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Obama skipped Democratic Leadership Council Chicago conference. Will he show up at Rainbow PUSH conference?

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WASHINGTON--Ben Smith of Politico and my colleague, Abdon Pallasch of the Sun-Times both noted that presumptive Democratic nominee Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) skipped even a drop by this weekend at the Democratic Leadership Council, meeting in Chicago. Smith opined that Obama did not put the centrist group with deep ties to Bill Clinton on his calendar because a DLC honcho is J.B. Pritzker. J.B. was a major national fund-raiser for Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.) campaign and the brother of Penny Pritzker, the Obama national finance chairman.

Let me add another conference in Chicago to keep watch on to see if Obama attends. Just a few miles from the Obama home, the annual Rainbow PUSH Coalition and Citizen Education Fund conference is running June 28-July 2. The conference will honor not the historic Obama bid but the 20th anniversary of the historic 1984 White House run of the Rainbow PUSHfounder, the Rev. Jesse L Jackson. The 1984 and 1998 Jackson presidential campaigns marked the first major African American run for president.

As for Obama--he keeps himself above the fray of Democratic faction politics by not appearing before the centrist DLC or the more left Rainbow PUSH crowd.

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Ms. Sweet, you have skipped posting comments? Will you do it in future blog entries?

And Hillary STILL has $24 million dollars just sitting in her coffers when deciding to RE-START her campaign instead of sending people their money back. YEAH RIGHT, she is ready for the 3:00AM phone call - she just hopes it is NOT from supporters seeking a refund! You have the audacity to insinuate asinine comments about the Obama's but won't crack down on why Hillary Clinton has not begun to released that money which her supporters could use in these STRESSFUL ECONOMIC TIMES!

You should be ashamed with your one-sided journalism!! The sad part is you are better than these lame insidious columns, but you simply want Senator Hillary Clinton as prsident and unwilling to view anything else as reasonable.

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