Michelle Obama's strategy to woo Clinton supporters and shape her role as First Lady: the inside story.

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WASHINGTON -- Michelle Obama climbed into her charter jet Friday and flew here from Chicago for lunch and a speech -- I clocked it at seven minutes -- before an influential women's group whose board includes key supporters of Sen. Hillary Clinton.

Obama's brief appearance before the National Partnership for Women & Families -- she turned around and flew right back home when she was done -- shows how Obama is shaping her role as a potential first lady and how the Obama campaign is working hard to build bridges to the women who supported Clinton over presumptive Democratic nominee Sen. Barack Obama.

Michelle Obama's visit came in advance of Clinton and Barack Obama making their first joint appearance in Washington on Thursday before big-money Clinton fund-raisers. They will then stump together Friday.

Michelle Obama's speech to the mostly female audience Friday touched on her experiences as a working woman and mother. It was also about how Obama is shaping what she sees as her role if she becomes first lady. She would take on women's and family affairs as her signature issues, as I reported in the Chicago Sun-Times on May 10.

Those issues are of great interest to the National Partnership for Women & Families, a nonprofit, non-political organization known for its successful crusades for passage of the Family & Medical Leave Act, the Pregnancy Discrimination Act and the Civil Rights Act of 1991 and other legislation on behalf of working women in this country.

The annual luncheon program where Obama spoke was not a political event. The intended main speaker, booked months ago, was Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick, the South Side Chicago native who early on endorsed Barack Obama.

I am writing about this through a political lens because every place Michelle Obama goes at this stage of the campaign represents some sort of strategic judgment. And this decision for her to invite herself to drop by this group at this time was politically smart.

Probably the four most important words in Obama's speech were the names of two women she paid tribute to: Ellen Malcolm, the chairwoman of the partnership, and Judith Lichtman, a board member.

Malcolm is also the president of Emily's List -- one of the nation's largest Democratic political networks, which endorsed and campaigned very hard for Clinton. Lichtman goes back years with Clinton and was a senior adviser on the Clinton campaign in charge of women's outreach.

Another board member, Cheryl Mills, was general counsel of the Clinton campaign, which made women's concerns a centerpiece of Clinton's bid.

To help heal wounds left from the hard-fought Democratic primary, Malcolm traveled to the Obama campaign's Chicago headquarters last Monday. She met with campaign manager David Plouffe, deputy manager Steve Hildebrand and senior strategist Anita Dunn to talk about unity.

Debra Ness, the organization's president, told me the campaign called her last week to ask if Obama could come and address the group.

"Certainly we would love to have her come," Ness replied, especially if Obama wanted to talk about their issues. Before Obama's speech Friday, she spent 30 minutes with Ness, emphasizing how important women's issues are to her. Obama then lunched with the group and took the stage to deliver her remarks.

All in all, seven minutes well-spent.


We are too smart to fall for the re-packaged, new and improved Michelle Obama.

The new Michelle is just like the new re-packaged fiber supplements, they both produce the same effects.

McCain '08!!!


Are you sure the speech and lunch lasted seven minutes? I'm missing something here.

the lunch came first.
then a seven minute speech

Michelle Obama will never win me over! The only issue important to her right now is installing her husband in the White House.

No matter what Michelle or Sen. Obama does, I will not support him for POTUS. The 2000 and 2004 election for POTUS was corrupted by the Republican party, and we got 8 years of a neophyte which turned into a disaster for our country. The DNC learned well by watching the Republicans pull that coup. Now they have tried to do the same in the primary elections, controlling the rules to favor the selection of Sen. Obama, whose qualifications are very slim. A corrupt primary has been perpetrated upon the Democratic electorate by the DNC and DNC rules committee. This cannot be approved by the electorate. As a supporter of Hillary Clinton, who is much better qualified to lead this country out of the wilderness eight years of Bush has produced, I will not support Obama's illegitimate candidacy. The principle of honoring the electorate is much more important than this 2008 election.

I'm glad to hear that the wounds are beginning to heal!
MO is a very smart woman and I wish her all the best!
Its time for an assertive and smart woman in the White house!

I love Michelle Obama. I think she will be an excellent first lady and champion of family and women's issue. I never felt she needed to remake herself and I think she is a great woman.

I can only wonder what is in the water where Patrick, Boufers, and Informed live. It clearly causes severe mental distress and confounding behavior.

you fools don't need to support him.

The principle of honoring the electorate is much more important than deciding who is going to appoint Supreme Court justices? You need to rethink your priorities.

I have been a Hillary gal from the get-go, but I get a little uneasy when I hear people labeling a candidate's spouse public introduction as "repackaging". According to Meet the Press on earlier today, people are JUST getting to know Obama, so how can they know Michelle enough that she's already been "repackaged". It sounds a little strange. Regardless, I am not fond of how the republicans have so thoroughly destroyed our economy and particularly who they would pick for the Supreme Court, so I am voting Obama in the fall.

buofers,your an idiot,do you realize what a john mccain would do to this country?

Did they use their small donors' money to buy/lease a charter jet?
The obamas are an appalling company...new politician, uh huh, yeah sure!

Hmmm.....I thought C S T stood for 'Chicago Sun Times'.....but now Iom thinking it's "Crybabies Stick Together"!

What a sorry bunch of whiners!

You can say what you want about DNC switching rules, but the bottom line is, both candidates agreed to the procedure and it only became a problem when Clinton started losing. She's on tape saying, they shouldn't count. As for Clinton supporters not supporting Barack Obama, gee..that's really smart of you. A non-vote for Barack, is a vote for Mc Cain, so you're voting for the guy who is the total antithesis of Clinton, instead of the guy who is 90% accurate with her views. Next year this time you'll be crying the blues when our jobs are overseas, gas is 6 dollars a gallon, the war has spread, WOMEN have no rights (those cu**s), and the rich and ceo's are laughing and celebrating at your stupidity. This guy can't even read a teleprompter right, well actually he can read one sentence, the one that says, "thanks for your vote broke uneducated dumbasses!"

"And I'll veto any beers, uh...bills..."

I have to disagree with Boufers' analysis. Surely the first, most important decision any President makes straight away, is the choice of advisors. Every President relies on advisors for details and perspective. The current corrupt one surrounded himself with plenty of *very* experienced people ~ unfortunately, their criminal bent was evident when they were in the Nixon administration. JFK had a light resume, but he had vision, purpose ~ and chose wisely. Finally, "the principle of honoring the electorate is much more important than this 2008 election" is an amazing statement. Are you blinded by rage at HRC's loss? Right now, our Constitution has been shredded, our democracy itself is seriously undermined ~ how could *anything* be more important than removing as much of the corrupt GOP as possible? We need a new day, a new direction, a new vision ~ and Obama, now, is the only way we are going to get it. Get serious.

