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Michelle Obama on "The View" says she is "taking cues" from Laura Bush.


Michelle Obama, guest hosting on ABC's "The View" revealed that she wrote a thank-you note to First Lady Laura Bush after Bush defended her--sort of--when she got in a jam with her quote about being "really proud" of being proud of her country for the "first time." Obama said she was not sure if Bush got the note yet. Of how Bush handles the First Lady job, Obama said, "I'm taking some cues."

On June 9, during an ABC interview, Bush reminded the potential first lady that "everything you say is looked at." LINK


As much as I can't stand George Bush, I will say Laura Bush has been an excellent First Lady. In their case, Laura really is the better half. I really think the world of Michelle Obama as well, she's an excellent example of a hard working and intelligent woman that all Americans should be proud to have as a First Lady.

Cues from LAURA not HILLARY?
keep Michelle at home at U of C, please til the election?

As always, I applaud Michelle Obama for being a lady and a class act. Her sending a note to Ms. Bush acknowledging certain actions and the role of the first lady, exemplifies Michelle's sincerity, commitment and readiness to properly represent and stand for
the United States of America. As historically noted, America has been fortunate to have several great First Ladies. Michelle will be joining their ranks. I wish her well, God be with her always and all the best.

I just want to say...all Michelle Obama meant, when she made her famous statement about being proud of her country for the first time, was that she was OVERWHELMED (as were millions of others--of all colors) by the win that day and the incredible reception given and appreciation of her husband, a black man in a country where we've all benefitted from important steps towards human/civil rights but where black people have suffered so much.
She was understandably surprised and relieved by the success that day, as we all were.

Did anyone notice the flip is gone replaced by a new hairdo, perhaps a "modified Laura Bush" hairdo?

I watched the whole show. What I really got from that discussion, was when they showed the actual footage of Michelle's comment, what she actually said, and in a very humble way "I am REALLY proud of my country for the first time" and she was referring to the huge crowds and increased involvement of the people. Everyone has to admit... our dismal voting numbers in the past and the apathy of most of our citizens, especially the young, has not been something to be proud of. Sure the comment can be spun to mean something sinister for those grasping at something sinister to say, but the reality is much more innocent.

And her comment about Laura Bush was very genuine, she said she admires the way Mrs. Bush doesn't fan any fires and keeps things calm... in so many words, can't remember them exactly. If you have the chance, go to TheView website and watch the video, I'm sure they'll have it there, Michelle was excellent.

Michelle NObama may try to win favor with Laura Bush as much as she wants, but Cindy McCain will be the next First Lady of the United States of America! Never Surrender!

Strong women intimidate weak men and weak women. This is not racism; it's sexism disguised as racism. There is issue being taken with Michelle statements that only offended older females; some that offended patriotic females and some that just offended the downtrodden female that resents her power because they are powerless. America is so sad. Michelle's heritage makes her a true American. Slave ancestors, worked hard, raised on the wrong side of the tracks and made something of herself....why does she cause so much controversy? Her presence says that she and other Blacks over came the chains of poverty. I dare them! And now that they have, what are they going to do? Are you afraid?


Michelle Obama is awesome!

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