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Democratic governors--but not Blagojevich--speak Tuesday at the convention.


The Obama campaign on Tuesday afternoon released more speakers for the second night of the Democratic convention in Denver, a batch of Democratic governors. Missing from the list: the first governor to back Obama, his homestate Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich. Blagojevich, who threw a heck of a party in Boston in 2004, has had no profile in the Obama campaign because of the scandals surrounding his administration, notably the Tony Rezko probe.

Because of Rezko, I never, ever expected Blagojevich to be tapped to speak. Governors on the convention card include three early Obama backers, Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius, Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano and Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick who grew up on the South Side of Chicago.

Plus, two governors who supported the failed primary bid of Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.) who will also be speaking Tuesday, Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland and Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell. Governor Deval Patrick of Massachusetts will share how Obama's policies have been directly shaped by the people he has met as he traveled the country.

from the DNCC


Key Speakers on the Economy to Include Governors Napolitano, Patrick, Rendell, Schweitzer, Sebelius & Strickland;
Senator Bob Casey, Jr. & Federico Peña

DENVER - With millions of Americans struggling to get by, the Democratic National Convention Committee (DNCC) and the Obama for America Campaign announced today that some of America's strongest leaders on the economy and energy will speak about how to renew America's promise on Tuesday night of the Convention. America's top Governors, Senators and a former Secretary of Energy and Transportation will echo Barack Obama's call for a new economy with new energy.

Tuesday night's featured speakers include Convention Co-Chair Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius and Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano, both early supporters of Barack Obama, who will outline his detailed economic plan to grow the economy, create jobs, restore fairness and expand opportunity.

Governors Ted Strickland of Ohio and Ed Rendell of Pennsylvania will discuss how the failed policies of the last eight years have betrayed our values and left an economy out of balance.

Barack Obama believes you can't have a strong economy when you have a weak middle class, and speakers like Senator Bob Casey, Jr. of Pennsylvania and Governor Deval Patrick of Massachusetts will share how Obama's policies have been directly shaped by the people he has met as he traveled the country.

Building on Obama's New Economy with New Energy message, Governor Brian Schweitzer of Montana and Federico Peña, former Mayor of Denver and Secretary of both Energy and Transportation, will speak about the nexus between energy and the economy and highlight new and innovative policies to help working families in rural, urban and suburban communities.

As announced earlier this week, Mark Warner, former Governor of Virginia, will deliver the Convention's keynote address, and Senator Hillary Clinton, who is a champion for working families and one of the most effective and empathetic voices in the country today, will be the headline prime-time speaker on Tuesday night.


The ignoring of Governor Blagovejich is another indication that Senator Obama is really not an agent of change but rather just another typical politician.

Until recently Obama was claiming he was part of the inner circle that met weekly in order to get "Blago" elected Governor.

Then came Rezko and "pay to play" and now "Blago" is to be ignored.

The payback will come though if Obama is elected and somehow he forgets his promise to reappoint Patrick Fitzgerald as United States' Attorney for the Northern District of Illinois.

"Leave Rezko at home, dear."

The McCain health care plan, which is just Bushes health plan copied and repasted is a huge middle class tax increase. By 2013 if McCain’s health care plan is in place it will have raised taxes on every family by more than $1,200.
Anyone else dislike how McCain is going to raise taxes the bottom 99% of Americans but decrease them for the top 1%?
Anyone else dislike how McCain will decrease taxes to large corporations who ship your jobs overseas especially when 2/3’s of them already don’t pay taxes due to loopholes, subsidies, and tax rebates. Large corporations should pay their fair amount of taxes, which they currently are not, regardless how much McCain tries to mislead you and me.

Obama on the other hand has a health care plan that saves us 107 Billion through Medicare drug negotiations, electronic medical records and his health insurance plan.
Obama on the other hand gives the bottom 99% of Americans tax cuts and will eliminate taxes for small business who employ the majority of Americans. while stopping large corporations taking your job away from cheating on their taxes

You got evidence Obama promised Fitz he'd reappoint him? You got Fitz accepting?

Oh, come on. Why should Sen. Obama put Gov. Blagojevich on as a speaker at the Democrat Convention? The governor is an embarrassment to all of the Democrats in Illinois except for Senate President Emil Jones.
All the fussing and fuming about Obamas' link to Tony Rezko is just the Republicans' attempt to dirty-up Obama.
When the facts come out, Obama will be a small fish in the full case; Blago is the big one along with a lot of big name Illinois Republicans.
Why is the so-called "liberal" press so quiet about McCain's deals including his part in the "Keating 5" Saving's and Loan scandal?
Everything Obama does makes big news and it's usually negative, but, McCain speaks on "behalf of all Americans" to the Russians regardng their incursion into Georgia (he doesn't speak for me!) and it's glossed over.
Remember John McCain was at the bottom of his class at the Naval Academy. We don't need another 4 years of this type of leadership.

Pat H.

You kidding right?

Blago is poison right now.

Of course everyone is staying the hell away from him and I don't blame them.

Screw Blago.

I am not surprised by this development, and I think it's something the two of them discussed and agree about. Blago is no political novice and he understands the big picture. So does Obama.

This is not a controversey.

oooh, Obama got property for 15% under list when he made the only offer.
Kass, Fox News, and plenty of others have been trying to tie Rezko to Obama for 18 months. There's nothing. Get over it. Obama has plenty of flaws. Crooked deals with Tony R. ain't some of them.

I heard that you needed a minimum of a 19 on your ACT to speak at the convention. While there is another exam testing before the convention, Blago's scores would not be available until sometime in September (obviously, too late to be added to the speakers).

What a great picture. I am sure this is another inner circle he needs to distance himself from. Anyway, what is going on with Obama's He is going to double McCain's BOP count! And look who showed up to Pint the white house PINK. It's the "PARIS EFFECT."

Pat H., that's baloney. I don't know anyone in this town (or that other downstate town, either)--politician, community leader, nonprofit director--who wants to touch Blagojevich with a 10-foot pole. Obama is trying not to do himself damage in Illinois, plain and simple. I'll vote for Obama, but were I to see him shake hands with Blago, my first impetus would be to hand Obama a wet-wipe to wash off the slime.

Like it or not Politicians are all a little creepy in ways normal folks cannot really understand. They have to politic.

They all make a good living off of our backs and they all have a club that doesn't include us folks.

Add there are no perfect people so never perfect politicians.

That being said, we have no choice except that one slim chance, one of these guys remembers a little bit about what it is like to be one of us.

I don't think McCain ever was a regular guy. Barack still is a little.

Pretty obvious that Barack has superior intellect, temperment and talents. He will blow a few things - who wouldn't? He will also make me mad because I will disagree from time to time but I cannot imagine a country under Johnny Mac- *shiver*

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