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Plouffe tells why McCain will loose the election. Stresses will not be dependent on one state.


WASHINGTON--Obama campaign manager David Plouffe--the general of Obama's "persuasion army" is explaining that the McCain team has made a mistake for which there may be no recovery.

"We don’t think he used that period from March 4 to June 3 very effectively," said Plouffe, pleased to take the in-kind donation from the rival camp.

Presumptive GOP nominee Sen. John McCain (R-Az.) locked up him nomination by March, while rival Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) fought it out with Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.) through June. Meanwhile, McCain did not use his time well in defining who he is.

Plouffe said with so many states in play, he is "simply not going to wake up on Nov. 4 worried about one state."


Are we certain we're going to win given the latest polls (not that we vote like the polls, BUT.....
I think it's time to begin making the link between McCain and Bush.

If it were Obama's goal to communicate to the American people that he is incapable of telling the truth and will never keep a promise, than Obama has used his time very well. Maybe when he goes to Iraq, their journalist and government can ask Obama what Alsammarae is doing in Jordan, where's the $650. million dollars, and why he's being protected?

I am a fervent democrat and especially an Obama supporter, and professionally a 70 year old psychologist. Why aren't the papers going after Palin, with very little experience, and her irritating demeanor, and everything that goes against what women have fought for all these years.? No paper has asked about Mc Cains probable untreated post stress syndrome, which makes him go off on people in the senate and other places.Also, have we forgotten about his ll homes, and his constant senior moments or forgetfullness, or early dementia? Palin has no experience, (I have been to Alaska 8 times), and is a mocery. She is no Hillary. Her appearances with Mc Cain constantly repeats the same mantra as the convention, is an affront to every American Woman who has chosen to be her own person. We need Obama, who is thoughtful and careful who he selected as his VP. Mc Cain went for a Hail Mary Pass, and I am fearful the people are stupid and still don't realize that Mc Cain is 4 more years of Bush. How has the last 8 years worked for us? How about Woodwards account of Bush's lack of knowledge about the Iraq war, said he had other important things to do. Who do we want? Obama who is experienced, and a first black for the Harvard Review, vs. Mc Cain, who flips on everything just to get elected, not really caring for the country, and seems like an opportunist, who also constantly in the last months has had joe Lieberman wispering answers about issues and tribes and information that has long been forgotten by Mc Cain or is thrown into his senior moments. Thank You, Dr. Diane R. Isaacs, La Canada California

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