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Obama's evolution from talking about campaign finance reform to rejecting public funds on Thursday, A video history.


LINK to video roundup in The Politico about presumptive Democratic nominee Sen. Barack Obama's drift from talk of campaign finance reform to his pragmatic decision on Thursday to walk away from his pledge to try to negotiate a deal with Sen. John McCain for both of them to take public funding for the general election.

This video is from an Illinois breakfast in Washington with Obama and Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) which had been a regular weekly stop for Obama before he started running for president.


Senator Obama indicated that one of the reasons he made this decison was ads by 527 groups.

The only 527 group whose ad I have seen this year was produced by and I believe they favor his candidacy. This ad appears to take Senator McCain's words out of context.

I am still waiting for Senator Obama to ask to stop running the ad.

What's your point?
We finally have a potential 3rd Democratic candidate win out of 9 elections--and he should LOSE to prove a point--that we need campaign finance reform?

If only the media would have vetted Obama better, the 527's and such would not have too!

Going back on your word. LIAR! So much for a candidate of integrity. Yesterday during evening news on TV, Obama ad ran at least three times locally. Does his campaign think that saturation of Obama's ad early and often will win voters over??? What a flagrant waste of money!

It's good to see that Americans are spending more money than the corporations and special interest groups in order to finance a candidate. His stance on not accepting money from lobbyist and special interest groups is unchanged, yet his coffers are full to the point that it would be a hindrance to agree to the confines of public finance. Struggling, hard working, underinsured, uninsured... are acting to take back their country, why should he deny them because he didn't realize how many people with very little would give so much for a change in this country.

"CHANGE" means, I done "CHANGE" my mind. And "UNITY means, nothing.

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