Ah, yes, those clever DNC conspirators, who managed to find a way to get Hillary Clinton's own campaign managers to vote for those very rules, to hypnotize the candidate into signing a pledge that Michigan and Florida would not count, to get the Clinton campaign to ignore the "insignificant" caucus states, and, perhaps their greatest coup, programming Hillary Clinton herself to say that the process was all about who garnered the most delegates, back in the day when the "inevitable" Democratic nominee with the huge fundraising machine, the name recognition, and the last freaking two-term Democratic president in her corner thought she was going to lock up all of the delegates by Super Tuesday. I think you should stay home and not vote. That'll show 'em.

Well, I have to agree with you. Barack Obama does not have anywhere near the "experience" of John McCain. In fact, he has NO experience in:
1. Voting to ban federal insurance plans from covering either abortion OR contraception.
2. Voting against requiring insurance companies to cover contraception AND breast reconstruction after mastectory.
3. Voting to ban federal funding for any family planning clinic that even DISCUSSES abortion with clients (under ANY cirumstances including to save the woman's life) OR that dispenses any form of contraception other than advice to use the rhytm method.
4. Voting to ban federal funds for sex education programs in schools that teach about ANY method of preventing disease or birth other than total abstinence.
5. Voting against work supports for poor women trying to get off welfare (work supports are federal subsidies for child care and insurance that can be used by poor women who enter the work force)
6. Voting against universal health care in any form.

Nope, Obama has no experience in doing any of those things. But he DOES have "experience" voting exactly the other way...which is why he has a 100% rating from Planned Parenthood Federation (and McCain has a ZERO rating.

And you say you supported Hillary Clinton? WHY? You seem to be against everything she stood for.

You remind me of a whining little girl - WAAAAAHHHHH I didn't get my way so I'm not gonna play. I hope you don't have the temerity to call yourself a "feminist" 'cause you aren't one!

I'll always remember Michelle Obama's nasty, catty comment about Hillary Clinton - "She couldnt keep her own house in order, how can she keep the White House in order?"

And now she thinks she will appeal to women supporters of Clinton. Obama supporters and Mrs. Obama ran a very sexist campaign against Hillary.

I won't vote for Obama and I won't vote for McCain. I will vote third-party or write in Clinton.

Boufers & Patrick,
Which language do speak Chinese or German? If John McCain wins you The United States of America will change to United Debt of China or United Debts of Germany. hint look at France. Sold to the highest bidder. For the love of Oil.

everybody take a chill pill :)

Seeing as he won by the rules set by the party that both candidates agreed upon BEFORE the primaries, your position is disingenuous.

Yeah, she's the same: she still has a spine.

Of course her job is helping her husband win the presidency. What would you suggest otherwise?

Seeing as he won by the rules set by the party that both candidates agreed upon BEFORE the primaries, your position is disingenuous.

I work at the University of Chicago hospital where Michelle was vice president for community relations. I do not personally know her, but I have heard her speak several times at meetings and know about the policy proposals she developed. She was a really impressive speaker, who had a perfect grasp of the complex historical issues between the hospital and community, and she spoke beautifully in terms that made sense to everyone. My support for Sen. Obama was partially motivated by how impressed I have been by her. I think when feminists give her a chance, they will be very excited.

I have to disagree with Boufers' (CORRECTION: sorry, I misread, looks like Patrick Reynolds') analysis.

If people don't like Michelle Obama that's one thing. You are entitled to your own opinion, not your own facts.

Fact 1: Hillary Clinton signed up for the same set of rules as the rest of the Democratic candidates did. She issued a statement saying that the DNC's decision to abide by their calendar was the right one, which she would follow. Harold Ickes was aware that the DNC's decision would strip the MI/FL delegates last summer. Neither put up a fight, or issued a statement in dissent.
Fact 2: Hillary did not object to the decision by the DNC until AFTER she realized that she was at a disadvantage in the delegate count, and not a moment before.
Fact 3: Obama, did not break any of the rules to win. If he did, I stand corrected, but please point out to me how any of his wins are "illegitimate" or how he was responsible for the decision by the MI/FL democrats to change the date of their primaries. I mean its amazing. These people were well aware of the consequences when they chose to move up the date, but without getting feedback from the democratic voters they went right ahead with their decision. but once they realized how important this primary season would be, they kicked and screamed like spoiled children for being punished for violating the rules they signed up for.

Patrick Reynolds:

Seriously, are you implying you must have experience as President of The United States to become President of The United States? Because GWB was Governor of the State of Texas for five (5) years before he was elected POTUS. How do you consider him inexperienced?

And this experience you claim Senator Hillary Clinton has, precisely what is it? Does being the wife of a two-termed president give you more experience than being a governor? Honestly, what has she done more than Barack Obama?

Clinton is a "junior" Senator just as Obama is a "junior" Senator.

And Informed Democrat, your post illustrates you're not well informed afterall. How is Michele Obama being "repackaged?" She hasn't changed. Her message hasn't changed. Her appearance hasn't changed. Her tone hasn't changed. The only thing that's changed is what the media is saying about her and possibly your impression.

When any of you decided to look at the issues that are going to affect you, then you might make an intelligent choice.

I would rather have a First Lady who didn't find it necessary to commit adultery. We need a role model in the White House. Do we expect the National Partnership for Women & Families to advocate adultery? Wow, what lessons to teach OUR children !!!

Well, here are all the Hillarites! Let's demonize that Obama lady the way Hillary was demonized. Let's show those guys and vote Republican perpetual war. Let's pack the Supremes with Conservatives. You're all pea-brains.
Maybe you guys/gals and big Hill could take over Iowa (whoops not Iowa) or Michigan or Puerto Rico and secede from the Union. That way you can have your own selfish way, your Queen Hillary and you can even invade Iran.
Hey, you can invade the U.S.(When you go to the mall across the state line)! Geraldine for V.P!
Maybe you should get Bill a separate state. Get over it.

I guess for some, a seven minute speech is not enough but maybe a 14 minute speech is too much. Of course Michelle is intent on contributing to her husband being elected as is Cindy McCain with hers. The thought that an amazing and strong woman like Hillary Clinton supporter Ellen Malcolm could reach out to the Obama campaign and that Michelle Obama would ask to come and address the group is encouraging to the thought that the reality is that the strongest, brightest women have the most power to keep the "anti-womens-issues voting" John McCain out of the White House. Thank you Ms. Ness and Ms. Malcolm!

"And this decision for her to invite herself to drop by this group..."

Is this fact or just slightly slanted speculation to make good copy?

