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RNC react to Plouffe briefing


RE: Plouffe’s statements on electoral strategy

“Like so much about Barack Obama’s campaign, his campaign manager’s words don’t match reality. Obama wheezed across the finish line of his party’s nomination, losing the majority of primaries since March 4, including key general election battleground states like Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia. Obama continues to struggle with conservative Democrats and independents, and a new poll today shows the race a dead heat.” – Alex Conant, RNC Spokesman

RE: Plouffe’s statements on public financing

“It’s no wonder the Obama campaign is gaining a reputation of arrogance when its campaign manager has the gall to attack McCain on public financing days after Obama unapologetically broke his promise to the American people. Plouffe should spend more time explaining why Obama broke his word to the American people and less time echoing Howard Dean’s discredited talking points.” – Alex Conant, RNC Spokesman


McBush is the #1 candidate in this race to not keep his word. I don't believe McBush is a flip-flopper, hell he's 72 yrs. old. He don't know what he is saying or has said. It is so strange in this country if an average person at the age of 72 went and applied for a job, that 72 yr. old person wouldn't get it due to their age. Here you have an old man applying for the highest position in this country, he's too damn old. The only place he could get a job in this working country is at Wal Mart being a people greeter. Go and enjoy all your millions McBush.

Obama gave his word he would join McCain in public financing. Now he has broken his word. All a politican has is his word.Obamas words don't mean anything.
As for Janet Jones saying McCains too old he is a United States Senator he hardly needs a job at Walmart as a greeter. With Cindys money McCain could buy Walmart.

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