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Obama wants to meet with Clinton at a time and place of her choosing.


WASHINGTON--Likely Democratic nominee Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) told reporters on Monday he told Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.) that "once the dust settled" he wants to meet with her "at a time and place of her choosing." He also personally apologized to her for the "offensive remarks" of his long-time friend, Father Michael Pfleger.

Below is the pool report from Washington Times reporter Christina Bellantoni.


From: Christina Bellantoni
Sent: Monday, June 02, 2008 4:13 PM
To: Jen Psaki
Subject: Pool news

Sen. Barack Obama held an impromptu presser in Waterford after talking to workers from the Rite Aid distribution plant. Jen will send out full transcript, but news is that he talked about conversation with Clinton yesterday where he said he looked forward to meeting her at time and place of her choosing
Key quotes below.
Color etc. from pool report to come, perhaps after landing.

"There are a lot of superdelegates who are waiting for the last couple of contests but I think that they are going to be making decisions fairly quickly after that.
"We feel good about the number of supderdelegates that we have been accumulating and my sense is that between Tuesday and Wednesday that we've got a good chance of getting the number that we need to win the nomination."

"We want to stay focused on Montana and South Dakota"

Q - What doing to shore up super support?

"We're doing a combination of things - Obviously we are reaching out to superdelegates who may still be undecided. the most important thing we can do right now is to make sure that not only we win Montana and South Dakota but also we show we're competitive in critical swing states like Michigan ... that's why we're here today."

Q - Have you made any offers to Sen Clinton?

Sen. O:
The only conversation I've had with Senator Clinton was yesterday to congratulate her on her victory in Puerto Rico

I apologized once again for the offensive remarks ... (of Pfleger)

I emphasized to her what an extraordinary race that she's run and said that there aren't too many people who understand exactly how hard she's been working. I'm one of 'em because she and I have been on this same journey together, and told her that once the dust settled I was looking forward to meeting with her at a time and place of her choosing.
We've still got two more contests to go and I'm sure that there will be further conversations after Tuesday.

Q - Did she lay out time and place of her choosing?

Sen. O:
"It was a very general conversation at this point and as I said we've got two more contests I think she's focused on those as am I."


The only thing Obama should talk to Hillary about is the VP position. I still feel she should be a written in for the nomination of Presidency. She has gotten the popular vote! Majority of Clinton supporters will not support Obama, I am one of those. After all I have read about the man, personal associations, methods of securing pass legislative positions in Chicago/Illinois, his 'pay and play' policies in the Illinois political arena, his black liberation theology thinking, his lack of good judgement, lack of political experience, how can I or any other American truly vote for him. He has won many caucuses which is true but really does a caucus truly represent the majored of voters from those state as a primary does. These is how he got most of his delegates and also from super delegates. I hate myself for saying this , but many believe if he wasn't an African-American he never would have gotten this far. He never disowned the Reverend, Pastor or Rezko until their were no longer politically correct for him!

I am so upset with Obama and Clinton , they are missing the point that we americans must have a change , we have to work 2 full time jobs to pay of medical insurance , which dont cover much of the medical bills , and not think about our children college before you know it americans will not be able to get an education and lets make changes and leave the fighting for things that will help the americans people

Well I think it is up to Obama who his VP is -- that's the call of the presidential nominee. Hillary is not entitled to it by just having taken the Clinton name as her last name.

Obama is a truly authentic individual. Anyone who has read his books realizes that he is a deep thinker, a true warrior, someone who is truly concerned with issues of social justice. His mother obviously taught him well.

People are not their pastors. All of that was another media distraction. They could have told people to listen to his audio CD or read his books -- no instead they ran endless YouTube loops of the same old stuff over and over again.

None of that is what Obama is really about. He's intelligent, eloquent, and basically a very decent human being. That's why 17 million plus people have voted for him. People want change and want the kind of change he speaks of. Putting an end to the special interest lobbyist groups in Washington; stopping the "politics of old" lambasting and negative campaigning; putting an end to the illegal war in Iraq that never should have been waged -- and that's just for starters.

