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ABC News John Edwards admitting affair interview. Transcript.



Thank you John and Elizabeth for distracting the mad dog media from the 'news' about Hillary and Barack and Bill.
Here's some real stuff to think about:
courtesy of Bill Moyers show last nighte and his blog:
Step 1: Embrace the solutions Al Gore explained in the speech 3 weeks ago that the media is IGNORING so they can beat up on Bill Clinton some more and go after the 'sexgate' of the Edwards' marriage.
Step 2. Nationalize the oil companies. All that malfeasance. Seize all their assets. Give a fair pay out to stockholders. Put the managers in jail.
Step 3. Build mass transit.
and national health care simultaneously. All prior dets forgiven. No 'pre=existing conditions' --that phrase doesn't belong in a country that takes care of its citizens.
Step 4. All national news media holdings are sold locally in this manner: a 3 way ownership plan---empoloyee stock option, union, and a 10% cap on profits by a private financier. Mandatory local citizen editorial review board--particularly helpful for airwave licensees.

Lets see, wife is dying of cancer, so he's out running around on her.... He pays Rielle Hunter $100,000 to quiet things down. Used campaign contributions he had gotten from hard-working American people.....Oh yeah, says he's a people's guy. Thats why he gets $400 haircuts and has a 30,000 sq.foot home......This phony is finished----good riddence !

Maybe this SHOULDN"T be the end of the John and Elizabeth Edwards LIED about how 'groovy and electable' their family was story. (And don't be so nice to Elizabeth---I've had family members dying who weren't trashing other people in such a cynical manner---and calling Bob Schieffer to cry on the phone? Like you didn't know you were wasting our time on your hubby's campaign? And our time isn't spent in a multi acre house!)
Didn't they and other candidates (fill in the blank) SNEER at Hillary and her famil to the detriment of Hillary's campaign?
Did that deprive Democrats of someone who can actually win in the Fall?
Seems to me, that, now more than EVER, if HIllary isn't on the ticket in SOME form, we're gonna tank or at least make it close enough for the republicans to STEAL again.

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