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Quitting Trinity a painful episode of Obama's quest for the White House


WASHINGTON -- In a painful episode of his quest for the White House, likely Democratic presidential nominee Sen. Barack Obama said Saturday his family withdrew their membership at Chicago's Trinity United Church of Christ.

The damage control came as his church -- and controversial sermons from the Trinity pulpit -- were increasingly becoming a target that threatened Obama's presidential bid.

"This is not a decision I came to lightly, and frankly it's one that I make with some sadness," Obama said.

Obama cut the cord to the church where he found Jesus Christ, where he was married, where his daughters were baptized--and whose pastor, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, gave him the title of his best-seller, The Audacity of Hope -- following months of controversy, first over Wright's inflammatory rhetoric. The triggering event was the Rev. Michael Pfleger's sermon last Sunday where he ridiculed Sen. Hillary Clinton from the Trinity pulpit.

Obama and wife Michelle sent a letter Friday to Wright's successor, the Rev. Otis Moss III: "Our relations with Trinity have been strained by the divisive statements of Reverend Wright, which sharply conflict with our own views."

" ... These controversies have served as an unfortunate distraction for other Trinity members who seek to worship in peace, and have placed you in an untenable position as you establish your own ministry under very difficult circumstances."

After a day of campaigning in South Dakota, Obama called a last-minute press conference in Aberdeen after Chicago journalist Monroe Anderson, a contributor to, broke the news on his Web site that the Obamas were leaving Trinity.

A source in the Obama campaign said Obama had been having conversations with Moss for weeks over his concerns that the scrutiny the church was experiencing because of his candidacy was causing problems -- and that Trinity should not provide a platform for inflammatory rhetoric, which is exactly what happened last Sunday.

Obama joined Trinity after moving to Chicago about 20 years ago to work as a community organizer and took up the suggestion that if he was working with South Side churches, he ought to join one. That began a close relationship with Wright that ended April 29 after Obama denounced him following a Wright press conference at the National Press Club that Obama called "appalling" and a show of "disrespect" to him.

Wright surfaced as a major problem for Obama after videotapes of his sermons surfaced. one in which Wright said "God damn America." However, Obama knew Wright was a potential liability from the first day of his campaign in February 2007, when he dropped him from his campaign kickoff program in Springfield, Ill.

When Wright first became a campaign issue, Obama in March gave him "the benefit of the doubt" in delivering a major speech about race relations in Philadelphia. Obama hoped then he put the problem behind him, but he didn't.

Obama took care to praise Trinity's work to "help the hungry and homeless and people in need of medical care" and said he had "tremendous regard" for Moss.

"But it's clear that now that I am a candidate for president, every time something is said in the church by any one associated with Trinity, including guest pastors, the remarks will be imputed to me even if they totally conflict with my long held views, statements and principles," Obama said.

He then turned to Pfleger, the crusading pastor at St. Sabina's who stunned the Obama team after a videotape of Pfleger mocking Clinton last Sunday from the Trinity pulpit -- "I'm white! I'm entitled! There's a black man stealing my show!'' was being played nonstop on cable news networks, with Moss praising Pfleger at the end.

But even before Pfleger's lapse, Obama said "It's also clear that Rev. Moss and the church have been suffering from all of the tension my campaign has visited on them. We have these news organizations harassing members at their homes and workplaces."

At his press conference, Obama was asked about whether he was denouncing Trinity.

"I am not denouncing the church. I am not interested in people who want me to denounce the church because it's not a church worthy of denouncing. And so if they've seen caricatures of the church and accept those caricatures despite my insistence that's not what the church is about, then there's not much I can do about it," Obama said.

Obama said he and Michelle would look for a new church and would sample others on Sundays. Obama said they would not make any decisions until January--implying that's when his family may be moving into the White House.


Barack has maintained all along that he never knew that his pastor so divisive. So in all the years he attended he never heard any such sermon like the ones recently released. I find that impossible to believe and why the elephant is still in the room. The hate speech circulating is hurting the church by keeping them in the news as it should be, and thus keeping Barack in the headlines since he is friends/members of this church. So basically he is saying he doesn't agree with the comments from the pulpit but he wants the media to leave the church alone to worship. Hate speech is not worshiping in quiet any more than getting a room full of KKK members is exchanging ideas. It isn't a black thing either. Hate is hate pure and simple. However this church as not been operating under the radar and so in my opinion as much as I detest their political views, I detest much more the fact that Barack is suggesting it is this church that has done the changing, not him. That simply is not true. The guilty person here is Barack for picking people that clearly have an anti- American viewpoint/agenda which includes Ayers also. Ayers is no better than Timothy McVeigh and if any other candidate had been linked to Timothy and his group they would no longer be presidential candidates. The democrats made a crucial mistake of not vetting their candidate and giving the other candidate an early boot.