Was she an alternate choice of the group, or did she, as Ms. Sweet contends, "invite herself", implying that she in some manner, forced herself on the event?

I reported in the column the Obama campaign called the group's president asking if she could come to their annual luncheon.

It is too late to re-package Michelle Obama. She is still the same woman, who took her children to hear the vile and hateful words of Rev. Wright. She is still the same woman who has made rude remarks concerning Hillary Clinton. We do not need Michelle Obama in the White House and we certainly, to not need her husband in the White House. He is the most inexperience candidate that we have ever seen.

I think all theses "Hillary supporters" are just republicans looking to demoralize Democrats.

Why else would they advocate shooting themselves in the foot by voting for McCain?

Obama and his wife are racist , elitist and angry black people . They DONOT like WHITE folks . I will NEVER vote obama . I am a Hillary fan and a PUMA person . I will vote McCain in 08 . NEVER obama he is a danger to out graet country .Vote McCain and save the USA >

Anybody but Hillary is like hemlock to some Hillary supporters, but it is starting to get laughable that they shoot themselves in their own foot to vote for McCain, and denigrate a young outstanding political couple who have hurt no one, but with odds stacked against them were able to use shoe leather community service to achieve a chance at the highest office in the land. It is a good American story that is lost on those who are lost in pettiness over a losing contender who in the opinion of many distiguished herself only on the shirt tail of her husband's achievements and the notoriety that comes with it.

I cannot, in good conscience, support Sen. Obama for president. He has so little experience that is scares me. I was never a particular fan of Sen. Clinton, but she did have my support during the Democratic primary.

Michelle is going under everything that Hillary went under on Bill's first run for the presidency. Hillary should not only stump with Sen. Obama but also with Michelle for support of strong and successful woman.

But under it all, Hillary will only stand when she is out to get something. Right now, she is figuring out how to launder her debt.


To Susan Guberman-Garcia. You are misquoting and misrepresenting what Michelle Obama said about keeping one's own house in order. She was referring to her own situation and not to Hillary Clinton. She was discussing the importance of her and Barack figuring out how to deal with family life and balancing work with family life. This has been a frequent theme for both Michelle and Barack (try reading Mendell's biography of Obama) and was taken out of context by people looking to make an issue. context was-- "Michelle said she travels with her husband in part "to model what it means to have family values," adding "if you can't run your own house, you can't run the White House." There is no mention of Clinton here, and Clinton was not the context of the remark--she was talking about traveling with her husband. This is a woman we should all be proud of as strong women to have in the public eye--she speaks frequently about motherhood and work in ways that are very relevant to women today.

Barack Obama will never get my vote and it all has to do with Michelle Obama and her image before "repackaging." She's still a mean person with a nasty mouth, but now the campaign has put a muzzle on her.

obama is a FRAUD - and so is his wife! To the obama group posting here: This has nothing to do with Hillary - or McCain -the reason the MILLIONS of AMERICANS will NEVER vote for obama is because - he is NOT Qualified to lead our country.
So...2nd BEST choice is McCain -he will take good care of our country. We will vote for our country - NOT party.
Too bad the DNC selected the WEAK candidate - Hillary was a much better choice - and she did in fact win the popular vote - but -the party leaders helped obama STEAL the nomination.

There will simply be people that will never vote for Barack, no matter what Michelle does.

That is fine. However, it would be nice if those people would admit honestly why they will not vote for Barack eventhough they know that Hillary Xeroxed a lot of his campaign.

How unintelligent to vote against your former candidates "platform"?

I too find it interesting that Michelle needs to "be repackaged". Michelle is the least of Barack's problems in the genral elections.
I am not supporting Obama at this moment. I will not vote for McCain. There is plenty of time yet.

I don't think that Michelle Obama had even got used to the idea of being a spouse of a Senator , let alone a First Lady. I am very disturbed by some of her comments regarding Hillary Clinton, especially I will have to "think about supporting her" "Scratching Bill Clinton's eye's out" along with the famous"taking care of her own house" and being terribly clueless about working class people.

I am a feminist.
I will not vote for BHO.
He is a sexist creep and so is his creepy wife.
He is also a big fat baby and so are his pathetic supporters who can only be rivaled by Bush supporters.
Don't threaten Roe V Wade, you only care about that when it suits you.........Nice try. Not biting.

Re: the DNC rules mentioned by several posters. Just a reminder that they were primarily formulated by Terry McAuliff (sp?) and other Clinton operatives in order to favor a candidate with early name recognition, money and organization--in other words Hillary Clinton. The fact that Obama played the game by those rules and won speaks for his abilities as a planner and a candidate. I also haven't heard much from any quarter re: Obama's executive experience with raising money from ordinary American citizens--always the elusive dream of "campaign finance reform". Interesting.

"...It was also about how Obama is shaping what she sees as her role if she becomes first lady."

Michelle Obama is telling a women's group about how her husband is shaping her role and this is ok with the women and Ellen Malcolm?

I'm glad that she is doing this, but I find it rather suspicious that femenist groups were all out when Mrs. Clinton was being pounded but don't feel the need to defend Michelle Obama for some reason, as if she's not also a woman, being discribed as and Angry, BITTER woman, whose education was GIVEN to her and who had a DO NOTHING job. Now if they can't see exactly where THOSE people are going than I would hardly consider them feminists just as I wouldn't consider someone who is for civil rights if they ONLY fight for black people and not ALL people's civil rights

Judith Lichtman, a board member.

Did she ever work in Washington at EEOC OR THE US COMMISSION ON CIVIL RIGHTS?


Yeah, this was a minor event, and I think that the author was viewing it as such. There were no scoops in this story. The author is looking at the minutiae and extrapolating on the entire campaign.

What's also enjoyable about the posting thread are all of the entries by the naysayers, all of those grumblers who don't like something about Michelle Obama, or Barack, or whatever. Nice to know that there's still plenty to get dismissive about.

Michelle Obama has been attending Democrat Finishing School since early June. She has gotten a stylist (which was badly needed!) and some general polishing. But perhaps the most important feature of her makeover has been the benzodiazepines she is so obviously taking... it has really reduced the number of crazy comments coming from her mouth.

"...We need a role model in the White House. Do we expect the National Partnership for Women & Families to advocate adultery? Wow, what lessons to teach OUR children !!!"

Wow! Maybe you need to ask yourself what lessons YOU'RE teaching your children! Michelle Obama passed judgment on Senator Clinton's abilities because her husband had an affair. She blamed the affair on Hillary Clinton and in doing so she blamed all women whose husbands have had an affair on their own incompetence. Any women's group influenced by Michelle Obama is not a group that advocates for women! Michelle's a woman who will set back women's rights 100 years.

