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Obama campaign turns down McCain bid for 10 open format town halls; proposes five sessions, rejected by McCain team.

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WASHINGTON--Presumptive GOP nominee Sen. John McCain (R-Az.) asked rival Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) for 10 open format town hall debates between now and the conventions. On Friday, the Obama campaign rejected the McCain proposal, offering an altnernative for five joint sessions turned down by Obama campaign manager David Plouffe.

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Statement on McCain’s Refusal of Joint Appearances Offer

June 13, 2008

“Barack Obama offered to meet John McCain at five joint appearances between now and Election Day—the three traditional debates plus a joint town hall on the economy in July and an in-depth debate on foreign policy in August. That package of five engagements would have been the most of any Presidential campaign in the modern era—offering a broad range of formats—and representing a historic commitment to openness and transparency.

“It’s disappointing that Senator McCain and his campaign decided to decline this proposal. Apparently they would rather contrive a political issue than foster a genuine discussion about the future of our country.

“Senator Obama believes that the American people deserve an open and accessible debate as they choose between real change and four more years of failed Bush policies, and he welcomed McCain’s invitation to offer voters ‘the rare opportunity of witnessing candidates for the highest office in the land discuss civilly and extensively the great issues at stake in the election,’” said Obama campaign manager David Plouffe.

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That's right! Let Grampers' camp pay his freight to stalk Obama on the campaign trail. With the senior citizens discount, Grampers gon' be al'ight! If Team Grampy can't afford to keep up with or draw the same record numbers of attendees as future President Obama, they should at least be grateful that Gramps has been spared the humiliation of publicly gaffing in front of a whole lot of voters.

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