Obama hires Clinton's chief of women's outreach, Dana Singiser. UPDATE

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WASHINGTON—The Obama campaign is taking on three more Clinton staffers…..the latest hires are Sara Hurwitz, from the Clinton speechwriting shop….Isaac Baker, communications chief for Clinton in Ohio, who will handle similar duties for Obama in the general election contest….and a very strategic hire to smooth over relationships with angry die hard Clinton female supporters……Dana Singiser…director of womens outreach for Clinton, who will work on womens outreach for Obama.

The Obama campaign made it official...
Obama release...

Obama Campaign Announces Dana Singiser as Senior Advisor to Senator Obama

CHICAGO, IL- The Obama campaign announced today that Dana Singiser will be joining the campaign to serve as a Senior Advisor to Senator Obama and will help direct efforts to win the woman’s vote.

“As President, Barack Obama will work to make life better for women. Senator Obama will fight to keep our right to choose, and will work hard to ensure that women are given equal pay for equal work because it is wrong that women still make only 77 cents for every dollar a man makes,” Singiser said. “I am proud to be part of this campaign and I look forward to uniting women throughout this country to help elect Barack Obama President of the United States.”

Prior to joining the campaign, Singiser served as the Director of Women’s Outreach for the Hillary Clinton 2008 campaign. Prior to that, she served as Staff Director of the Senate Democratic Steering and Outreach Committee chaired by Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton. In this capacity, she was charged with building support for Democratic party positions through constituency outreach on behalf of the Democratic caucus. Prior to joining the Senate in 2004, she served as Deputy Political Director for Governor Howard Dean’s campaign.

"I am thrilled that Dana will continue her work with women voters on behalf of Senator Obama," said Senator Clinton. "It is so important that we elect a Democrat to the White House, and women will be critical in that effort. I know that the women who joined my campaign will continue to work with Dana and with me to make sure Barack Obama is the next President of the United States."

As a senior advisor to Senator Obama, Singiser will be responsible for the strategic management, development and implementation of a comprehensive national women’s vote program. Singiser will work alongside all of the people who have been helping and volunteering in the women’s program, including Betsy Myers, Chair of Women for Obama, Becky Carroll, National Women’s Field Director and Judy Gold, Women’s Policy Advisor.


This crew is in addition to previous hiring of Patti Solis Doyle, Clinton’s former campaign manager who was jettisoned during the primary who will be chief of staff for Obama’s running mate and Clinton policy chief Neera Tanden, who is advising Obama



Careful of hiring too many of Hillary's people. Some of them were the reason why she lost and some just didn't have the 'right stuff'.

I don't know...it's beginning to look to me that Clinton is looking more and more like the top VP pick. If the Obama campaign wanted to distance themselves from the Clintons, it seems like the last thing they should be doing is hiring all of Clinton's people. If the campaigns are already uniting, it seems that Clinton would be the natural pick.

Also, the risk of Obama picking a VP from a red state is that a Republican may be elected in that person's place (i.e. Webb). Taking Clinton would be a "safe" move in that New York would most likely elect another Democrat to the Senate.

It may be a move out of necessity. For instance, I have no doubt that Clinton as the VP will surely outshine McCain's VP. Advantage: Um, let me think here...

I worked as a volunteer on Hillary Clinton's campaign for 17 months. It was my first and only campaign I've ever been inspired to work on. I traveled all over to volunteer for Hillary, spent money I couldn't afford, etc. because I BELIEVE IN HILLARY CLINTON AND I BELIEVE SHE WOULD BE AN EXCELLENT PRESIDENT!!!

I just do not "get" how people can change allegiances like this from one candidate to the opposition!! I guess for them it was just a "job" and not a passion as it was for me.

It doesn't matter WHO Obama hires. Women AND Men who REFUSE to vote for Obama because he is WAY TOO INEXPERIENCED AND RADICAL TO BE PRESIDENT are not going to support him no matter how many of Hillary's former staff he recruits. PUMAS WILL NEVER VOTE FOR OBAMA!!


Well, great then, "always for HIllary"--when Obama picks her as his veep, then I guess we'll get your vote.

Calling Singiser "a guru" is a misnomer. Hillary Clinton needed no guru to reach women. She proved everything and more when she gave her speech on Women's Rights in Beijing THIRTEEN YEARS AGO!

Hillary understands us – most women don't just know that, we FEEL it. Hillary LISTENS and HAS BEEN LISTENING FOR YEARS. Hillary cares deeply and does the drudge work necessary to catalyze change. Hillary has the voice that communicates her heart and dedication. Remember Unity? She had the audience captivated.

Barack is in this for himself and doesn't have the slightes inkling what feminists think and what women truly need from a leader. He proved his utter ignorance once again with his buffoon-like "doin' it in high heels" remark at Unity. He's clueless. We see that. We don't care who writes his speeches or tells him "what buttons to push". He's all show.

Hillary is the real deal!

There is a good way to keep Bill Clinton busy in an Obama/Clinton White House: pair him up with an older ex-president: George H. W. Bush; give them a worldwide assignment. Get an agreement up front that George the elder will mentor Bill Clinton on how to keep hands off the president's (and vice president's) work. GHWBush has been practically perfect in his public support for the decisions made by "the Decider."

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