House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says —“I’m a victim of sexism myself all the time."

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WASHINGTON—“I’m a victim of sexism myself all the time,” said House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) discussing Tuesday morning whether sexism played a significant role in the defeat of Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.) by presumptive Democratic nominee Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) But Pelosi does not spend a lot of time worrying about sexist remarks people make.

At a reporters’ breakfast organized by the Christian Science Monitor, Pelosi, the first female Speaker of the House reflected on the White House bid by Clinton, who would have been the first major party nominee if her bid had succeeded.

“Is there sexism? Probably so,” said Pelosi.

“Is it responsible for the defeat? I really wouldn’t have the scientific knowledge, all of the information to know that. But I do think that being a woman has a positive upside in the campaign, probably offset by more sexism. I don’t know. Of course there is sexism, we all know that. I mean but it is a given, it is a given…..

“In any event, I think that on the positive side, Sen. Clinton has advanced the cause of women in government and her candidacy has been a very positive tonic for the country and had a very wholesome effect on the political process. I really don’t know, I haven’t analyzed and the rest, I’m a victim of sexism myself all the time, but I just think it goes with the territory, I don’t sit around to say, ‘but for that”…I think her candidacy was a just a bright, bright moment for us and she may run again.

Pelosi said she wanted to know more facts before she made a final pronouncement about sexism and the Clinton candidacy.

"I myself find that I get a tremendous upside from being a woman and I don't spend a lot of time worrying about sexist remarks that people make."



"...I don't spend a lot of time worrying about sexist remarks that people make."

OMG, what planet is she on.

The sexism. and yes, slimy misogyny that has oooozed out of the underbelly of America and exemplified by the media, the blogosphere and politicians, male and female is stunning and goes far beyond "remarks."

Somebody send her a clue.

I'm pushing 60 and I've never seen anything like what I've witnessed in this primary cycle.

So she's saying 'sexism is off the table' as far as she's concerned?

The only facts you need to focus on Nancy Pelosi is why you're so adamant about keeping Bush impeachment off the table. Why you're so in step with everything the Bush admin wants and why you can't seem to stand up for the peopleof America.

If you're worried about why Clinton lost, just look to the way she ran her campaign for a few good clues.

We've all been victims of Nancy Pelosi. Her unconstitutional statement about taking impeachment off the table created much of what we are being forced to swallow now - our government turning away from the crimes of the current administration. She has been a disastrous Speaker of the House. Can't wait til she's gone.

I wonder how she got so far, she just needs to do her job and put Impeachment on the table. She will not get any support from the people again, She took Cheney's Impeachment off the tble last year, and she will not support Bush's, she is not a good Dem, more like a Rep.

Shut the hell up, Nancy. You failed all of America.

A lot of women, including myself, deal w/sexism, racism everywhere-- especially in the workforce. Like Pelosi, I hear it, see it and move on with business. Pelosi is the first female speaker of the house- what an accomplishment. Glad she didn't constantly measure her successes and failures based around sexism.

Ms Pelosi, I guess you have damaged Clinton so much because you feel that sexism is hurting you every day? I see envy there, and to analyze if there was sexism and many other negative things against Hillary does not require to have a high school diploma !

Hilary now Pelosi claim sexism hurt them?
Not sure how it hurt Pelosi but for Hilary it was clearly a benefit - many women when interviewed said they are voting for Hilary because she's a woman, no other reason - no one seems to want to bring this up to her or followers

Since Ms. Pelosi feels that she is a victim of sexism, then the same thing could be said that the workers in American Samoa who work for Birds Eye canning fish and are paid below the minimum wage in which Ms. Pelosi and her husband have a major stake in are victims of Ms. Pelosi's racism because last year she lobbied that American Samoa should be exempt from the minimum wage increase passed by the Senate last year.

Sexism may exist (through the eyes of the 'victim') but social policy and efforts to extinguish "sexism" and all types of bigotry is leading to a new form of bigotry. Whites, Christians, and Males are now the only acceptable groups where discrimination is acceptable. You cannot extinguish one bigotry by replacing it with another.




If I may, I would just like to observe that I think that Nancy is a hottie!!!!!!