While Cindy McCain was in Vietnam helping children Michelle was on that useless show THE VIEW talking about a freakin' makeover. Give me a break. Women have brains. You cannot hold platitudes over our heads like you did the college students and expect us to flock to you like sheep.
It is time for a woman president in this country.
If you can't tell, I will never vote for BO. McCain is the hero here. If I can't have Hill I'll take my friend, McCain.
Michelle, go back to your 350,000 a year job (you remember the bump you got when Barack went into the senate? OR maybe you should go have lunch with Kahilidi or Rita Rezko. Go buy some arugula.
signed "Typical White Woman Who wants a Woman President. I don't care what race or religion she is. But after all these years don't you think we need one?

I no more believe michelle obama is first lady material, than I believe Barack Obama is presidential material. 20 years in the same racist church (Wright), friends with terrorists (Ayers) and corrupt businessmen (Rezko). I don't want this pair anywhere near the White House. The DNC sunk itself when they pushed the better candidate out and went for the American idol fad candidate. This 30 year Democrat will be voting McCain this year, with no regrets. NOBAMA. PUMA.

this is the thing , Listen everyone John McCain will have this War going 100 years theres no guestion about that he said that. So to all those who are there at home holding there little baby it will be John Mccains and so will its son or daughter so look down at your child and just no that when you vote for McCain you vote for your child to go off to war and your grandkids. You all just rember that When he bring back the draft you rember YOU VOTE JOHN McCAIN and he told you he did care if it was 100 years,Tell your sons and your daughter that you voted John McCain when they come get them for the DRAFT......

The DNC corruption was not about the rules that you all have been discussing. The corruption was about Nancy Pelosi's deep hatred of Hillary for not voting for Pelosi to be house speaker. Pelosi told the superdelegates who gave obama the magic number he needed if they did not endorse obama they would get no help from the DNC in their re elections and they would not get committee chairs or placed on committees they wanted. Howard Dean also hates Hillary and he and Pelosi are the corrupt ones who strong armed the delegates into choosing obama or else they could kiss their careers good by. This is a fact.

A 7 minute speech qualifies as 'working hard'?

With her looks, attitude, and enormously big mouth (which she is unable to open without putting both feet in), Michelle Obama is better qualified to speak at a female impersonator's gathering than a women's group gathering.

Newly independent looking forward to voting for McCain!!

I stopped watching Oprahs make overs years ago ... and I heard the lady from Obamas campaign on CNN say and I am paraphrasing here .. that they didnt want Michelle to be a campaign issue , and that she was going to go back to being a regular wife and mother ...now.. isnt that special liberal and progressive ...

to the person who works at the University of Chicago. Why does this woman make over 300.000 as a vp of community affairs. thats more than a us senator. Did you know her title was changed and her salary doubled after her husband was elected to the senate. Is That Change We Can Believe In??
Her husband is simply not ready or seasoned enough to be President. Kind of like George Bush of the left. NOT READY.
I Am a lifelong DEMOCRAT who willnot vote. Cannot vote for Obma- no foreign policy or national security expeience NADA. Cannot vote for Mcain due to his stance on womans issues and social justice

This is the same Michelle who said she wanted to "claw Bill Clinton's eyes out" and she didn't know if she could support Hillary if she won the nomination. In other words, she is selfish to the point that she only cares about her husband being the candidate and not the Democratic party. Why should Hillary support them then? Now they want to try and "rebrand" her, but this woman is angry and nasty.

I would refer to 1st Lady Michelle Obama as " Madam First Lady", head slightly bowed, right fist in left palm...you?

Madam First Lady Michelle Obama...I think I will name my
daughter after you...yes....Michelle...due in early october

You Hillary supporters who would vote for McCain in November if your favorite candidate loses are traitors to the Democratic Party and to our nation. After eight years of Bush & Cheney, America is in her last gasps. Stolen elections, global warming, a national debt doubled, a useless war in Iraq, military contractors looting the treasury and killing innocent people in Iraq, our Army stretched to its breaking point, insufficient armor for our troops, Osama Bin Ladin allowed to run wild and free, a threat of nuclear war with Iran without first giving diplomacy a chance, a CIA agent outed by our traitorous president & vice president, signing statements nullifying Congressional power, Congressional subpoenas ignored by Bush, rendition and torture, New Orleans destroyed and abandoned, U.S. government spying on citizens, soaring unemployment & underemployment, foreclosures at record rates, jobs exported overseas, thousands of corporations with mail drop-off addresses in the Cayman Islands to avoid taxes, $4/gallon gasoline, subsidies to oil companies despite obscene profits, inflation of food prices, pharmaceutical companies allowed to name their price without regard to market, health care denied to tens of millions including children, regulatory agencies in the hands of corporations to be regulated, crumbling infrastructure, warnings about the 9/11 attacks ignored by Bush, 9/11 Commission obstructed by Bush, stem cell research blocked by Republicans, millions of schoolchildren not being taught how our government & Constitution work, a media controlled by only five corporations, a Supreme Court stocked with radical right-wing opponents of abortion and the rights of the common citizen, on and on -- AND ALL YOU WHINEY CHILDREN CARE ABOUT IS GETTING BACK AT THE DEMOCRAT WHO DEFEATED YOUR DEMOCRAT. SHAME ON YOU.

As for you middle-class Republicans who plan on voting Republican, there is no hope for you. You're dumber than dirt, and too dumb to know that voting Republican is a form of suicide. America's Republican Party is without a doubt the greatest force of evil on this planet. If the world is to survive, and for America to survive as a democracy, Democrats will just have to keep outvoting you a-holes until you all die of old age. The alternative is death and destruction in an ever-tightening fascist state.

I see there are a lot of 'bots out trying to skew perception again.

I don't buy the re-packaging either. MO trashed the Clinton's too much in the primary and apparently their pastor has been trashing the Clinton's all along. That's their right I suppose but it's also my right not to vote for Obama and I won't vote for him in Nov. I've seen enough of his "new politics" (including the race-baiting) to know I don't want to see anymore of them for the rest of my life and I hope he is defeated in Nov and never steps foot in the WH. We've already had 8 yrs of one incompetent and we don't need 4 more years of another one. I'm voting McCain.

Michelle's Obama's comment was NOT about Hillary. that quote was taken entirely out of context....Michelle was talking about her OWN family and their values and added that 'our view is that if you can't run your own house, you can't run the White House.' 'own house' means their house, the Obama's house.

its so like Hillary supporters to jump on anything Obama or his wife says and distort it....its what her entire campaign was built on.