PAINFUL is correct .. it has been excruciating for the country to be set back 20 years and be expectd to accept racist SEXIST diatribes as worship ; PAINFUL to have to watch this whole thing unfold and be told this was acceptable .. in ANY FORM we didnt deserve this pain and we dont need obama to teach us anything else

Who the heck cares if he resigned at this late won't win him any extra votes....he can't take back the 20 years he spent in that hate filled church it will be with life long.
When campains are over he'll be back at that church and at Rev Wright's for Sunday dinner...he may fool some people but not enough to get him elected president.
Hopefully Hillery runs Independant.
I hope in 4 years there is a candidate worth voting for.

i agree with what susan said.. how can one go to a church for 20 years and not know. and hate is hate no matter what name it is under, religion or otherwise. but Barack shows us one thing, that americans will fall for anything, most anyway.

This was a Chicago style hit-job designed to split the democratic party paid for the sensation-seeking media. Why would a Pfleger 1) duplicate Wright's theatrical performance, 2) one week before the final primaries, 3) at Wright's old pulpit and 4) pick a personal fight that was never his to begin with against the opposing democratic candidate, especially 5) when it is nearly won, 6) using race as the argument. 7) Amazingly there was a camera-person in the audience that posted to Youtube within two days. The intended audience was the national media! They had spent a solid month looping out-of-context video and trivial analysis while failing to spend ten minutes on how the candidates have already tackled the oil, the war, education, health-care, BOTH of their extensive public records (12 years for Obama, 7 years for Clinton). The media defamed and endangered a congregation with a long record for work for the poor in Chicago. Hillary had piled on at the time. For this the church congregation was more than ready to celebrate Pleger's counter-punch since it was delivered by a visiting white priest from an entirely different Christian if to say “see we are not crazy, everyone thinks this way”

Pfleger's long-term mutual support with Obama is peanuts when compared to what he could get for his ministry in such a high stake drama...that is perfectly legal! Obama did what he had to do try to get the conversation in America back to real issues and to save his congregation from more personal attacks.

Interesting, you resign on a Sat. Nite, the old political trick to minimize exposure in the media and thus to Americans, hoping the least learn of it.
Next, typical, when the heat hits the politician, they jump like a frog in a frying pan. Some supposedly "different" leader that Obama. Same old, same old.

Lucky for McCain, who can win Florida, Ohio, West Virginia, and other swing states, as Obama is sooo....weak.

Caucus victory state delegates that Obama won are not meaningful in the national level election.

Lets face it, many Clinton voters are going to vote for McCain or stay home. Many independents are going to swing to McCain.

Dems are fooling themselves to think Obama can win. They shot themselves in the foot this year.

Only possible salvation---Clinton as Veep, even as much as Obama would dread that.

Are you kidding me? Obama is simply in DAMAGE CONTROL MODE because he knows that he is WRONG for associating himself with such a racially motivated organization for 20 years. Obama has personally befriended these crazy people at the church of "hate all others" and he knows that people are now seeing him as a hypocrite because of his BAD decision.

No politician should be associated with such a biased organization and everyone knows it.

Anything that Obama says about race problems IS AUTOMATICALLY NEGATED because of his own association with such an inflammatory organization.

Three strikes Obama, you're out! Quit trying to destroy the only good candidate left(Ms. Clinton).

NObama, No way, Not ever!

As if Obama didn't know how these people were or agree with them after been intimately connected with it and having personal relationships with these pastors.

How does a Presidential candidate on the verge of getting his party's nomination not know that his church and pastor posted the Hamas manifesto, which advocates for the murder of Jews, on its website and other terrorist, anti-American material?

I will never vote for this man. His strongest connections are with all the most radical ideologically polarized people in the Chicago area who are not actual criminals.

The Democratic Party is in trouble.

Why does the press treat Obama with kid gloves? His candidacy should never have gotten this far.