Exactly what does she mean when she says she is a 'victim' of sexism? She holds one of the most powerful positions on the face of the Earth. Is she claiming she was held back somehow? Is she whining that she isn't president? If you ask me, I say she *got* her job because she is a woman. More qualified men were passed over so that the Democratic party could payoff the radical feminists the hold undue sway on them. I'm tired of hearing about all these pampered American women whine about how unfair life it to them.

Well, Nancy, you should have known better and spoken out against the blatant sexism that was carried on, especially on CNN, MSNBC, NBC and the New York Times. As a woman, you should have spoken out, Nancy. And by the way, your tenure as Speaker of the House has really shown how incompetent you are.

Ms. Pelosi says she is victinm of "sexism" all the time but doesn't give a single example.

Ms. Clinton just had the misfortune to run against a black man.

In the politically correct food chain race beats out sex every time.

Victim of Sexism? The woman who ran a campaign screaming "It takes a woman to clean up the 'House'" is screaming sexism?

She didn't seem mind using sexism to become the powerful member of the House of Representatives.

Oh get over yourself San Fran Nan. You're as guilty as the next person.


Must not be much of a "victim" given that she is one of the most powerful people on the planet......Oh, that's right....ALL Democrats are victims......

Sexism had nothing to do with my outrage over her 3:00 a.m. ad.

People here bashing Pelosi are either sexist or upset with her actions as Speaker of the House. Which do you think?

And while we're talking about people bashing Pelosi, I want to know what impeaching Bush is going to do. You people are like Montagues and Capulets that don't understand how to make peace. If we impeach Bush, then all his elite handlers will throw down on his behalf, and we'll have a serious war in an instant, a political one if not a literal one. You people are so critical of just jumping into war with Iraq (as was I), but you have no such caution about jumping into protracted legal war inside our own country. Pelosi gets this. Why don't you?

We are going to bury the Right in the election, and then we are going to move on and make real accomplishments for this nation: that is more important than some show trial for our puppet president.


You really don't have a clue, do you?? Do you mind explaining how Pelosi taking impeachment off the table is an "unconstitutional statement"? Maybe it's unjust, maybe it's a poor decision, but there's absolutely nothing unconstitutional about the leader of the House choosing whom not to press charges against. The Constitution gives to the House (and by extension Pelosi as Speaker) the discretion to bring impeachment proceedings or to refrain from doing so. Calm down. It's not the atrocity you're making it out to be.

Just more of the old "blame someone else for my failures" mentality that is destroying USA.

She's the Speaker of the House, for crying out loud. How can she even talk about being a victim of anything other than extremely good fortune? Then she turns around characterizes Sen. Clinton's daily battle with sexism during the recent primary as a supposition. What an insufferable hypocrite.

One of Hillary Clinton's more cogent thoughts would probably blow the top of Mrs. Pelosi's head off. Hillary Clinton is one of the last people I would want to see get the big job (albeit several rungs above Obama), but she's smarter and tougher than most men. Can't say that about Mrs. Pelosi, who is not unfit to run for dog catcher.

Until Nancy Pelosi showed herself as back-bending, over-compromising, politically calculating, weak on important issues Speaker of the House, I had always supported her.

Prior to Hillary's time in the U.S. Senate, and in her bid for election, I supported her. She came in a time when a strong advocate for accountability and reform were, and still are, badly needed.

However, she has done little to change anything.

Democrats are their own worst enemy.

At a time when many Republican voters are completely disillusioned with, and fleeing, what has become of the Republican Party, Democrats are not offering them anything of substance. They continue to be what Republican voters despise, unprincipled, venal, politically calculating politicians; and add to that dangerously arrogant, agenda driven, and incompetent, and they are the same as the Republican politicians who voters are wanting no more of.

Has there ever been a bigger loser in a leadership role in the Democratic Party than Nancy Pelosi? I have not see one in my 69 years, unless it was Jimmy Carter.


Your a victim of discrimination when you don't get a promotion, the raise you want, etc. How are you a victim of anything when you are the third highest member of the U.S. government and elected by your peers in your home state? Give me a break!

You are all correct about Ms. Pelosi being a waste of time, but what has Bush done to be convicted on? Congress voted to let us go to war, it was not the sole decision of the President. They had the same information that Bush had.

