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Rahm Emanuel says long primary season has "positioned" Democrats to win in November, but still keeping superdelegate vote to himself.


WASHINGTON--House Caucus Chairman Rep. Rahm Emanuel (D-Ill.) has been, as he has said many times, hiding under a table not saying if he will cast his superdelegate vote for Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) or Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.) Emanuel is still keeping us in suspense, though Obama is on a path to clinch without Emanuel, who is a good Obama friend but knows that he would not be where he is today if he did not serve in the Bill Clinton administration.

The final primaries are Tuesday--in Montana and South Dakota--and Emanuel notes in a Monday statement that the excitement whipped up by the long-running primary season has boosted Democratic chances in the fall. Most important from the House perspective--the Democrats have won three special elections in three GOP districts--including the seat held by former Speaker J. Dennis Hastert (R-Ill.)

"Most importantly, the last five months have ensured that the American people know Democrats continue to be the agents of change," said Emanuel in a statement. "It has never been so clear that Republicans are out of ideas, out of energy, and this November, will be out of power."

Statement of House Democratic Caucus Chairman Rahm Emanuel as the Democratic Party heads into the final contests of the 2008 Democratic Presidential primary season:

(Washington, DC) -- House Democratic Caucus Chairman Rahm Emanuel released the following statement as the Democratic Party heads into the final contests of the 2008 Democratic Presidential primary season:

"This primary contest began on January 3rd. Five months later to the day, we hold our last set of primaries on June 3rd. Democrats should take stock of how the primary contest has positioned us to win on November 4th, five months from now.

The 2008 Democratic Primary has brought about record turnout and participation:

-- Democratic voter turnout in competitive states is up on average more that 80 percent, with millions of new Democrats registered.

-- Record enthusiasm has meant record financial support for candidates - more than $200 million for each of the two candidates.

-- Democratic Party identification is up more than 11 percent over Republican Party identification.

-- 3 special election victories in House districts formerly held by Republicans.

Most importantly, the last five months have ensured that the American people know Democrats continue to be the agents of change. It has never been so clear that Republicans are out of ideas, out of energy, and this November, will be out of power."

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Dear American Voters,

Hon. Senator McCain and Obama, besides each having many attributes and characteristics. The critical differences in my professional, political, and personal opinion are as under:

1. Presidential "Temperament and Composer".
2. Little Washington "insider Versus outsider" connectedness.
3. Vision and mission for our nation future rather than past.
4. American policies first USA centric than other countries centric.

In my professional opinion one senator has it and the other does not. We need one for our Greatgrand Nation to address our all these challenges with a fresh, clean and new slate.

God Bless America. its diverse people, and our Greatgrand Nation.

Yours truly,

COL. [retd] A.M.Khajawall
Forensic psychiatrist, Las Vegas NV

U.S. presidency is no job for an unqualified shyster as Obama with his racist and sexist baggage. Recently, Obama has gotten the unprincipled endorsements of superdelegates who lacked integrity and repudiated their true function, making the purpose of the superdelegates completely meaningless. The superdelegates endorsing Obama are backing a losing horse incapable of winning the general election. If the superdelegates give Obama the nomination, I cannot wait to begin working for his defeat and vote for McCain in a swing state.

The pro-Obama biased media have interfered in, undermined, and subverted the Democratic presidential nominating process. The pro-Obama biased media continue to sabotage Sen. Clinton's campaign with impunity. The pro-Obama biased media are out of control. This media tyranny is our democracy's worse enemy.

Superdelegates are mandated to select the best qualified and strongest candidate to win the general election without regard to any "delegate math." Sen. Clinton is winning the popular vote and she is the best qualified and the strongest candidate to defeat McCain and win the general election in a landslide victory. The facts of her winning strengths were stated to the superdelegates in an eleven-page letter from Sen. Clinton. Obama had no similar letter to the superdelegates because he lacked winning strengths; Obama’s only “strength” is a bandwagon linked to rhetoric that will end up in a train wreck for the Democratic Party.

After the primaries end on Tuesday, uncommitted superdelegates with independent judgment, reflecting wisdom, integrity, and courage, have the responsibility to overwhelmingly endorse Sen. Clinton for the nomination, making her the Democratic presidential nominee. Sen. Clinton will defeat McCain, and she will win the general election in a landslide victory hands down. Sen. Clinton will be the next President of the United States.

The Clintons had again moved the goalposts in getting the Michigan and Florida delegates seated, and Obama has again to prove he has won the nomination. This is like the sixth time the goalposts have been moved. More of this refusal to give him the victory after he has won FAIR and square by every metric--including the popular vote--and this senior citizen Asian American feminist will lose her cool and ignore the Obama campaign's pleas to be reconcilatory. Millions of us citizens will march to Washington DC to demand that the Clinton dynasty be forced out of town and that the winner be named. Enough with cowardice in the face of Clinton bullying and dynastic entitlement! The US is a democracy where the Constitution and rule of law reign, not Bill and Hill. The Party elders should pay attenttion to our escalating frustration. The next civil war will be in the Democratic Party.

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