In my opinion, Michelle Obama has a worse Anti-American mouth than Wright, the Priest, the "new and wonderful pastor" and the weatherman bomb-thrower combined.( haven't heard Resko talk nor the Islamist financeer so can;t compare her to them...) Will Obama divorce Michelle by November? Stay tuned

As an African American female I feel like the ugly duckling with my family and many of my coworkers. I support Hillary clinton and hoped she would win. It doesn't look like she will. All the people who say Obama and his supporters have not been playing the race card? look again. Look at the attitude of Obama's campigan workers(yes the last crazy clergyman was working on his capaign up until 2-3 weeks ago) They have been feeding what ever orginaztions they work with they congregation all the white people evil bull every since he started the race. Yet people blame Hillary for race baiting? no it wasnt her it was him. The DNC knew who they wanted to get the nomination (its not really about the will of the people its about who the democrates want on the ticket) they started screaming for hillary to get out after Iowa. Now they the leader especially the evil one herself nancy pelosi want to pressure supers to make a decision. How about she start with herself and stop pretending to be neturl everyone knows she is for Obama she wont shut her trap about their not beign a joint ticket about how she will step in (as if she so special). It was Hillary's right to continue to run. The dems are just mad because in finishing the primaries out it shows how weak Obama really is. Hillary has gotten about half million more votes than obama since march 4th(and that is not a made up number either)

It is a very personal choice to give a church breathing room when one's life becomes a distraction to their church (in this case his presidential campaign). Perhaps a non-denominational church while they look for a permanent one?

I have seen no evidence of this "hate-filled church" -- and I take it neither have the Obamas in all their years at Trinity. What seems hateful is turning thoughtful sermons into ten second soundbites -- for, as we all know, soundbiters always bite off exactly what they want to chew. From the few longer excerpts out there that I have found, what I have heard from Rev Wright's sermons is what just about every american is taught in grade school, ie, that America has a deep history of racism and sexism that we're often afraid to own up to. Can you say, slavery? can you say, Japanese internment camps? None of this is news, so it's sad that soundbiters try to fan the flames of racism, sad that churches are assumed to be places of hatred rather than of love, sad most of all that the Obamas had to leave a church where they'd found so much of joy and of vision of God because the news media can't help feeding these hateful flames....

If you believe all the hype about this, you aren't as smart as you think you are.

I hope all of you get this out of your system, because Mr. Obama is going to be the nominee. Now, before you protest, "We" already know that "You" will vote for Mr. McCain, because Mrs. Clinton did not win, or because of something someone else said, say like a guest speaker at his chruch. Maybe it would make you feel better if, as the NYTimes has reported,the consegratives "LASHES," which brings up a pretty picture, him some more. The truth of the matter is none of you, no matter how you try to convince yourselves, or others, were going to vote for him. However ther are enough people, with enough sense, who will take him over Mr. McCain, warts and all, because we know he will work to bring respect back to OUR country. By the way, even if you do not vote for Mr. Obama, that will not make Mrs. Clinton gain any respect, because she lost that all by herself. I leave it to you.

silly silly Democrats!


It's funny that when Mitt Romney was in the race, guys on FOX and elsewhere said there ought not be a religious litmus test. Now that Obama can't be beat on the issues, Wright & Pfleger are dredged up. Just because guys say kooky things at his church (and I'm sure outsiders would say they say crazy things at YOUR church too) should not preclude the guy from president.

A choleric moron: McCain. A warmonger hag: Clinton. A merry hypocrite: Obama.
Good luck America!

Obama is not believable on this issue, not even slightly. It's great though, because they are both exposed through this process as the truth-bending egomaniacs they are. Hillary and her "Sniper Fire", BHO and his church. It's tough when you're a real narcissist, used to being able to re-write historical record to suit your own agenda. problem is, on the world stage, you will crash and burn. no one is that good, not even Bubba LOL.....

Why Clinton campaign camp is being abandoned by her close friends? The media does not tell it all and the reason is racist campaign pitch to discount Obama's candidancy make people feel they don't need to be associated with that kind of campaign. Win at any cost is what will reduce Clinton's legacy. Let Obama lose by racial voting and something will be learned from it and the country can move forward and figure out that racism is live and well in America.

Listen to yourselves. Can some American's be so ignorant and sheeplike to be duped by the media into thinking that a church like Trinity is anything other than a pillar to the community?

What the heck did they say that was so darn terrible? There are thousands of minutes of wonderful sermons that have been audio produced by this church and you choose to believe that the whole church is bad because of a few snips? Have you ever stopped to consider that the media loops and reloops only those few negative things? If there were more, they'd be showing those, too.

Do you always agree with everything that is said and done in your own church? If so, you would be rare. I'm a white Catholic, woman, over 50 and I've heard things I haven't agreed with.

This church has done so much good for the community, providing help for the poor, places and activities for the youth to go rather than being on the street and getting into trouble and so much more.