Nancy Pelosi walks around in a perpetually confused and clueless state. She is a classic San Francisco liberal on virtually every issue imaginable. Of course, she believes sexism is rampant in America. In Pelosi's America, everyone is a victim except white men. All of you that criticize Pelosi for not impeaching Bush should remember one very important fact, if Pelosi had anything that resembled the type of hard evidence required to bring down a sitting president, she would do it. In the meantime, Pelosi will have to be content with touting the latest "ism" that is plaguing millions and millions of helpless American's. In Pelosi's view, no woman has a chance to every really achieve anything significant, like, say...Speaker of the House, Secretary of State, Supreme Court Justice, U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. or National Intelligence Advisor. All we can do is pray that Nancy's efforts will some day make it possible for women to achieve these lofty roles.

"I myself find that I get a tremendous upside from being a woman and I don't spend a lot of time worrying about sexist remarks that people make."

If she's using being a woman to her advantage than it sounds like she's the sexist.

She's a "victim of sexism"? Give me a friggin' break. She's the Speaker of the House. Some "victim."

Liberals are nauseating bottom-feeders.

Ms. Pelosi do you spend a lot of time worried about racist comments that people make? You seem to have accepted that sexism is ok and that you and all women should deal with it. Well you could not be more wrong. As a gay man who also deals with snide remarks I can tell you that if Barney Frank came forward to say...hey I heard this stuff all the with it. I would be horrified and completely disappointed. I find your remarks to be very disturbing and think you should seriously consider psychological help.

Yes, I would agree that sexism did rear it's ugly head in the primary season. However, Senator Clinton can't have it both ways. She smiled and laughed on stage as her own surrogates spoke about her testicular fortitude, but cried sexism when her cleavage was discussed. If she were REALLY concerned about sexism in the primary and in this country she would have followed the example of a true leader Barack Obama and made a speech opening the dialougue to discuss sexism in this country. However, that was not the politically expedient thing to do so she didn't make a real issue of sexism until she found her chances of winning the nomintaion vanishing before her very eyes. Sexism was a part of this primary race, but not nearly as much as racism was and the Clintons played their part in keeping race in the forefront of Americans minds. As a black man I learned from a young age that you have to perservere in spite of whatever "isms" you find yourself facing. So the real question is what do all of these women crying sexism do now? Do you sit around and whine because Hillary lost the race or do you actually begin to take the country to task for it's gender biases? I'm sick of hearing you ladies's time to put some action behind those words so that the next woman who runs for POTUS (and there will be one) will not have to deal with as much sexism as Mrs. Clinton did. Hillary continuously spoke about how great a leader she was, well this would be a great opportunity for her to show us.

I do believe I just lost 15 IQ points by reading this article as well as 75% of the comments.

"Her unconstitutional statement about taking impeachment off the table"

A statement which provides an excellent example of the consequences of today's public education system, one churning out as many dunces as possible to vote for B. Hussein Obama. It's "unconstitutional" to state that impeachment is off the table? WOW.

"She took Cheney's Impeachment (you don't need to capitalize this word) off the tble last year, (no need for a comma here either) and she will not support Bush's,(Try a period then start a new sentence here). she is not a good Dem, more like a Rep."

No not a Rep (How hard is it to spell Republican anyway?). Pelosi is a pragmatic hard leftist instead of a deranged left wing wack job with a severe case of BDS. Get a life. While you're at it you can take American Government and English 101 over again.

Always a victim... Even after all that she was able to accomplish in this great country of ours. Sexism and Racism is dead and is nothing compared to this disdain of White Christian Males. I guess I should be flailing my arms around crying foul. Maybe I should be petitioning the Supreme Court for superlative protections and rights beyond whats guaranteed in the Constitution.
OK OK... let me stop you before you start. I know you are going to say White Christian Males had their run and they need to step aside... blah blah blah. If you are truly for equal and civil rights and opportunity, you cant make that argument and be credible. There is no fair or great equalizer (like affirmative action) that is going make an individual, a community, or a demographic "rise above it all". The government has failed with their entitlements and their efforts over the last 150 years to do anything that trumps personal perserverance and dedication to improve.
.... and nobody, not Clinton or Pelosi, is a victim of anything.

Poor Pelosi, the most powerful woman in the USA...

That guy Pelosi is a WOMAN? Iiiiiiiich!!!!!

