On MSNBC, Lynn Sweet talks about the Obama-Clinton unity rally. Creates Clinton for v.p. buzz.

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Ms Sweet, you can push out as many blog entries as you see fit, in order not to allow posters to have discourse or give an opinion. YOU ARE BIAS! That is okay, I comprehend. When it comes to Senator Obama, I guess I am a little bias too.


Not only do YOU and HER alleged 18 million supporters want Senator Obama to pay off the campaign debts she acquired; now you want him to continue this kow-towing of kissing her feet, when his focus should be on John McCain! YOU ARE WRONG for doing this!

Senator Clinton had every advantage of winning the 2008 Democratic Presidential Nominee candidacy. She took certain states, issues and people for granted. She BLEW IT! And that is what has you and her supporters teed off! Senator Obama's is now expected to do the opposite of what he has stated all along about CHANGE IN WASHINGTON!? There is no BUZZ that he should pick Ms. Clinton as the V.P. (Why should there be?) Please stop it!

''It's far more productive for Obama to have Hillary 100 percent focused and engaged on campaigning and raising money for him in the fall rather than having to do fund-raisers at the same time to retire her debt,'' said Hassan Nemazee, a Clinton national finance chairman.

Terry McAuliffe, the campaign chairman for Mrs. Clinton, said it was time to get her contributors “fired up for the general election.” As Mr. McAuliffe walked through the hotel’s stately lobby, he was greeted by several Clinton supporters who embraced him and spoke longingly about Mrs. Clinton’s candidacy. Yes, embraced, hug, talk, smile or cry, but it is over now and way past time to focus on the General Election.

Ms. Clinton still has over $24 million dollars available for the general election. But please explain why she is bugging the hell out of Barack for mony when she can eventually used the general election funds to retire her debt?

Senator Clinton’s book income is comprised of earnings for Living History ($10,267,895), including an $8,000,000 advance, and It Takes a Village ($189,188).

Bill Clinton and the money he makes which will help Ms. Clinton and he in the future:

Ms. Sweet, Senator Hillary Clinton will make many more millions when she writes her next book detailing her 2008 presidential run for office. This person is not broke, my empathy is on the low side far as her financial matters. The ECONOMY is in the toilet, GAS PRICES sky high, FOOD PRICES soaring, people LOSING THEIR HOMES and Senator Clinton is still the center of attention. ( Some where in your heart, Ms. Sweet, even you know it is time to move on )

Sweet isn't pushing--just covering the news.
Yes. Hillary is rich. We have an oligarchy class that gets rich enough to run for president--and then they do that.
and without Hillary on the ticket--we'll lose in the Fall.
Douglas--are you planning on voting McSame anyway?

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