You want to degrade a good man because of a few things someone else said? What about the plethora of good things these people have done and said? What nasty things have you said and done that we could judge your entire life? Who in your family or friends hasn't been perfect that we could all judge you? I suppose you are all perfect - perfect fools, for sure.

You want to degrade a brilliant man, one of the brightest and most upstanding men we've had running for office in decades. A man who has gone down good paths in his life. A man who has good morals and high ideals. You want to squash him like a bug.

Some kind of Americans you are - you want to complain and moan, make inaccurate and stupid judgements, be as cynical, foul mouthed and nasty as can be, but I bet dollars to donuts not a one of you lifts a finger to be part of a solution. It's so much easier to hate and complain.

If we all had to be held what others said around us, or even by things weve said ourselves taken out of context..there would be no man standing...shame on everyone who has made this family leave a loving church that they have belonged to for years...shame on those who feel it necessary to keep their noses in others backyards and pass judgements..I hope the Obama's luck to find another church of their liking and hope everyone stops judging them ..

Does anyone really care that much? If they do, then they should be willing to be just as vocal about other leaders, some of whom they most likely voted for, who supported even more divisive "spiritual" leaders such as Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson. Why was there never any attention drawn to those people and the idiotic comments they made? And is anything that Wright said really that incorrect? As I look at transcripts of his sermons, all I see is someone who is willing to hold the US accountable for innumerable foreign policy blunders that have made the US an enemy of so many in the world. Yes, the truth hurts, but it remains the truth. If the US continues down the path it has been on, God wont have to damn America - It will have damned itself just fine.

I agree with the writer above who states that the Democrats have shot themselves in the foot this time. They did in in the last election, and they did it dramatically with the election of Eugene McCarthy in the 70's. I am afraid we are about to see a grand repeat performance of that sad election in which McCarthy one in only one state- Massachusetts! Why must the Democrats be so out of touch so much of the time? There was a real opportunity to change the course of events with this election. I am afraid we blew it once again.

To Young atheart,

You need to get your facts straight - Obama submitted his resignation to the church on Friday, it was leaked to the media on Saturday. I know his pain, most of the bloggers do not know what the inside of church looks like. Yet they are the first to say he stayed in the church for 20 years. Rev. Wright preach more than 1,000 sermons and they found 3 to be bad.

Keep your dail on Fox News because they have your mind - I am glad they do not influence my thinking. I read with a third eye.

I share the dismay of many who criticize Obama for attending Trinity Church for 20 years and never recognizing the disconnect between the sermons of Reverend Wright and the Sermon on the Mount. I cannot explain it other than to point to the prevalence of "black liberation theology" in the northern Black churches and to the fact that Obama himself said there definitely was a cultural difference in Black and White churches. Of all things though, I cannot imagine that Democrats are shocked to see a Black church being "political." This is the party that has campaigned almost exclusively in Black churches throughout the country while preaching the separation of church and state to Republicans.

Regardless of this, however, Obama's press conference following his resignation from Trinity Church said what needed to be said without taking the opportunity to pass judgement on the church or its members. It struck me that he gave a strong testimony for his own personal faith. I don't know whether I will vote for him or not, but I do know that I will be praying for him to find a church for his family that will nurture his faith and his witness rather than demean it. In the long run, without meaning to do so, Obama may have done an incredible service to the country by reminding all, liberals and conservatives, why there is a need for separation of church and state.

Blanche Brick

Guess there are a lot of Clinton supporters here, giving some very biased statements. However it does not change the fact that the Obama camp is in damage control. He has made some very stupid moves in the past that just make him a weaker candidate coming up against McCain, although Clinton has also made some stupid comments, altogether they are week candidates with the only thing they have going for them is that they are not republicans.

Calling the church a hate church is comedic, comparing it to the KKK is also ridiculous. there is a difference between calling an individual sub-human , burning crosses, mod beatings and stating that a system is unfair. The pastors seem more to be taking a hard line race relations stance, stating that the 'system', politically, socially, is predominantly racist meaning skewed towards upper class whites, a view held by a lot of minority groups in the USA.

Hillary 08 Hillary 12, Obama MAYBE in 16 and 20 if he STOPS THE NIGHTMARE of TEARING the DEMS apart.
He KNEW this would happen, or if he didn't--then he's more unqualifed than anyone could have suspected.

Forgive us Lord. We are a cynical lot. I place all the candidates into your care. Sen. McCain, Sen. Clinton, Sen. Obama. Take care of each. Let us see them as you see them. Let us understand that while they are candidates they are also human beings. Protect each and teach of to respect each, even as we may differ on particular issues. Open our eyes to goodness, truth and beauty. Make us patient; make us kind; make us forgiving.

