German Chancellor Angel Merkel against Obama making address at Berlin's Brandenburg Gate. Spokesman says like a German stumping in the National Mall.

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WASHINGTON--The latest report on the Obama campaigns efforts to figure out how to highlight presumptive Democratic nominee Sen. Barack Obama (D-lll.) when he visits Germany on or about July 24 comes from AFP's Berlin bureau has this lede:

BERLIN (AFP) — German Chancellor Angela Merkel has slammed a request by Barack Obama to give a speech this month before the Brandenburg Gate as inappropriate, her deputy spokesman said Wednesday.

The conservative leader said that while she would be pleased to meet the US Democratic presidential
hopeful, it would be wrong for him to hold a "campaign rally" at the historic symbol of German unity.
"It is unusual to do electioneering abroad," spokesman Thomas Steg told reporters.

"It is unusual to hold election rallies abroad. No German candidate for high office would even think of using the National Mall (in Washington)

or Red Square in Moscow for a rally because it would not be seen as appropriate."
Authorities in the capital have confirmed that Obama plans to visit Berlin on July 24 and is interested in speaking at the foot of the Brandenburg Gate.

The left-leaning government of the city-state, which has the sole right to approve such a request, has not yet made a formal decision but Mayor Klaus Wowereit gave his backing Tuesday.


I'm pretty sure Obama was just out to address his followers in the largest venue available. Obama is addressing registered American voters who live abroad. He's not out to invoke Hitler-esque nostalgia. Since the left-leaning government is pro-Obama, the chancellor may wind up outvoted on this one.

Frankly, the guy could speak anywhere in what's formerly West Berlin and make his point. The Brandenburg Gate is fine but he could just as easily speak somewhere near the former Checkpoint Charlie just to take one example.

Obama doesn't know what is proper and what is not, he will do anything for the power of the vote. Even from Americans over seas. He is egotistical, brash and without ethical values. He feels the Presidency is a given for him, do to the color of his skin. He will say and do anything, also use anyone, to get the Presidency.

I am waiting for Obama to give a speech while crossing the Delaware River. He is as arrogant as they come. He is getting worse everyday.


Oh man, this guy hasn't even left the country yet and he is already showing his lack of experience when dealing with foreign countries. After 8 years of a president who knew nothing about foreign policy, you would think the U.S.A. would have seen the errors in electing a neophyte in that department; but I guess not.

Mrs. Merkel is just jealous lol, since Germans LOVE Obama. What does it matter where he's about what he has to say!!

Barack is full of it. An attempt to speak in front of the Gate is loaded with One World idealism. He's an IDIOT! Of course the Germans love Obama... I think we are well aware of how they like really good speakers to lead them. Change, Change, Change... the message is similar to a former leader of Germany. They want the US to bud out of other people's business just like we do.

That was totally uncalled for Anonymous (of course)
That would be like saying that those primitive hicks all want war and destruction that's why they voted for their leader twice. I think people from all around the world would like to see Americans have better living conditions (health care, etc.), thats why they are hoping for Obama to be President and not more of the same. Therefore it doesn't matter where he speaks.

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