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On Obama skipping the Democratic Leadership Council meeting in Chicago....

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I just heard from Obama spokesman Ben LaBolt....regarding presumptive Democratic nominee Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) not appearing before the Democratic Leadership Council, holding a big meeting in Chicago...Obama's absence has "absolutely" nothing to do with a DLC honcho being Clinton backer .B. Pritzker, said LaBolt. (see earlier blog)

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I believe that Senator Obama will have as many vacations as our current president in office (and NO, it's NOT a good thing!); since when do you NOT attend such a meeting? Haircut and 3 hour basketball session indeed.... He enjoys the public 'en mass', but cannot meet with his Democratic colleagues - what is wrong with this picture? He cannot tolerate folks that might DISAGREE with him. Talk about a junior senator who can't even WORK to persuade his colleagues; he simply wants them to agree, or he'll make them look as if they are racist, etc. A shame.

Obama MUST have an excellent cabiniet so he can continue this "avoidance" in responsibly (and his basketball games). Dear senator - GROW UP and get to the capitol whenever possible so you can represent Illinois better (even if you're running for the presidency)!

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