Are you democrats? If you are, stop being so negative about our candidate and his wife. Black america supported the Clintons when everyone ran away from him. Don't forget. If you continue to forget, don't continue to expect whole hearted support from the black community. There is a new generation of youth - to include ones who have access to the "MIC". If you continue this foolishness you will see the young people telling all of their supporters to vote against the women and the democrats - keep it up and you will lose some seats.

This is the most horrible thing I have seen - Obviously your candidate disrespected the black people and their vote and these post show that you continue to disrespect black people.

Fay Fay

Forget it Michelle! Your chickens will come home to roost. Glad to see that my fellow Chicagoans are keeping it real by calling out the phony Obamas. McCain will triumph after the slow chipping away of this Machiavellian couple's credibility.

The only reasons Clinton supporters are not supporting Obama is because he is black. I don't buy for one minute these arguements against Obama because they don't make any sense what so ever. The Clintons ran a mean spirited mistake filled campaign that contributed greatly to their lost. For anyone to blame Obama and choose not to vote for him based on these obsured notions is un-american. And yes, "for the first time in my adult life I'm REALLY proud of my country" because a large majority of us has finely decided to stand up and shake our fist and say we are mad as hell and we are not going to take it anymore. By know means do I think Obama is the end all for all our problems but it's a step in the right directions. For Clinton supporters "vote for whom ever you choose to but just don't tell us about it anymore".

This whole Obama thing will be on the Jerry Springer Show before too long. I suspect that Springer would be a good VP choice. Four years of circus training with an appeal to the lowest common denominator.
I would love to see McCain choose Judge Judy. Atleast one would tell the truth and we could have decisions in 30 minutes or less. I love that woman. Yeah, let McCain be her VP.

Remake her image? They can stick Michelle Obama in a sundae cup, drip hot fudge sauce over her head, dazzle her in whipped cream and stick a cherry on top. She'll still be loathsome.

We won't forget her infamous comments from last summer when she said about Hillary Clinton "If she can't run her own house, ....."


i dont care about michelle one way or the other. and i am angry about the way obama won the nomination. i am aware of the cheating in caucauses, etc. however, that is not the reason i am voting mccain. obama has way too many radical ties to people i would not let walk my dog, let alone get near the leader of my country. obama's judgement in friends and associations is such that i feel he is a threat to national security, and i also feel his foreign policy experience is non existent to the point of being dangerous. the best advisors cant stuff a sock in the president's mouth at summit meetings, etc. he already angered pakistan and he wasnt even the president. my vote for mccain is for the military and foreign policy experience mccain possesses. sometimes country should come before women's rights. what good are rights if there is no free country to use them in?? and for those of you who have not studied your history, JFK did not have a light resume. he was a senator for twelve years and he was a war hero having headed his own pt boat in WWII and saving the lives of his crew. the book is called PT 109. you might try reading it before you compare obama to JFK. those of us who were around back then are getting mighty tired of your mistakes. also, MLK was a republican and he said, i have a dream that some day people will be judged by who they are and not the color of their skin. ( i am paraphrasing that). well, martin is getting his dream. i am judging obama by who he is and not the color of his skin. i find his character wanting. voting mccain. end of story. thanks for listening. hillary '08

Black women deserted Hillary Clinton to support Barack Obama and now they want other women to do the same. Some will. Some won't.

I will never support Obama for President. As far as Michelle goes she is doing what she has to to help her hisband win. I wonder what she really believes in. Remember, she wrote her Theses , at Princeton on the racial devide.

For you people who are 1) Clintonites who will "never vote for Obama," 2) Republicans who are brainwashed and abolutely oblivious to what your party has done to the country (and the world)," or 3) just plaine old hateful, racist idiots -- take your vote and go the HECK!!! Who cares!? One can prove but one can never persuade. You feel the way you feel and you will not change no matter if Obama proved he was the Second Coming -- it wouldn't matter to you. So, take your bitter or oblivious or racist self on to the voting booth and vote for McCain; it will do you no good. Barack Obama will win anyway because MOST Americans are sensible; and YOU . . . will be on the other side of progress and change.

If the Obamas want to woo Clinton voters they need to stop talking about what Sen. Clinton did for THEIR daughters and start talking about what they are going to do for female voters RIGHT NOW. I'm not concerned about the next generation of women as much as I am concerned about my own.

Oh, and giving women second string jobs on the Obama campaign and calling them "senior" positions does not impress me.

You can try all you want to make her over, but she needs a "Tact" Makeover, which she has none of. It will be like getting blood from a stone. Good luck with that...

Obama's illegitimate candidacy


I guess that would make you an illegitimate commenter.

Oh, women, no wonder we always get screwed up, we do not think past the present. Some will not vote for Obama because Hillary did not win. When Hillary and Obama agree basically on all issues. You will vote for McCain or a third party, someone who disagrees with Hillary on almost every issue?

I was a Hillary supporter and am voting for Obama, because am not that stupid to have another republican screw me over. Stay in Iraq for years?

chrisinCA | June 22, 2008 02:11 PM

Fact 1: Hillary Clinton signed up for the same set of rules as the rest of the Democratic candidates did. She issued a statement saying that the DNC's decision to abide by their calendar was the right one, which she would follow. Harold Ickes was aware that the DNC's decision would strip the MI/FL delegates last summer. Neither put up a fight, or issued a statement in dissent.

Fact 2: Hillary did not object to the decision by the DNC until AFTER she realized that she was at a disadvantage in the delegate count, and not a moment before.


Fact 3: Obama, did not break any of the rules to win. If he did, I stand corrected, but please point out to me how any of his wins are "illegitimate" or how he was responsible for the decision by the MI/FL democrats to change the date of their primaries. I mean its amazing. These people were well aware of the consequences when they chose to move up the date, but without getting feedback from the democratic voters they went right ahead with their decision. but once they realized how important this primary season would be, they kicked and screamed like spoiled children for being punished for violating the rules they signed up for.


ANYONE voting for Obama after the racist and sexist campaign he ran is a fool and many if not most are young fools. Obama went after the young vote because they are niave enough to vote without knowing what they are voting for. It is very much like telemarketing to sell windows to the elderly........they are easy marks for new windows but the saleman is steeling from them as MOST do not need and can not afford the windows. The same is true with Obama, we have no need for him and he would cost much more than we can afford. The only issue here is to vote for anyone except the Democratic nominee due to the racist and sexist and rule bending campaign both Obama and the DNC have run.

NOTE: McCain as President can not put a conservative on the Supreme Court because he must get a majority of the Senate to agree to pass any nominee to the Court and the majority of the Senate is Democrat. IT IS A LIE WHEN THEY TELL YOU THAT ROE V WADE WILL BE OVERTURNED IF McCAIN IS ELECTED......AN ABOSLUTE LIE.

vote Mcain 2008 OR write in HILLARY 2008

I'm voting for Nader. The only way I could vote for Obama is if he paid me...... lots and lots of cash.

