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Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton, Democratic convention headline speakers.


Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius, the co-chair of the Democratic convention, said in a statement Sunday Dems will use "innovative techniques" to highlight Barack Obama and the people "fueling this national movement for change." The Dems started rolling out headline speakers, though some names have been out for days...

The emerging lineup of speakers at the Democratic National Convention in Denver....look for the Obama covention to follow tradition and have most of his former rivals take their turn at the podium.....the John Edwards problem took care of itself. After he admitted his affair on Friday, he told CBS New he would not attend the convention. Many more speakers to come...

Monday...Michelle Obama CONFIRMED

Tuesday...Hillary Rodham Clinton CONFIRMED

PLUS probably Bill Clinton

Thursday...Barack Obama CONFIRMED


Democrats Announce Headline Speakers
Kicking Off Week-Long Convention Programming Roll-Out

DENVER - The Democratic National Convention Committee (DNCC) and the Obama for America Campaign today announced the headline speakers for the 2008 Convention. The Democratic National Convention will be held in Denver from August 25th through August 28th.

"The 2008 Convention will highlight Americans coming together to change the course of this nation," said Kansas Governor and Convention Co-Chair Kathleen Sebelius. "We are at a critical moment in our nation's history. The politics and policies that have divided us will not allow us to achieve the change we need. Barack Obama is a leader to move America in a new direction and bring us together to turn moments of great challenge into moments of great opportunity. This year's Democratic Convention is the story of people from across the country who believe it is time for change."

Sebelius noted that the Convention will use innovative techniques to highlight the people fueling this national movement for change.

"Just as the Obama Campaign uses the energy and passion of grassroots volunteers combined with state-of-the-art technology to bring people into their positive campaign for change, so will the 2008 Convention use the voices of the people through technology and innovative programming to lay out Barack Obama's vision and policies for how to move America in a new direction," Sebelius added.

Following today's announcement of the headline speakers for the four nights of the Convention, the DNCC will unveil additional Convention program details and speakers throughout this week. Monday through Wednesday's Convention programs will be held at the Pepsi Center. Barack Obama will accept the Democratic nomination for President on Thursday, August 28th at INVESCO Field at Mile High.


Monday August 25th's headline prime-time speaker will be Michelle Obama.

Senator Hillary Clinton, who is a champion for working families and one of the most effective and empathetic voices in the country today, will be the headline prime-time speaker on Tuesday August 26th.

The headline prime-time speaker on Wednesday August 27th will be Barack Obama's Vice Presidential nominee.

On Thursday, August 28th, the DNCC will throw open the doors of the Convention and move to INVESCO Field at Mile High so that more Americans can take part in the fourth night of the Convention as Barack Obama accepts the Democratic nomination.

About the DNCC:

The 2008 Democratic National Convention Committee is the official arm of the Democratic National Committee responsible for planning and organizing the 2008 Democratic National Convention in Denver.

Paid for by 2008 Democratic National Convention Committee, Inc.
Not authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee.


I don't think we have heard the last of the John Edwards saga. John Edwards knew a year ago he had no chance at winning the democratic nominatio. He ran as a spoiler, under the advise of David Axelrod against Hillary.

Hillary will be VP. She's speaking Tuesday night, not Wed. So what? Someone boring like Evan Bayh will follow Bill Clinton? No way. There's not some rigid formula the Obama camp has to follow. It will be much more powerful to have Hillary accept the VP nomination on the anniversary of women's suffrage. And then, two nights later, Obama accepts on the anniversary of MLK's I have a dream speech. Political theatre doesn't get much better than that. Oh and we have WJC in between. Three nights of riveting drama.

Picking Clinton for VP is a no-brainer. She brings 18 million voters and appeals to demographics where Obama is weak. She’s strong on issues where Obama does less well against McCain (e.g., national security). It would unite the party (for real) and minimize McCain’s divide and conquer strategy. It would bring excitement and energy to the ticket. The majority of Obama supporters are lukewarm about Clinton at best but it’s not like they’re going to abandon their candidate. The Clintons are prolific fundraisers and terrific campaigners. Obama needs Bill stumping for him in rural OH and PA. Obama is a new product and seems risky to some people. Obviously the republicans will continue to exploit that. The Clinton brand, tarnished though it may be, is well known. Bill left office with a 68% approval rating (higher than Obama's is now).

If Hillary is not VP, then I will vote for McCain. My first GOP Presidential vote. Hillary's voters will do the same, and America will have McCain..Obama is just an arrogant liar.

Clinton brand 'tarnished'--in your DREAMS.

Maybe Axelrod was in cahoots with Edwards, maybe not. Who cares at this point? What can we do but have Obama with hillary as veep.
Wanna know a bigger story to focus on?
Is BUSH DRUNK AT THE OLYMPICs? (or is this an act so that he can step down after pardoning all the conspirators in 9/11 and Iraq war so that Cheney can then pardon HIM an hour before Obama's sworn in.

I'm so sick and tired of Hillary's supporters whining that they will vote for McCain. Lady, you and others like you sound like spoiled brats. Move on, why don't you. Obama is our nominee and he's head and shoulders above McCain. McCain voted against equal pay and he's against a woman's right to choose And women wlll surely be in trouble if he's the one nominating to the Supreme Court. It's time to rally around this great candidate and around the issues that are important to us. . Hillary would not make a good V.P. choice, she just won't. She has too much baggage and so does her husband. Obama was kind enough not to bring up Whitewater, Travelgate and the Rose Law Firm mess. The Republicans won't be so nice.

