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McCain camp jumps on Wesley Clark comments about McCain qualifications.


WASHINGTON—The McCain campaign on Monday is seizing on criticism retired Gen. Wesley Clark made about the qualifications of presumptive GOP nominee Sen. John McCain (R-Az.) to launch a “McCain truth squad” and to raise questions about the resume of rival Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) and whether he stands for a new kind of politics.

On Sunday, during an appearence on CBS’s “Face The Nation,” Clark, appearing as an Obama surrogate, said of McCain’s military record. "I don't think getting in a fighter plane and getting shot down is a qualification to become president.” He said that while McCain has been a force on the Senate Armed Services Committee “and he has traveled all over the world. But he hasn't held executive responsibility. That large squadron in the Navy that he commanded -- that wasn't a wartime squadron."

On MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” Obama communications chief Robert Gibbs distanced the Obama campaign from Clark’s remarks, saying he didn’t speak for Obama. "Obviously those are the comments of Wesley Clark, those are not the comments of Barack Obama. Again, Barack Obama always talks about John McCain in a setting by mentioning the service he's given to this country," Gibbs said.

Appearing after Gibbs on Morning Joe, McCain campaign manager Rick Davis said , "I think you have to question why the Barack Obama campaign would place Wesley Clark on that show as an official surrogate of their campaign with an understanding that he is likely to talk in this fashion about John McCain's service to our country."

The McCain campaign organized a conference call on Monday morning to talk about McCain’s military record in the wake of comments by Clark.

McCain spokesman Brian Rogers said “It would be good if (Obama) would condemn those remarks….it’s been clear over time now…his words don’t really match up with the reality of how he has run his campaign.”\
Sen. John Warner (R-Va.) said he knew Clark well, had traveled with him, and was “utterly shocked” at how Clark talked “in a disrespectful way” to “attack a fellow career officer.”
Retired Col. Bud Day talked about McCain’s dealings with foreign leaders and said, “Sen. Obama to me may one day have the good fortune to engage in foreign leaders”…or to be “as well read” as McCain “but it does not exist right now.”


I happen to agree with Gen Clark. Sen MCain is a courageous man in standing up to the horrendous torture that he did but that does not make him God. There were many who endured the same sort of torture, some in the same place as did McCain. High praise for all of them.
Is it because McCain's father and grandfather were Admirals that makes John a hero more than his prison mates? For someone who says he doesn't want to capatilize on his military experience for political gain, he sure isn't practicing what he preached.

The media drives the criticism of McCain on his POW years. I think he pretty much leaves it in the elections of the past. Don't let the media frame the issues for you.

So once again Americans are forced to endure a Political Presidential race that makes most of us "ill."
We don't want to hear a debate on Mr. McCain's service record, discussing whether he suffered as much as other POW's or if his squadron was or was not a "wartime squadron. None of us really care if Obama is red, white, black or a heinz mix - he needs to rethink what side of his face he's presenting to our country.
America wants a leader not one that has his wife share where she buys TP or that she came from a rather poor family.
America wants their Nation returned morally and spiritually; we want parents to regain their "rights, roles & responsibilities." Neither candidate mentions returning our Nation to it's once strong foundation, because they don't want anyone to hear them mention the man upstairs (God).
The foundation our forefathers gave us worked well, wasn't broken and didn't need fixed, regardless of our faith or lack of faith.
We've allowed a few disgruntled meddlers to chip away at our foundation and permitted the government to make many bad choices due to weak leadership.
A nation will soon fall when three things occur:
1. Weak leadership
2. The Nation as a whole turns to materialism
3. Morality & spiritualy are relegated to the archives.
America needs a man or woman who steps up and offers us real solutions for real problems - we're no longer going to settle for band aids. Thanks for your time,

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