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Obama greeting statement on landing in Israel

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(photos by Lynn Sweet)


A welcome sign greets travelers on the Obama press plane when they arrive at Ben Gurion Airport in Israel.

Senator Obama: Good evening everybody. I am just going to make a very brief statement. We have had a long day and I will have ample opportunity to talk to all of you tomorrow. But I just want to start by saying that it is wonderful to be back in Israel. I had an extraordinary trip the last time I was here.

I look forward to spending the day tomorrow not only traveling around the country but also having discussions with Israeli's leadership about some of the profound security issues that both the United States and Israel are going to have to confront in the years to come.

I want input and insight from Israeli's leaders about how they see the current situation, I will share some of my ideas. The most important idea for me to reaffirm is the historic and special relationship between the United States and Israel. One that cannot be broken. One that I have affirmed throughout my career and one that I will intend to not only continue but actually strengthen in an Obama administration. And my last thought is to the families who suffered the terrible tragedy that we saw today. And it is just one more reminder of why we have to work diligently, urgently and in a unified way to defeat terrorism. There are no excuses and I am absolutely committed to working with the Israeli government to make sure that these kind of occurrences do not happen. And my thought and prayers go out to the families that have suffered as a consequence of today's vicious attacks.

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