convention with people holding great big Obama signs--not a good idea.
They didn't do that to Fannie Lou (okay well LBJ just pulled the plug) who thought she was being denied something (and she was). It's important not to look like censors, even if we don't do the smart thing.

You're looking GREAT Lynn! Keep us posted on the convention events : ) Are you FEELING the DEM party SPIRIT yet?

"No matter what talent an individual possesses, what energy he might have, no matter how much integrity and how much honesty he might have, if he is by himself, and particularly a political figure, he can accomplish very little. But if he is sustained, as President Kennedy was, by the Democratic Party all over the United States, dedicated to the same things that he was attempting to accomplish, he can accomplish a great deal."
Robert F. Kennedy at the Dem Convention in Atlantic City, 1964.
I do hope Obama doesn't blow it by not putting HIllary on as veep.

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