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Obama web site has "Thank You Senator Clinton" feature designed to reap information on Clinton backers for Obama


WASHINGTON--The Obama campaign website has new feature: a "thank you" for Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.) that is also an organizational tool for Obama.

A clip of Obama praising Clinton is on the site,with a call for unity from presumptive Democratic nominee Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) But the nice words and video serve as bait to gather data about Clinton backers who are at least curious enough about Obama to be on his website. The feature urges viewers to send Clinton a note of thanks:

"Senator Clinton made history over the past 16 months -- not just because she has broken barriers, but because she has inspired millions of Americans with her strength, her courage, and her commitment to causes like universal health care that make a difference in the lives of hardworking Americans.Take a minute to thank her for her hard work and for supporting this campaign."

But this is also a clever technique the Obama campaign is using to data mine and target voters.

If a person uses the Obama site to "share your thanks" with Clinton, the campaign captures the person's e-mail, name, location and cell phone. They are also asked of they want to receive text message updates.


Obama's people are too sleazy and smart by an half trying to fool people to share information. Some of us will never be sold on this snake oil sales man. Go McCain in November.

So? This is rocket science?

You give the whole thing a derogatory ring? Why? Aren't websites designed to 'capture' a following, an audience? And isn't it wise (rather than "clever") of the Obama campaign to use laudatory devices, rather than otherwise (as was previously used by the rival campaign) to garner support????

Of course they are. What campaign wouldn't?

Yea right. A nice thank you feature is actually an evil data mining scheme. Sheesh. Can't a guy ever do something nice?

I wonder what would be wrong with Senator Obama reaching out to Senator Clinton's supporters. After all, many of them are democrats and many of them are considering McCain for their vote. An effort to get information to them seems appropriate and it is possible that Senator Clinton would do the same. As far as 'capturing' information, I usually am asked for contact information when sending a form via a website(just now for instance).

And you think he is the only one that uses this "clever ruse?" Everyone does this. The Sun-Times does this, every time we post on a blog like this you get our IP address, our internet provider, who owns the IP address, our operating system, etc. etc. etc. If we are registered and log on to comment, you get that data with our email address so you can tell if we're at work or at home or somewhere else like a McDonald's with free Wi-Fi.

People aren't stupid. They know if they type that stuff in, it will be used. And as for targeting voters, isn't that what unity is all about?

A refreshing "change" would be if Barack backed up his words with action. How about Obama swearing in an affidavit that he absolutly would not pardon Rezko or fire Patrick Fitzgerald, afterall he has stated that he would not, if he would just put it in writing I think it would be much more meaningful. It would be a good start to washing his hands of the Chicago Combine and dirty politics. The act of signing an affidavit would help remove some of the doubts and reservations people might have concerning Obama and Rezko. Making a statement to the press is not good enough any more, afterall "change" is his campaign slogan.

I'm a bitter Clinton supporter who will support a candidate who is 100% against the Democratic plattform. Bush 3rd term !!!! Yeah bitter me !!!!!

Pride comes before the fall.

I am tired of the media blameing Hillary for their weakness.

I am a Hillary supportor and its not likely that i will ever support the democratic canidate nor my friends nor my family .you and your team together with the press got so caughtup in pushing Hillary under the bus ,that real women will not forget .you dont need us we will remember in november .howard dean .
its wonderful that Mc cain is recruiting the democratic women .
He has shown more respect for women than you guys

I am a Republican who is overjoyed at the bitter Clinton supporters who will enable our boy McCain to appoint two more Supreme Court justices to overturn Roe and stop you women from killing your unborn babies by throwing you in jail.

What crap is this? I had to give my name and email address to post this response. Is it ok to call this site sleazy as a result?
Get off your high horse. Obama wanted to express genuine gratitude to senator Clinton, and he encouraged his supporters to do so. Stop reading meanings into everything

Of course Barack Obama is going to thank Senator Clinton. Clinton endorsed him. Why would he do any less? If he didn't he'd be doomed. Whether it's a technique or not, it doesn't matter. Thanking her is the right thing to do in order to begin healing the party, working with her and hopefully get her supporters to rally behind Barack.

Thank you Mrs Clinton for all you've done. We are very proud of you. I am a Dem, and personally I like both candidates.

Obama 08

McCain's appeal to some Hillary supporters is puzzling.  Have they forgotten that a McCain supporter shockingly referred to Senator Clinton as a Bitch...while McCain only smiled? Specifically the question was " How are we going to defeat the Bitch?"  He didnt admonish his supporter...he SMILED.Why is he seemingly getting a pass?  Now suddenly he respects Hillary??  Hypocrite is an appropriate description for Senator McCain.

If you love Hillary as I do you could not support McCAIN. If you are a Woman you better run from McCain and run fast. He has never supported womens issues. Heathcare or otherwise. He will overturn Roe vs. Wade and he will draft your sons into war in Iran. Put down your pride and get a get grip your children should come first.

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