I lift up Trinity United Church, Lord. They have fallen short of the mark of Christ. Teach them and instruct them from this situation to strengthen their faith. Thank you for humbling Father Pfleger. Please humble Rev. Wright and make this a learning opportunity for Rev. Moss and the congregants.


The comments about Bill Ayers = Tim McVeigh aren't exactly right. Ayers had a connected daddy--the head of Com Ed in Chicago. McVeigh had butkis. Which is what people have in the flyover zones--as far as this campaign setting us back 20 years in terms of women's rights, race relations--I'd say it's done a lot more damage than that.

After 20 years of dedicated membership in a Black Liberation Theology church his resignation is a cynical farce - far too little and far too late. The news about what Black Liberation Theology actually teaches (racist Marxism) will eventually become evident for everyone to see and understand and it will hang around his neck like the stinking corpse of an albatross.

Obama has about as much chance of getting elected as Hugo Chavez. Start practicing saying these two words: "President McCain."

As an Obama supporter since the Iowa caucuses (63 y/o white female, nurse, mom and wife, Presbyterian), I have been interested myself in what this church and Pastor Wright has meant to Obama over the years. I will admit to wanting to find reasons to stay a supporter, so some will think my conclusions are based on false hopes. But I believe I have tried to find out as much truth as possible. First, I was already aware that many black (or African-American, if you prefer) churches have the tradition of very strong, energetic "prophetic" preaching, commonly with a crescendo of excitement, emphasis on responsibility for addressing life's sins or inequities, and call and response from the congregation. For a white person, it can take one aback a bit. But it is also very energizing and we Presbyterians need a little excitement, I think. Secondly, I searched out information on Trinity Church and its mission of encouraging its mostly black members to be proud of their African heritage and African-American style of worship and not feel either ashamed of being Christian (since Christianity came to them from white people) nor ashamed of being African-American in style. And under Pastor Wright there was tremendous outreach to deal with the problems in its local black community and the larger Chicago community. It seems that the social programs (certainly the Christian way of reaching out to others) were what attracted Barack Obama initially, as well as providing spiritual introduction to Christianity and a place to be comfortable in the black community. And Pastor Wright is quite the guy for sermons. Yes, we know some of the more incendiary ones, and they are a sign that he has some soul searching to do himself. But I also found others which were very uplifting or inspiring and sometimes uncomfortable for me as a white person--but often they were telling the truth. I DIDN"T FIND HATE. Anger, frustration, yes. But also humor, hope, and let's do better. Trinity and Wright are much more often truly Christian than what we have been shown. I hope they can find more ways to reach out positively to the so-called white world and that the "white world" (or any ethnic group) will find common ground with much of what Trinity stands for. It looks to me like Obama found and loved the strengths that are in Trinity, but also went beyond its confines--to believe, unlike Rev. Wright, that this country's peoples of all colors can work together.

Every single one of you posting your 2 cents here is a hypocrite. Im sure none of you has ever been associated somehow sometime with racism. You all act as though Jim Crow wasn't alive and well just fifty years ago. Just a few weeks ago, McCain was found to have had associations with an anti-Semitical pastor and an Islamophobic pastor. Apparently thats just fine with all of you since you have decided to direct your finger-wagging at the 'guy with the funny name' who doesnt look like you. Does that make McCain an anti-Semite and an Islamophobe? How dare you!

