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First invoice comes in for Obama overseas trip..$7,930.45 airfare...more to come


CHICAGO---The first invoice is in for the Obama overseas trip, $7,930.45 for airfare, and that's not counting Friday flights from Berlin to Paris to London. Also still to come are bills for food, buses, file centers, internet, hotels, baggage transfers, etc.

Air Charter Team
Air Charter Team Offsets Carbon So You Fly Green

10015 N.W. Ambassador Drive, Suite 202
Kansas City, MO 64153

Date: 7/28/2008
Invoice # OFP45804

Bill To:
lynn sweet (for Lynn Sweet)
1206 National Press Building
Washington, DC 20045


Obama For President Press Billing - Invoice: OFP45804

Jul 20 2008 Flight: MDW - EINN $3107.81 (midway airport/chicago-shannon/don't know if this also covers shannon-amman flight.)
Jul 22 2008 Flight: AMM - TLV $286.20 (amman- tel aviv)
Jul 24 2008 Flight: TLV - TXL $1414.33 (tel aviv-berlin)
Jul 26 2008 Flight: LHR - MDW $3122.11 (london-midway airport/chicago)

Invoice Total:


What's your point exactly?

Was it supposed to be free?

If not, just how much did you think airfare on a whirlwind tour around the world would cost?

Always knew this would be a costly trip. Just wanted to share specifics with my blog readers

I am appalled that the press PAID for this. AT what point does this become financing of the candidate's travel? is this normal? Is this how the media says it's impartial? i can see that too. Unless the press paid it's way, it woudl seem like they were doing a travelogue.
But, does this finance the candidate's travel?

So what!

The Future President of the United States of America has raised more than enough campaign cash to pay the tab for his very successful world tour to be gin to repair America's damaged reputation.

How much was McCainiac set back on his Ohio Brat Haus tours?

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