Obama will create a new legitimacy for America -- one that has been virtually obliterated under Dubya, Bush Senior, Reagan, Nixon, et al.

Obama is so far superior to Clinton in terms of wisdom, character, honesty and ideals. I hope he does not risk exposing himself and the nation to her machiavellian maneuvering as a potential veep. I hope he has better sense than to expose himself to her corrupt and amoral approach to politics.

I think Obama should make Clinton his VP candidate. This will heal the US. I don't think she will act like the President. He can essentially make her the go-to person for the Universal Health Care and Women's issues. She will get the job done. This way Obama can focus on Foreign Policy and Economics.

jp,michigan, Hillary has received a majority of the popular vote only if you include Michigan, where Obama's name was not on the ballot. Besides, it's all about delegates, which Hillary kept reminding us early in the race when she was well behind in the popular vote. Her position constantly shifted throughout this race according to her own electoral fortunes. Yes, Obama did win caucuses, and that's why he's ahead in delegates. But that's because he was better organized and had a better strategy than Clinton. Surely you see that? Obama was ready from day one, knew what he had to do to win the nomination, and proceeded with his plan. Hillary ran a good race, but came up short. That's politics. Time to move on.

How do you let two states better equipped to pick a republican candidate pick who your front runners will be.
Send good vibes to em all--and Dennis Kucinich--send him a check!

She has not won the popular vote. You are counting two states that weren't supposed to count. One of those states he wasn't even on the ballot (and know that she is not counting uncommitted votes for him in Michigan to get that number).

That is also not counting caucus states in which he won generously in.

For her to claim the popular vote is very wishful thinking on her part. She can't have it both ways. She can't say count popular vote on both states and give me delegates, but also ignore the fact that Obama took his name off the ballot in hopes to get the uncommitted votes; oh and also forget that he never had a chance to campaign there.

I don't see where he has lack of good judgment. I see that in Clinton (voting for the war on Iraq -- holding closed door hearings when trying to establish universal health care). His religion and his faith in Christ should be a good thing. The views of Wright are not his own.

And to claim race is why he is here is a bit ignorant. You could say the only reason Hilary is here is because she is the wife of an ex president. It wouldn't be true, but you could say it.

Obama is here because he represents the changing of the guard to a new generation. He is here because he inspires, like MLK and JFK did before him. He is here because he is bi-partisan and has a fresh way of thinking.

In light of HRC's obsession with the RFK tragedy (referenced on three separate occasions during this election) she should not be his VP. Sorry - in my opinion Senator Obama would be playing a risky game with his life and the life of his family having the Clintons looking over his shoulder and second guessing his decisions. How would the Obamas ever get a good night's sleep. Bill Clinton is very angry and jealous right now. No thank you. I thought it would have been a good ticket at one time BUT NO MORE!! HRC and Bill Clinton have shown America their true colors and they want back in the White House regardless if it benefits the country, at the expense of someone's life or creating a divide among fellow democrats.


Will you & Hill finally put an end to trying to destroy the Democrat Party when polls close today, or will it be continuous female whining thru Nov. & Bush III in the White House?

And, please enuf nonsense comments on VP Clinton, Obama would be comitting political suicide!


Between Washington's "politics as usual" elected delegates and super delegates endorsing Barack Obama; even when the states those delegates represent voted for the other candidate, (you know, the kind that Obama claims is nearing exstinction because he is the "change" we can all believe in),
.... and much of mainstream media (presenting their biased views for Obama as real news)talking for months about the other candidate; as though the race was over,
.....and the fact that Obama caused the delay in deciding what to do about Michigan and Florda; because naturally, it was the correct thing to do, and not a benefit to himself,
.... and not wanting to have anymore debates; because there were enough of those (four one-on-one, and he was too busy campaigning),
Barack now wanting to meet with Hillary Clinton is simply Barack's unique, honest,transparent,having a dream, not concerened with racism in the United States of America, unifying self. Barack is just being presidential.

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