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Lynn Sweet talks about Pfleger with Greta Van Susteren host of Fox News "On the Record"



After Obama and Mccain preacher problems surfing this past week we really need to take God out of politics. One man thoughts don't reflect anothers. No matter how long you know them. If the case was so, everyone at FOX NEWS are guilty. Moma always say, you can tell a heep, by the company you keep Sweet. You can't hold him down. Wait until those Mccain comments hit the air. He won't be able to blame them on a preacher.

The Sun-Times needs to give truthful headlines. Pleger did NOT apologize, as I see it. He said, "I apologize FOR anybody who THOUGHT this as mockery." Inotherwords, he's apologizing for anybody who criticizes him. The guy is a phony.
And by the way, he told his congregation he got 3000 emails of hate and death threats. Well here's my thoughts: If so, TURN THOSE EMAILS OVER TO LAW-ENFORCEMENT. Turn them over to the FBI and police. Otherwise we'll think your a liar. Sorry if I'm skeptical.

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Lynn Sweet

Lynn Sweet is a columnist and the Washington Bureau Chief for the Chicago Sun-Times.

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