It was obvious that Obama resigned from the church for political reasons ONLY. He and his campaign are claiming that he had been thinking about this for weeks. Do they really think the American people are stupid?? He did the same thing with Wright. He didn't distance himself from him until it was clear that his relationship with Wright was hurting his campaign. When he addressed resigning from the church because of the things the other nut in that church said, he said something to the effect of "I can no longer attend that church and be a presidential candidate." I was surprised that the media didn't jump on that statement. Once again, it would affect his campaign so he jumped ship. People in this country better wake up. He has ties with questionable people (Rezko, Ayers, the professor from Columbia University among others) and then the statement from his wife about only now being proud to be an American. And even with all of that, the media, especially MSNBC's Chris Matthews and Keith Olberman have been biased in his favor. Never do they ask the hard questions. And no matter how well Hillary does, they make jokes about her and disrespect her. I have never seen such bias in my life. She is a Senator and former First Lady and deserves respect, whether you agree or disagree with her. MSNBC and other pro-Obama people keep saying that once Obama is the nominee that the Democratic Party will rally behind him. They aren't taking the polls seriously of the percentage of people that will vote for McCain if Obama is the nominee. I won't even discuss the joke of the commitee yesterday regarding Mich. and Fla. Obama got the best out of that as well. Give me a break!! I have been a life-long Democrat, but I WILL BE ONE OF THE PEOPLE VOTING FOR MCCAIN IF OBAMA IS THE NOMINEE. Do I want McCain as President? No! But I definitely don't want Obama. He and his campaign act as though they haven't played dirty politics. His campaign was the one always bringing up race. And they fueled the comments made by Clinton about the nomination process going through June when she referenced Kennedy. They called and e-mailed all of the news organizations. Clearly, Clinton doesn't want anything to happen to Obama. That was the furthest thing from her thougts. She has always championed the causes of African Americans her entire life, as well as those less fortunate in our society. I've never been so infuriated as I was when they were implying that she was racist--the media and the Obama campaign. Someone in an earlier post said that people will vote for McCain or stay home if Obama is the nominee--if you really want to make your point about the fact that Hillary was the best person for President, don't stay home, vote for McCain. Staying home just makes it a draw between Obama and McCain. Voting for McCain takes a vote (a democratic vote) away from Obama's total. Someone also mentioned Clinton as possible V.P. I don't think that she would accept it and I pray that she doesn't if offered. I hope that she will start preparing for 2012, if she doesn't get the nomination this year. I think she is way too smart to put herself in a position of being part of a presidency that may not be successful. I would love to see a President make a difference in people's daily lives, but I don't think that Obama is experienced enough and I worry about his ties; so therefore, as much as I hate to vote for a Republican, that is what I will do. And one other note, just to add emphasis on the way people will probably vote: My father-in-law (70 years old) and my brother-in-law have always voted Republican (ALWAYS!)---they were both going to vote for Hillary. What does that say? Hillary Clinton is the best person to be President. I think the Democratic Party is going to be shocked at the results if Obama is the nominee. I don't think he can win.

Ms. Sweet:

"Obama joined Trinity after moving to Chicago about 20 years ago to work as a community organizer and took up the suggestion that if he was working with South Side churches, he ought to join one."

Can you tell me who made that suggestion? Perhaps it's common knowledge among the folks who are up to speed on Obama's bio, but you're the first person I've read who specifically states that Obama received such advice, and I'm not clear on what you're referring to here. Thanks.

Trinity pounds another nail into the political cross of this country's
supposed savior?If Obama was white he'd have been drummed
out of the race after the Rev.Wright commentary on our "GD"
country and evil ole whitey. ( Read Obama's own words)

It does get very cold in Chicago, but could our savior have been
wearing earmuffs year round indoors at Trinity? For twenty years?
Wake up America.

Can anyone imagine the consequences if Hillary or McCain's
mentor/pastor and friends had been spewing the same pure
hatred and ridicule against against the evil black man and mean
ole America?This from a church they had attended for twenty
years? Oh brother.They'd both be lucky to land a job holding the
ladder for Mr.Sparky. The classic double standard prevails.
As our country continues to tank we have political correctness
to thank for it. Come in America?

He continues to refuse to denounce this racisit church. He
obviously sees no problem with the "tone" of the racist freedom
of speech spewed forth from the pulpit. This is totally unacceptable
for any person of any color running for the highest office in the land.

I hope America finally wakes up to what this guy really represents.
However I'll never underestimate the power of stupid humans
in transit. As an independent, I'll vote for most anyone other than
this media and moveon sponsored Obamuppet.

Any/everyone in Chicago, including Barack Obama knows that Father Phleger speaks hate-filled sermons (sigh) all the time! This was not a surprise! The only thing that was surprising was that the media-savvy priest did this at such a critical time in the campaign. With such a "dramatic performance", he had to spend much time preparing. I think his apology came only because he got caught! Shame on you Father Phleger!

HELLO this is America land of the free home of the brave I applaud Pastor Wright for saying what so many only think or say in private. I think the same comments are made at the church of the "entitled" Hillary Clinton she steals his phrases and where do you think "it takes a village"came from? I am not voting democrat should she win I dont like her she "plays"dirty and media awards her for it.I truly dont think she likes black people for reasons other to cook and clean and maybe teach her "hood"phrases



Large numbers of BUSH_McCain Republicans have been voting for Barack Obama in the DEMOCRATIC primaries, and caucuses from early on with the backing and help of the medical and insurance industry. Under the direction of the George Bush, and Karl Rove vote fraud, and vote manipulation machine. Because they feel Barack Obama would be a weaker opponent against John McCain. And they want to stop Hillary Clinton from fixing the HUGE! American, and Global mess they have created. shocking!!! isn't it. Just gotta love those good old draft dodging, silver spoon Texas boys. Not! :-(

You see, the medical and insurance industry mostly support the republicans with the money they ripped off from you. And they don't want you to have quality, affordable universal health care. They want to be able to continue to rip you off, and kill you and your children by continuing to deny you life saving medical care that you have already paid for. So they can continue to make more immoral profits for them-selves off of you, and your children's suffering.