Those women are trying to threaten us with Ro v Wade. It's not going to work.

First of all, the Democratic Senate will block any radical justices.

Secondly, all of us remember that there were 7 Democrats on the "gang of 14", and, Justice Roberts was confirmed with the votes of 22 Democrats.

There isn's going to be any unity. Zero.

Why? Because Hillary was humiliated day after day in the media and the Democratic Party said nothing. Nothing but silence. Then, the Democratic leaders literally forced her out of the race. They started forcing her out way back before she won Pennsylvania!!
The DNC stron-armed superdelegates into putting Obama over the top even as Hillary was winning West Virginia, Kentucky, Puerto Rico, and South Dakota with double digits!!!

Obama was not elected, he was selected. And because his coronation is illegitimate,

All of us are going to vote for McCain. Yes, there will be career, professional Democratic women who will support Obama. These are people that have made the party a career, whose mantra is "my party right or wrong".

For the rest of us, that isn't the case.

The choice is simple: Hillary or McCain. Period.

You make some good points. bama should really be thinking is Brandover not makeover. A makeover is superficial and represents someone else’s vision being imposed on who you actually are. The problem with a makeover is that it rarely works for the long haul –and if we know anything about this particular presidential contest it’s all about the long haul. Not only that, cracks soon appear in the makeover because there’s a basic conflict between the truth of what’s being presented and what’s actually there. And this is the last thing you want to do, especially in the rough-and-tumble world of politics!

Hell will freeze over before I vote for Obama. The treatment of Hillary by the Press, Blogs and the Dem Prty - I will never forget/nor forgive.

The Dem's got what they wanted - A Black Male candidate - clear and simple!!!!!!!

I never read so many sick comments, instead of everyone going ahead and trying to keep the repub out of the white house everyone is crying Hillary. He.. she is history. These crying women is begining to make me sick. I think these are the ones that is home all day and not educated,,waiting for the dooo to come home. Stop crying and go to work and take your head out of the internet, and learn what politics is all about. If you dont want to vote for OB then who cares, i think he could do without your dishonest vote.

I have always leaned toward the right in presidential elections, however this year I have chosen to support Obama for President. I am always amazed when I hear women who considers themselves "staunch Democrats" say they will vote for McCain because they are upset that Hillary lost. That is just unbelievable! If I can change my support to Democrat after all these years of supporting the Republican Party, why can't a Democrat support a Democrat? I did not because an Obama supporter early on in the primary, but I believe that he won the primary fair and square and all this talk about him being illegitimate is just "sour talk". Can this country every unite on anything?

This country is in bad shape. We can't argue among our
selves about Hillary Clinton. She broke the rules, and
she lost. That in it's self was a bad lesson to teach
our young people. It is called CHEATING.(DB)
We are in danger of getting a
man into office that we can't afford and won't be able
to recover from if we all live to be a hundred years old. We must stop acting and talking like children
and get to work to elect a man that can do the job Senator Barack H Obama

Edited: You know, a part of me wonders what SOME of Hillary's Supporters have against Barack and Michelle Obama. I don't want to think the worse--that they are closet racists who are attempting to use camouflage issues as a cover. As an Obama supporter, I have had to endure one low blow attack after another--one under-handed scheme after another, one borderline racist attack after another not from McCain but from Senator and Former President Clinton. I have a reason to be angry. I've watched the outrage of a people who consider a Michigan and a Florida vote where rules changed after the contest was over as fair enough to count in full—wondering to myself how can any sensible person possibly see that as fair. Year after year, I have stood up for candidates and if/when they lost and another candidate was named Nominee, I climbed on board for the sake of Democratic issues and beliefs. I honestly don't understand how ANY woman is willing to sacrifice so many women’s issues, issues of which McCain stands on the wrong side of every one all for the sake of being mad at the MEDIA and at times the PARTY for doing things that Obama had NOTHING to do with. Barack and Michelle are BOTH some sincere and decent human beings. I pray that one day you'll be able to see through your hurt enough to see the truth. The media needed you pit against each other—and honestly, you are falling directly into their sensationalist trap. Don’t leave your values behind. Unite today.

Michele Obama has caused her own problems. She is a very angry woman. Her real personality came through. Michele Obama said she didn't know if she would vote for Hillary if her husbad was not the nominee. She'd have to really think about it. I don't buy her new image or her husband's reintroduction to the American people. They haven't gone anywhere but we're supposed to believe they've made big changes. What a joke. I'll be voting for John McCain.


I LOVED your response!!!

Every Clinton supporter that feels the DNC robbed Hillary should be forced to read your response!

How does Michelle Obama represent women's issues if she allowed her husband's campaign to insist on a "repackaged new image?" Why would she want to be more like Laura Bush?

Let Michelle be Michelle. Any strong woman who listens to public relations people and panders on the View is NOT a "strong woman."

And that doesn't role-model well for our intelligent young daughters, does it?

Trying to be someone you're not, just to gain votes for your husband, is the epitome of insincerity. Why would we want our daughters to learn THAT?

These people who arrogantly think that most of us will be back in November are sooooo misinformed. I and all of my friends across three states will never under any circumstances vote for Obama. He is a liar, he is arrogant and he is a betrayer of the worse kind. NO OBAMA NO WAY! i WILL VOTE REPUBLICAN FOR THE FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE. And calling me a racist will never in any way change my mind.

So many comments about voting form McCain.
Has anyone read how he left his disabled wife for Cindy. Not a very nice way to treat a woman. Why would you as a woman want to place your future in his hands? Just curious.
Click the link below.


@ Jean - Stop playing the race card. Team Obama would love to continue the meme of this being a racial issue. I am not voting for Obama because is unqualified for the job. He does not have the experience to run the most powerful office in the world. We just had an idiot in the Oval Office for the last 8 years. We do not need to install another one just because he calls himself a Democrat. Obama is a phoney, a liar, corrupt, and an elitist. I am not supporting the DNC and the party leaders because they took part in this sham primary. Obama was selected, not elected. I will not reward undemocratic actions. NObama 08!


wow, and women often tell me that men are hateful.
where are those mirrors? i cannot believe that rational people can spew so much negativity.
clinton and obama were never that far apart politically. sure one can talk about experience, but clinton has very little in many areas and certainly, that experience did not pay off in running her campaign.
so, don't grow up, don't vote for obama and get what nobody deserves, another four years of the abysmal bush mismanagement.

