Obama accuses McCain--who championed comprehensive immigration reform--of dropping cause. McCain forces strongly refute Obama assertion.

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WASHINGTON--Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill) speaking Tuesday to the United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) convention hours after White House rival Sen. John McCain (R-Az.), accused McCain--a leader on Senate immigration issues, especially in 2006--of not doing enough to pass comprehensive immigration reform. McCain's team strongly disputes this Obama assertion. McCain earlier today said political reality means lawmakers want to deal with border security first.

Excerpt from Obama speech:

"Now, I know Senator McCain used to buck his party on immigration by fighting for comprehensive reform, and I admired him for it. But when he was running for his party’s nomination, he abandoned his courageous stance, and said that he wouldn’t even support his own legislation if it came up for a vote. Well, for eight long years, we’ve had a President who made all kinds of promises to Latinos on the campaign trail, but failed to live up to them in the White House, and we can’t afford that anymore. We need a President who isn’t going to walk away from something as important as comprehensive reform when it becomes politically unpopular.

That’s the commitment I’m making to you. I marched with you in the streets of Chicago to meet our immigration challenge. I fought with you in the Senate for comprehensive immigration reform. And I will make it a top priority in my first year as President – not only because we have an obligation to secure our borders and get control of who comes in and out of our country. And not only because we have to crack down on employers who are abusing undocumented immigrants instead of hiring citizens. But because we have to finally bring undocumented immigrants out of the shadows. Yes, they broke the law. And they should have to pay a fine, and learn English, and go to the back of the line. That’s how we’ll put them on a pathway to citizenship. That’s how we’ll finally fix our broken immigration system and avoid creating a servant class in our midst. It’s time to reconcile our values and principles as a nation of immigrants and a nation of laws. That’s what this election is all about."


Imagine that, another John McCain denial of reality. I have to wonder how many are listening to this well understood pattern of attempted distraction. When one reaches into an empty bucket the best is a handful of air. Yawn!

At least Obama has the guts to say it "STRAIGHT TALK" Unlike McCain who has said nothing except SPIN WORDS Beating around the Issue.

"That’s how we’ll finally fix our broken immigration system and avoid creating a servant class in our midst. It’s time to reconcile our values and principles as a nation of immigrants and a nation of laws. That’s what this election is all about."

John Mc Cain and Barach H. Oboma are staying away from the number one issue: When are we going to start drilling for oil in all of the choice locations in our own country? Is there any reason not to, or are our politicians just plain stupid? Their excuses that it would take years to get started
is getting a bit old. It seems to me that if John Mc Cain or Barach Oboma can't or won't get off their backsides and change their negative opinions of our country being self reliant for its oil needs then perhaps neither of these politicians is suited to run our government.

What are the real reasons for a big percentage our countries economy being siphoned off to middle eastern oil concerns or are we just plain stupid to keep listening to their insipid arguments that all is hopeless and that we are responsible for this. In fact we are for electing politicians with no gumption or reasoning powers to determine what is best for our great country. All of their talk is meant to get them into office so that their party can get more jobs for their own elk. They don't give a damn about our great country which is founded on free enterprise-not political hacks that put their ambitions ahead of our country needs.

Obama's contributution to Immigration reform was detailed by the Washington post as an example of his habit of taking credit for the work of others.

Here is a link to Buck Naked Polictics reproduction of this story as I can not find the original. I also hope that Obama supporters realize that his lisgisltive achievements were handed to him so that he could claim to have a record when he ran for US Senator. His name was put on bills others had worked on for year.

Here is the title of the article and then the link.

Obama Took Credit for Other Senators' Work, Media Largely Ignores it

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