With Hillary Clinton you are almost 100% certain to get quality affordable universal health care for everyone very soon. And you are also certain to see major improvements in the economy for everyone.

The American people face even worse catastrophes ahead than the ones you are living through now. It will take all of the skills, and experience of Hillary Clinton to pull the American people out of this mess we are in. Fortunately fixing up, and cleaning up others incompetence, immoral degeneracy, and mess is what the Clinton's do very well.

Hillary Clinton has actually won by much larger margins than the vote totals showed. And lost by much smaller vote margins than the vote totals showed. Her delegate count is actually much higher than it shows. And higher than Obama's. She also leads in the electoral college numbers that you must win to become President in the November national election. HILLARY CLINTON IS ALREADY THE TRUE DEMOCRATIC NOMINEE!

Just look at Oregon for example. Obama won Oregon by about 70,000 votes. But approximately 79,000 Bush republicans switched party's back in January to vote for Obama in the democratic primary. They are not going to vote for, or support any Democrat in November. Are you DEMOCRATS going to put up with that. Are you that stupid, and weak. The Bush republicans think you are that stupid, and weak.

As much as 30% of Obama's primary, and caucus votes are Republicans trying to choose the weakest democratic candidate for McCain to run against. These Republicans have been gaming the caucuses, and open primaries where it is easier to vote cheat. This is why Obama has not been able to win the BIG! states primaries. Even with Republican vote cheating help. Except North Carolina where 35% of the population is African American, and approximately 90% of them block voted for him. African Americans are only approximately 17% of the general population.

Hillary Clinton has been OUT MANNED! and OUT SPENT! 4 and 5 to 1. Yet Obama has only been able to manage a very tenuous, and questionable tie with Hillary Clinton. This is even more phenomenal when you consider she has been also fighting against the George Bush, Karl Rove vote fraud machine in the DEMOCRATIC primaries, and caucuses. Hillary Clinton is STUNNING!.

If Obama is the democratic nominee for the national election in November he will be slaughtered. That is crystal clear now. Because all of the Republican vote cheating help will suddenly evaporate. And the demographics, and experience are completely against him. All of this vote fraud and Bush republican manipulation has made Obama falsely look like a much stronger candidate than he really is.

You will have another McGovern catastrophe where George McGovern lost 49 of 50 states. And was the reason the super-delegates were created to keep that from happening again. Don't let that happen to the party and America again super-delegates. You have the power to prevent it. The only important question now is who can best win in November. And the answer is HILLARY RODHAM CLINTON. That fact is also now crystal clear.

And YOUNG PEOPLE. DON'T BE DUPED! Think about it. You have the most to lose. As do African Americans. Support Hillary Clinton. She will do her best for all of you. And she will know how to best get it done on day one.

The democratic party needs to fix this outrage. Everyone needs to throw all your support to Hillary Clinton NOW! So you can end this outrage against YOU the voter, and against democracy.

The democratic party, and the super-delegates have a decision to make. Are the democrats, and the democratic party going to choose the DEMOCRATIC party nominee to fight for the American people. Or are the republicans going to choose the DEMOCRATIC party nominee through vote fraud, and gaming the DEMOCRATIC party primaries, and caucuses.

Fortunately the Clinton's have been able to hold on against this fraudulent outrage with those repeated dramatic, and heroic comebacks of Hillary Clinton’s. Only the Clinton’s are that resourceful, and strong. Hillary Clinton is your NOMINEE. They are the best I have ever seen. Probably the best there has ever been. :-)

“This is not a game” (Hillary Clinton)


jacksmith... Working Class :-)

p.s. Cynthia Ruccia - I'm with ya baby. All the way. "Clinton Supporters Count Too."


Black churches often express anger. But anger is not hate. Equating anger with hate is a mistake. But it is more than a mistake. It is evidence of and a reflection of a white racism that does not tolerate an honest expression of black anger. It is evidence of and a reflection of a white racism in self-denial.