Until Nancy Pelosi showed herself as back-bending, over-compromising, politically calculating, weak on important issues Speaker of the House, I had always supported her.

Prior to Hillary's time in the U.S. Senate, and in her bid for election, I supported her. She came in a time when a strong advocate for accountability and reform were, and still are, badly needed.

However, she has done little to change anything.

Democrats are their own worst enemy.

At a time when many Republican voters are completely disillusioned with, and fleeing, what has become of the Republican Party, Democrats are not offering them anything of substance. They continue to be what Republican voters despise, unprincipled, venal, politically calculating politicians; and add to that dangerously arrogant, agenda driven, and incompetent, and they are the same as the Republican politicians who voters are wanting no more of.

The most powerful woman in US government, 3rd in line to the presidency, but she's a VICTIM!


Maybe if she'd show a little backbone when dealing with the thuggish criminal Bush Administration, we'd have a little sympathy for poor li'l Nancy. But until she stands up to the administration and their desire for unlimited power and immunity from the law, I've got no time for her complaints. Maybe she can start by figuring out a way to undo her total capitulation to Bush's FISA attack on the US Constitution.

Man-hating is far more prevalent in our culture than misogyny. Just look at 90% of TV commercials. Who's the fool? Who does stupid things? Who gets put down? Men! It's the same with theatrical films and television programs. Wake up, folks. Look around you.ffffdd

Probably, perhaps, maybe, just guessing: the reason impeachment is off the table is because there are no grounds. Besides that, the dims can't accomplish anything really important as it is. But, I should stay with my first statement because the dims are so great at doing stupid things, Pelosi might not be able to keep her majority from putting impeachment on the table.

Of course you are nancy, All liberals are victims.

I really love how when things don't go their way, women cry sexism and blacks cry racism. Does it ever occur to them that millions of white guys don't ever meet their hopes and expectations? What can they use as an excuse? As a result of affirmative action laws, there are countless women and minorities in government and business, in jobs that far exceed their skill levels.

Nancy Pelosi would be spending her days at the mall, spending her husbands money, were it not for affirmative action. She needs to shut up and do what little she's capable of for her country. Has there been a more ineffective Speaker of the House?

I rest my case.

She's one of the most powerful people in the world and here she is complaining the she is treated in a sexist manner "all the time". That's just stupid. Also I read some of the posts people are putting up, and WOW! what a bunch of kooks.LOL

Why is the congressional approval rating so low? Can't do a mans job nancy?

Nancy Pelosi is a worthless human being who would steal democracy from you if she could.

The US Military has done more to end sexism in this world than Ms. Pelosi and the NOW org has ever done.

Ladies you have it good in this country!!! The fight is elsewhere!!! Do you think those women in the middle east really enjoy walking around covered in sheets? Get off your can head on over there and do something!!!!!

Hillary didn't lose because of sexism and Obama certainly was not sexist. Hillary lost because of her air of inevitability, she felt she was owed the candidacy.

I don't know anyone that dislikes you because of your gender, I however know plenty of people that you because of your actions. Hell, more than half the country hates you because of your actions, not your gender. Here you are, getting more attention than you deserve, please go away, do us all a favor and get the hell out of Washington.

The comments posted so far are very humorous... Nancy Pelosi "...more like a Rep(ublican)?" You really do have to be emotionally overwrought to the extent that you are out of your mind to believe that...

Seriously now... are we just going to go back and forth trying to impeach every president that we disagree with?

One of the biggest reasons things are so exceptionally out-of-whack in government these days, is because that is the way that we perceive it, and as a result of 24/7 cable news and the internet, we do a hell of a lot more perceiving then we used to.

The individuals that work within big media know that extravagance and feeding the public what it wants/already believes is the best way to catch attention, and as a result there is not a single piece of news out there that should not be ingested without a heavy filter of logic and common sense. Not everything you read is true... in fact, most of it probably is not.

The things happening today are the same things that have always happened. Human beings have remained unchanged since our aesthetic leap forward tens of thousands of years ago. Impeaching George Bush, overcoming sexism, or voting Obama does not represent the next great leap.

Sexism, racism, slavery - the only way to make progress in your lives is to leave it all behind you as the Irish have done. Looking back always makes you turn your back on the future. We voted for change in 2006, and put Pelosi in charge. Look what it got us...

