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Obama calls econ tour "Change that Works for You." Republicans hit back it is "Change We Can't Afford."


Republicans are not planning to have a day--maybe even a few hours--go by without hitting Obama. While Obama starts a "Change that Works for You" two-week tour, the Republican National Committee slams back on a website LINK that it is "Change We Can't Afford."


The RNC is right Obamas overall program would cost $850 billion dollars we don't need to spend. He will raise everybodys taxes and invest it he says helping Americans. In the old days it was called welfare it tax dolars not an investment.
I read today where he says he never did anything inappropriate with Tony Rezko.Obama has had a 18 year relationship as a lawyer and a friend of Rezko. Obama lined up high rises for Rezko to build until Rezko went broke, got indicted and convicted,sued by GE funding for $18 million for financial fraud connected to pizza parlors and Rezko owes $830,000 to Las Vegas Casinos. Odd friend for a guy running for President. When he also has Jeremiah Wright and Father Pfleger and terrorist William Ayers all Marxists and anti-American.Wright and Pfleger are anti-white black liberation theogists who think like Obama.
Obama says anyone who discusses these issues are rascist no we are inquisitive voters who won't let Obama describe issues for us.
He says these are distractions I think it defines Obama regarding his character flaws and judgement.
The RNC is right it is Change We Can't Afford!

But Republicans think we can afford a permanent occupation of Iraq?

They really just don't get it.

Obama's proposal of CHANGE requires sound judgement to determine which things should change, and which things should be kept, cherished and embraced. Unfortunately Obama and his left wing supporters want to throw out the baby with the dirty bath water. They have no appreciation of U.S. history, or the blood, sweat, and sacrifice it's taken to make America the greatest country in the world. They seem to believe that before you can create change, first you must discredit, or destroy everything that's come before. Obama relies on young voters apathy and ignorance of American history and tradition, which makes it easier for them to buy into CHANGE, without any sense of what kind of change is needed. Evidence of this, is Obama supporters embracing his disrespectful alteration of the Presidential seal, to further his personal ambition. Or, Obama's black liberation church discrediting Thomas Jefferson, because of an alleged affair with a black slave. If Obama is elected President, I predict that American history will be gradually revised, and America as we know it will become barely recognizable.

Most of you have no idea how things work, you may think you do, but you are mistaken.
Claiming that “Obama relies on young voters apathy and ignorance of American history and tradition” is plain stupid. I for one am not young, and I have found that most young voters dig into the issues unlike many from the Republican Party who constantly vote for failure. As to history and tradition, I am an avid seeker of both.

Furthermore American History is constantly being re-written most recently by the Bush Administration, to wit:
The federal response to Katrina was nothing short of a disaster. A 2006 report compiled by House Republicans slammed what it called “a failure of leadership.” Yet Bush at a press conference said “press conference this morning, Bush defended his response to Katrina. He said he has “thought long and hard about Katrina” and admitted that “things [could] have been done better” but denied any problem with the federal response to the disaster, insisting, “Don’t tell me the federal response was slow!”:
And none of us can forget his statement about the FEMA Chief when he said,
"heck-uva job Brownie"! ...

And then there was Karl Rove, in an interview with Charlie Rose, "one of the untold stories" about the war in Iraq is that the Bush administration had been "opposed' to Congress holding the vote authorizing the president to use military force in Iraq just a few weeks prior to the 2002 elections because "we thought it made it too political."

“The RNC is right it is Change We Can't Afford!” this is but a parroting of Rush Limbaugh, the laughable indirect head of the Republican Right.

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