Agree, Barack Obama is arrogant and looks down on ordinary Americans. Having spent his formative years outside of this country, he has very little understanding of what it means to be raised on Ametican traditions & values. He was an adult when he first arrived in the heartland. We know as little about his background as he knows about us. He may have been born American but he wasn't raised American. We like our presidents to be one of us.

Hillary does indeed have her pluses, but she brings more minuses compared to any other candidate. She does well among democrats but Republicans and Independents are not warmed to her. Plus, the recent Georgia-Russia conflict only highlights the fact that Obama needs a foreign policy buff. The republicans have an entire book to throw at Hillary. They would love to have her on the ticket. All I'm asking is for you Hillary supporters to please be reasonable.

This election is bigger than the candidates. It's the issues that are integral to the movement of our country. Clinton has stated that Obama advocates her issues. We cannot falter due to a personal decision the nominee has to make. Please think of the people that don't have healthcare, that want to get out of Iraq and that want to fix our economy.

Thanks again.

I think Hillary should be the VP too, or else Wesley Clark. No one else gives Obama any real advantage. And no matter what any Hillary supporter, or troll, says, they are not going to vote for McCain. It would be gender suicide to elect a President who by SCOTUS appointments could overturn Roe vs Wade.

Yeah, ladies for Hillary keep voicing their opinions as well they should. She must have a roll call vote to commemorate woman's suffrage if nothing else. I'd like to see her on the ticket, but a more experienced pol should never play 2nd fiddle, I think OBOMBMAN knows that.

In fact the way they script this convention, try to make everything cut and dried to suppress surprises (bad ones for Obama), makes me think they're nervous that HIllary might actually get the nomination, can't have that now, can they.

This whole thing is a fraud. Bama's cunning in getting enough delegates to swing the supers in no way represents the will of the majority of dems, but hey, it's really good politics, no matter that the country will suffer greatly due to his inexperience. I'm quite sure he is every bit as vulnerable to narcicssim as Edwards, just what the country doesn't need right now.

Good luck to him, anyhow, but unless there's a compelling reason for electoral purposes, I'll sit this one out.

When I posted earlier, VP on Wed night had not yet been CONFIRMED. Looks like it will NOT be Hillary. Too bad. McCain camp will exploit the heck out of this - "Obama is too arrogant to pick the one person who could have helped him win." Without Clinton, I think the race is a toss up. If he loses, the post-mortem will point back to this critical decision. Obama should take a page from RFK who held his nose and picked Johnson to unite the party. It's about winning stupid.

"Innovative techniques" - like not allowing a floor vote for any other candidates, unlike when his supposed mentor Teddy challenged Carter? (Will that be covered in the biopic on Monday night?)
"Innovative techniques" - like moving the acceptance speech to a stadium to diminish Democratic delegates who don't idolize Obama?
"Innovative techniques" - like presenting an extraordinarily narrow victory as overwhelming support?
"Innovative techniques" - like having patrols on the floor and in the stands to make sure people are behaving - especially on camera - as the campaign dictates they should?
Ah yes, those "innovative techniques" of the new-style Chicago politicians!
But Chicago isn't the world and "Tony Soprano"-type politics don't always work. Sometimes the good guys win.

I have to agree with anonymous that it will take Hillary on the ticket for me to vote for Obama. Let's be realistic, his lists of accomplishments in any of his postions, either with the state or federal postions are so light, and his results as a Community Organizer are so thin, I can't in good consciousness vote for him. Hillary on the other hand has all the dynamics necessary to bring success to the Office. No Hillary, and I will vote either Republican or Libertarian. It would be my first non Democratic Party vote in over 40 years.

LOL - grow up "anonymous". We have had enough of disgruntled baby PIGS.

Calling Susan and anonymous trolls is counterproductive. Why would anyone vote for McCain.
Having said that---Obama was SELECTED, not ELECTED and without Hillary---he won't win.
The only way this thing works is with Hillary at top of ticket or as veep.


Shouting Phil---I don't see ultimatums here. I see people wondering why we've SELECTED a candidate outside of the convention rules (a VOTE IS REQUIRED, PHIL) WHO WILL LOSE TO MCCAIN!!!
Don't you want to beat McCain more than you hate Hillary, Phil?

I'm a registered Democrat, but I'm also a sensible voter.

Let's look at this "presumptive" nominee of ours realistically. Where are his qualifications?? Community organizer..newcomer to the Senate. Not much else. Have you ever seen anyone make the leap from entry-level trainee to CEO in a single step?

How in the world did this novice get to the top so fast? It sure was clever marketing, making Barack into a political "American Idol" before we even had a chance to think about it. Oprah was a nice touch just at the right time. The primary voters bought into the message of change and never bothered to ask, "change to what?" The message is all fluff, real glitzy with no substance.

Now the party leaders say, in effect, we're stuck with him, get behind him." All I can say is, it's a good thing this is a free country and I'm free to decide which candidate I think will make the better president.
I won't waste my vote on a rock star -- my country is too important to me.

If hillary is not given the VP, I will not vote Democrat in November

Watching from north of the border aka Canada - please, please Democrats get behind your candidate - Obama - and don't let the dirty politics of the Republicans put down his campaign - and it's getting dirty now. Obama is a youthful candidate of hope and his experience lies in working closely with the poor as well as rubbing shoulders with the rich - well he is well off himself now - but he earned his education and work experience. McCain is a front man for the worst of GW Bush's behind the scenes support - the haves and have mores. Obama can lead the USA into a new era of world politics - where reason and intelligent discussion will hopefully decrease the number of armed engagements.
Please get behind this exceptional candidate - look to the future - stop rehashing the negatives of the past - build on the positive - past and present.

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