It would be nice if people could see things for what they are. This country has separation of church and state and campaigns should follow the same pattern. What one's religious affiliation is, is the business of the individual since we have freedom of religion or did the last time I looked.
How many church going Americans really pay attention to what their ministers or preachers say every Saturday or Sunday? I venture to guess that more go for social reasons, pressure from family or whatever other reasons than to truly listen and act upon the words of their religious leaders.
If people had read Senator Obama's book, 'Dreams From My Father', then maybe they would be a little less quick to show their ignorance. Senator Obama's history with the Reverend Wright is quite clear. If a church changes gear that is not the fault of the congregation's members. If they don't leave the church immediately because of some controversy that doesn't mean the individual agrees with it preaching. It took me 18 years to leave the Catholic church and I don't agree with much of anything they spout. Luckily I wasn't running for political office. I was able to make that choice without any repercussions to my life and future. Senator Obama should have the same right and courtesy, since he is an American citizen also.
Does anyone out there in America realize that we have a born again Christian in the White House that has begun 2 immoral wars and has his religious leaders come to the White House to advise him? Come on, let's get real here and see through all of the theatrics of the media and the opponents to a man who really sees the potential for America, its people and its place in the world. I have great fear for the future of our country and people if we don't wise up and elect Senator Obama for the next US president. The current status quo is unbearable, we must have change, Our country is very vulnerable now and we need a strong leader who can calmly interact with other nations and situations. I am very tired of the fear tactics that have gripped our country for the last 8 years. I want to live in peace with my fellow Americans and with my fellow citizens of the world.

Painful quest to leave this church?
Are you kidding?
This church is racist and teaching Black Liberation Theology.

What if Senator Clinton was going to a church affiliated with the Ku Klux Klan.
Would that be painful for her to leave?

The difference between Bill Ayers and Tim McVeigh-----Ayers set-off far more bombs. McVeigh's did more overall damage, but Ayers's intent was the same as McVeigh.....Oh yeah, he had a well-connected rich daddy, also.
About Obama quitting. This makes him look even worse. Explain why it took 20 years? Explain why its apparent you don't stand by your friends? Explain why, in the end, you threw your grandmother and now church under the bus, as they say?
About Pleger. That was no apology. He said, "I apologize FOR those who THOUGHT I made a mockery." What a phony. And as far as his telling his congregation, "I have received 3000 emails of hate and death threats." If so, then why won't you turn all these emails over to LAW-ENFORCEMENT? To the police and FBI? Otherwise, I have to take it as a lie. Whats that old saying, "put-up or shut-up." Hand over and make the EVIDENCE public.

"Black churches often express anger. But anger is not hate. Equating anger with hate is a mistake. But it is more than a mistake. It is evidence of and a reflection of a white racism that does not tolerate an honest expression of black anger. It is evidence of and a reflection of a white racism in self-denial." -- Luis

I want to be clear that I do not support Obama and now even less so because by resigning from his church he has shown the world what a weak and unprincipled person he is. He has shown that he will kowtow to white racism in order to win politically. But in winning he will lose and so will the country because
if Obama is the Democratic nominee McCain will win.

White racism will have triumphed. That will constitute a perverse but deserved sort of punishment for a country that long ago lost its moral compass but is only now beginning to reap the rewards of its ill-gotten gains.

Painful for Barack Obama to leave Trinity Church?
Let's see, Trinity or the Presidenc
...Oh that's a hard one.

Barack Obama claims "... the movement of change, through transparency, and being a uniter...". Also, "...this political race is not about "race"...". Right.

Barack Obama also said, "Just words?". "I have a dream. All mean are created equal. We have nothing to fear but fear itself. Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country."

MILLIONS of white Americans/believers/followers/sheep/those desperately seeking change, have been voting for Barack Obama; and those that do not are considered to be potentially racist.

MORE THAN 90% of black Americans are voting for Barack Obama; but that is only because of .....Well, naturally because he's the only capable and qualified candidate; and because (as I have heard people ACTUALLY say), "... it's our turn...".

Barack Obama said he will change politics as usual. Right, talk about a slick politician with a Civil Rights legal mind.
It's apparent that any time somthing was said during the campaign that would be part of any other political campaign, Barack Obama and his campaign (and supporters) cry 'racism'.
Well, that is different.

It's quite clear that divisness, polorization of racisim (yet called resentement by Barack,) and a broken democratic party is what has been accomplished.

Leaving Trinity United Church painful?
Hopefully there's a chapel in White House where Wright, Pleger and 'who' ever else Barack and Michelle choose to "pray with can do so in private.

God Bless America and God Help Us All.

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