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Obama tells reporters hours before big Berlin speech: "Let's tamp down expectations."


On campaign plane enroute Tel Aviv to Berlin early morning July 24,2008


(photos by Lynn Sweet)


I have really enjoyed your Obama watch blog.
You have great information. Not just human interest/behind the scenes tidbits but also more indepth info.
I go between your blog and, and

Thanks for your coverage. As a Obama supporter I've felt really apart of this important tour.

Veda Atwater

I'm a BO supporter but sometimes he comes off as a rock star. And I fear that the public and his supporters will expect too much from him. He's young, sharp, has all that going for him, and I think the public is hungry for a new direction, something new. He fits the bill. But at the same time, they will tear him down in a second if he fails to live up to expectations.

Notice that the Bushes are now stealing his ideas and policies and making a 180degree turn in a lot of things.

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