Hillary Clinton has a responsibility to speak to her supporters about the issues raised here. She has taken those 18 million votes as if they were solely for her & not for the principles she advocated.
As it is her official campaign website continues to cast her & her supporters as victims of the DNC & Obama. Her website still contains a list of vicious anti Obama slurs.
Sorry Sen. the best person under the agreed upon rules won. It's time for you to grow the heck up & put principles before your own needs.

Oh right. Michelle really didn't mean HRC when she said "If you can't run your own house, you can't run the WH" and she didn't really mean what she said about being proud of her country and Obama didn't really mean what he said either about guns & religion and his grandma as being a "typical white person". For intelligent people supposedly ready for the WH, they sure do mis-speak a lot and take back a lot of what they say. It's odd because a lot of these "mis-spoken" phrases and thoughts seem to fit in well with their religious background at UCC (their church). It seems more the case that they were indoctrinated over time and then found out their statements didn't play that well in the "real world". That seems to be more the case but why back-track? It just doesn't add up.

The election of Obama as the Democratic nominee is not evidence of a fraud perpetrated on the electorate. It is an anti-war vote most of all. Hillary Clinton has been gung-ho for the invasion of Iraq from the outset. She has continued her position that an imperialist invasion of a non-threatening country and the murder of a million of it's inhabitants was the "right" thing to do. No person who believes bombing Iraq is virtuous will be elected to the White House. We are done with war mongers--female or not, it doesn't matter. A war monger by any other name will stink to high heavens.

Is she going to threaten to scratch our eyes out too?

Obama was selected, not elected NOBAMA 08


It is a sad day when so much hate is written here on the various post, from so call women!!!!! who are backbones of their familes.You all have proven just how devious you really are just look at what you are saying!!!!!!!!!! and then have the nerves to try and justify the crap. THE REAL WOMEN !!!!! are rollin in their graves. So vote McCain or better yet stay at home and take you bitter pills and DO NOT COMPLAIN when you cannot afford to even go to the grocery store to fix dinner for your family.


1. I do not care if Obama is black, white, brown, yellow or purple. It is just as racist to vote for Obama because he is black or cut him slack because he is black as it is to not vote for him because he is black. Once race becomes a factor, you are dealing with racism.

2. I judge people on their character, their judgement and their resume. Barack Obama has very little experience. He is a first term Senator, and he may have been a state senator for 8 years, but that is essentially a part time job, and by many accounts, Obama's "accomplishments" in the state senate were not his own. He continued this trend of claiming other people's work when he claimed to have passed a bill that even Biden, who is a staunch supporter Obama's, felt he had to correct publically.

3. Calling the Clinton's racist is one of the most ridiculous statements in recent history. The Obama campaign got caught red handed (with a memo in that hand no less) with a deliberate, and decently successful attempt, to paint the Clintons as racists starting in South Carolina. It was Obama that played the race card, not the Clintons, and this can still be seen today in his recent statement about "they are going to try to scare you by saying that I am too black."

4. Obama is 1 degree of seperation from some of the worst people in the world and has surrounded himself with morally bankrupt and corrupt fundraisers, politicians and friends. Every politician has a bit of shadiness, but when the money that the corrupt businessman uses to help you buy a mansion comes from a guy that laundered money for Sadaam and Khadafi... are you kidding me?

5. For those of you that make the argument about Bush having experience, so it shouldnt matter as much... you obviously know nothing about Texas politics. Texas is a weak governor state. The Lt. Governor is the real power, and even the railroad commissioner has more power than the Governor. It is esseentially a figurehead position and nothing more. One of the major factors that made Bush so dangerous was precisely because he was inexperienced.

6. For those of you that keep screaming about how Hillary agreed to the rules... you are right, she did, BUT the problem is that when the race became unexpectedly close and, as a matter of fact, the closest race in primary history and one that was historical in scope because of the candidates themselves, that she recognized the disasterous consequences to the Democratic Party and their chances in November and beyond of excluding two MASSIVE battleground states from having a voice. The FL and MI debacle may very well have consequences for years to come.

7. For those of you that keep screaming about SCOTUS appointments... I dont trust Obama anymore than I would trust McCain. Obama is the guy that wanted to vote for the approval of Roberts and actually admonished the democrats for filibustering his approval. He only changed course when a staffer told him that he was making a mistake politically. In addition, he wrote a paper in law school that, while brilliant, is quite scary in that he argues for an "update" of legal theory that would essentially completely remove the justices from the restraints of the Constitution. HELL NO.

8. For those of you that tout that he was a Con Law prof, besides the fact that he was not, he was a lecturer (which is the bottom rung on the academic ladder), so was Hillary, but there are plenty of ConLaw experts that I dont trust... like Scalia and Roberts for example.

9. For those of you that claim that it was Hillary that xeroxed her campaign... you are NUTS. He basically photocopied her platform and made a few tweaks, most of which weakened the positions, as he did with the healthcare plans. Even in the debates, it was obvious, as every other sentence started with "Well, as Hillary just said..." and then he basically re-worded her statements. And then he tried for the definitional switcharoo between "pre-conditions" and "preparations." Come ON! Seriously???

10. This isnt about Hillary anymore, but it is a result of how she was treated. If Barack Obama had been treated unfairly by the media and the other candidates because he was black, then I would be just as upset with the party. The fact is that he was not the subject of blatant racism in any mainstream way by any faction. This can been seen in the horrified reactions by the media and the public anytime there was even the slightest hint of a reference that could maybe possibly be twisted in to a racial remark. On the otherhand, Hillary was the subject of BLATANT and VIRULENT sexism that ran basically unchecked by both the party and the media. Obama's comments about "periodically" being upset, and her bringing out her "claws" are have every bit of a direct link to sexism as the reference that the southern Congressman made about Obama by calling him "that boy" does to racism.... The difference is that it was OBAMA making the reference, not some obscure republican congressman. Then come the statements of pundits like Alex Castallenos (sp?) on CNN calling her a "B#$&*" and Tucker Carlson talking about crossing his legs, or the other pundits who joked that she sounded like an ex-wife outside probate/divorce court... where was the outrage then??? Who stood up??? Did Dean? Did Obama? Did anyone make a friggin peep when Hillary was confronted with a sign that said "Iron My Shirt"? NO. Would they have if Obama confronted a sign that said "Pick My Cotton"? HELL YES. This is not about Hillary. It is about the fact that the true minorities in this country are WOMEN and that sexism is not only alive and well, but it is acceptable and encouraged. This is not ok.

11. I dont really care what color skin Michelle has. Just because I don't like her personality does not make me racist.

12. For those of you that say that the only reason people wont vote for Obama is because they are racist, you are the ones that are caught in the racist net in that all you can see is skin color. People dont want to vote for Obama because his thin resume, inexperience, and shiftyness SCARES people. These are EXTREMELY dangerous times for our country. We have an economy that is tanking, our world standing is in the toilet, we are involved in 2 wars, and and and and... The last person I am gonna want to hand the reigns over to is someone with that little experience.

13. For those of you that talk about how he is a guy you can see yourself hanging out with, that talks about bringing people together, that is a different kind of politician, that is not part of the Washington insiders and will change Washington... I encourage you to go back and read the campaign speeches of Dubya in the 2000 election cycle.

14. For those of you that talk about change... I find it funny that you vote for the guy that has voted along party lines 99% of the time and is surrounded by THE MOST ESTABLISHMENT people possible. How do you get more Washington insider and establishment than Kennedy, Kerry, Biden, Dukakis, Carter, and Daschle? Seriously?

15. Furthermore, where is this evidence of change? His one real claim to fame was campaign finance reform, which he basically attached his name onto and rode the tails of McCain and Feingold... and now he flip flops and rejects public financing of his campaign... a direct contradiction to what he promised IN WRITING at the beginning of the campaign.... Yeah, when he was talking about change... he meant change his positions all the time. He is an opportunist and a pure politician. He is not any different than any of those other people and quite possibly worse.

16. And continuing the theme of change, how do we like his flip flop on FISA... for real? He is voting FOR immunity? Nice way to change how things are done....

Anyway, I have written enough as my fingers are getting tired... this is why people are nervous about him, why people who do not support him are not racists, why it doesnt have anything to do with Hillary at this point, and why people are really angry with the Party, the MSM and the Obamas...


I understand how desperate Obama's marketing campaign must be to repackage his trashy wife but ultimately it doesn't matter. We won't be voting for the flip-flopping clod she married no matter what Dean, Pelosi and their thugs try to threaten us with. We had a fantastic candidate in Clinton, but the DNC did everything in their power to crush her. Did they think we wouldn't notice? Did they think we weren't paying attention? Vote for their unqualified, Madison Avenue empty suit? No we won't! Go PUMA!


Sorry Sweetie, Get over it! We aren't voting for the selected candidate.

Puma member from Illinois

Michelle Obama has shown her true colors. And like Pandora's Box, once it's out, you can't put it back! I do not care for her and will not support her husband. Unless Hillary pulls the upset at the Convention, i will be supporting John McCain.

BTW, Michelle Obama is NO comparison to Jackie O.
Not even close!

lmao........Good try Chicago! Michelle Obama is ghetto and has a bad attitude. She is NO Hillary Clinton. Sure, she dresses well, but thats it. She'll never win us Hillary supporters over. EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!! She could give us all a million dollars and we still wouldn't think highly of her.

I agree with those that say many people support Obama and cut him slack because he is black and that is racist. For some of his supporters, it's like they expect their support to absolve them of their own racism perhaps? It's an overkill of some kind. Sometimes the way Matthews fawns & gushes over Obama for example, one would think this is Matthews' first interaction with an African American. It's really grotesquely stunning at times to see news coverage of Obama by Matthews, Olbermann, Wallace, all of them. There is something very sick about it. Somehow, I don't think this is what MLK envisioned, especially when it comes to all the thug-like tactics used during the primaries at the caucuses and where super delegates were involved, and stealing votes and delegates. I don't know about anyone else but when I think of MLK and what he stood for, those things do not come to mind and yes, Michelle Obama and Jackie Kennedy are two different people. It seems sort of racist of them trying to make her over into Jackie in the first place but for some reason she doesn't seem to object to it so maybe I'm wrong on that but I don't see it myself that I am.


Hillary supporters: PLEASE GET OVER IT! Obama is now the presumptive nominee of the Democratic party! Re: Hillary and Obama: there are miniscule differences in their stances on issues. Are you concerned about what the candidate proposes to do as president or are you mainly concerned about gender? I am a 68 year old white female who is not affiliated with any particular party. I made my decision to vote for Obama based on issues, not race or gender. Yes, sexism was one factor in the campaign, but I think that racism was and continues to be a much bigger factor. Even though the results were close, we have to remind ourselves that Obama won over the most influential political couple in America. It was truly two for the price of one, and the Clintons lost. As an analogy: I am a New England Patriots fan, and I was deeply saddened when they lost the last game of the series after doing so well all year. They lost by an extremely slim margin, but the reality is that they lost. Amen. Next season they will start anew. As for Michelle Obama, I see her as having so much to offer as First Lady. Unfortunately, the demonization of Michelle has begun! Politics can be very dirty! It is a wonder that people still run for office!

I'm starting to think all theses "PUMAs" are a Karl Rove invention.

"Hey, let's put it out there that it's okay to vote for John McCain. Let's get some right-leaning, so called independent women, who probably had voted for Bush in '00, and possibly in '04 too. These women wanted to vote Hillary only because she was a woman, but now they have no reason not to return home to the GOP. But let's do it swiftboat style, and we'll get the message out there in the media. Who wants to write the novel?" --- the Karl Rove in my head.

Think you know who this man is?

This possible President of the United States ?? Read Below and

ask yourselves, is this REALLY someone we can see as the

President of our great nation!!!!

Below are a few lines from Obama's books; In his words!

From Dreams of My Father:
'I ceased to advertise my mother's race at the age of 12 or 13, when I began to suspect that by doing so I was ingratiating myself to whites.'
From Dreams of My Father : 'I found a solace in nursing a pervasive sense of grievance and animosity against my mother's race.'

From Dreams of My Father: 'There was something about him that made me wary, a little too sure of himself, maybe. And white.'

From Dreams of My Father: 'It remained necessary to prove which side you were on, to show your loyalty to the black masses, to strike out and name names.'

From Dreams of My Father: 'I never emulate white men and brown men whose fates didn't speak to my own. It was into my father's image, the black man, son of Africa , that I'd packed all the attributes I sought in myself , the attributes of Martin and Malcolm, DuBois and Mandela.'

And FINALLY the Most Damming one of ALL of them!!!

From Audacity of Hope: 'I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.'

We CANNOT have someone with this type of mentality running our GREAT nation!!

I don't care whether you a Democrat or a Conservative.
We CANNOT turn ourselves over to this type of character in a President.
PLEASE help spread the word!

It isnt a matter of "smart or strategy " at this point. THIS kind of pandering when anyone who has been watching this campaign knows Michelle intensely dislikes Hillary. This is EXACTLY the kind of campaign that the so called now laughable hope and change candidate yelled and preached about NOT RUNNING and yet here they are foisting the first lady wanna be so bad she can taste it on us , even tho we dont like her, or her politics or her hypocrisy. It is ridiculous and beyond absurd. And just fyi and BTW tell her please dont wear the barney purple dress anymore, barney only appeals to people under 4 years old .

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