Pelosi is Speaker because she is a woman in the majority party...a party were identity politics trumps logic, reason and effectiveness. For her to complain about sexism is priceless. It's time for her to stop whining and act like a man (and don't use Harry Reid as your role model...I can't think of a less manly man)

All of the "isms" -- sexism, racism, ageism, anti-Semitism -- must be dealt with firmly. But there's a big difference between words and preventing someone from getting an education or becoming chairman of the board or president of a university or getting a raise in salary or buying a home or being in charge of one's own body or running for president of the United States. It seems to me if Hillary Clinton began her campaign comfortable in her own skin as a woman as Pelosi is, she would have won.

She is such a victim, yet she is somehow able to become the most powerful woman in the country, and is a multi-millionaire.
So, without sexism, she would be what, Dictator of the World?

I'm sick of these powerful incredibly rich people complaining. IF they were right, it would have held them back, right?
It obviously has not!

Just because people think you're a jerk and a nit wit doesn't mean it's based on sexism. Nancy Pelosi is a jerk and a nit wit just like all her male liberal whining friends.

I agree; sexism must exist, otherwise how could any voter void of sexism vote for Ms Pelosi !?

I didn't notice that this article was about impeachment, perhaps I missed it...
I case you were unaware, President Bush's term is over in a few months, focusing on the future is a more productive you of energy. MoveOn

Nancy you are most definately a victim of incompetence along with your sniviling buddy Harry....funny how the economy started going down hill after 2006....congrats on the 13% approval rating your only 20 behind GB.

Hilary now Pelosi claim sexism hurt them?
Not sure how it hurt Pelosi but for Hilary it was clearly a benefit - many women when interviewed said they are voting for Hilary because she's a woman, no other reason - no one seems to want to bring this up to her or followers

Oh yeah, you guys are pro-freedom of speech and real protectors of the bill of rights....

Well, now that she is done worrying about sexism, she can get those dishes washed.

Pelosi is in sync with Bush is the ultimate insult to George Bush. If Bush has accomplished just one thing ( and he has done far more good than that) he has kept your whining butts safe from another attack. If your man wins, I am certain that some of you will think everything is perfect, especially those of you on social programs.

Pelosi has done absolutely nothing, and the credibility of Congress has gone down the tubes. I have a feeling that your great Black saviour will produce similiar to Nancy!

I'm confused. She is a victim of sexism, but she has risen to the ranks of Speaker of the House? Hmm. Poor thing. How can she handle the blatant misogny. Gimme a break.

Well, as Forrest Gump so sagely put it: "Stupid is as stupid does". Stupidity comes in all genders, all colors, and all creeds. Granny Pelosi has run the H of R like a dysfunctional PTA carnival...believe me I've seen them....I've been there. Some females give women a bad name.

How does one tell, following some failure, rejection, or shortfall, whether the negative consequences resulted from sexism or racism, or from personal stupidity or incompetence? It's easy to assign blame to others when, in fact, it's one's own fault. In your case, Nancy, it's just plain stupidity and lack of your grasp on reality.

Hilary now Pelosi claim sexism hurt them?
Not sure how it hurt Pelosi but for Hilary it was clearly a benefit - many women when interviewed said they are voting for Hilary because she's a woman, no other reason - no one seems to want to bring this up to her or followers

This is news? Really? Guess Brittney Spears is a victim of sexism then too? Again this is news?

Amazing that all of the hate, sexism and racism is emanating from the left and is being directed at the left.

Trying to dismiss Hillary's loss to sexism is once again selling this particular person's character flaws short. She is a habitual liar (seen any bombs in Bosnia lately?), sent her goon out to play the race card (after wooing the black vote for years when it served his and her purpose), originally campaigned like she would be coronated as queen and then when it was too late realized she had been out manuevered by the Junior Senator from Illinois, and then had the nerve to celebrate her meaningless win on the night when Obama made his historic victory just shows her lack of judgement. People did not reject Ms. Clinton because she is a woman, they rejected her because she cannot be trusted nor is she qualified to be in the position.

There certainly are quite a lot of wingnuts on this board. Argghh, liberalism...

The leader of the pack..

Typical Democrat...always a victim.

She's one of the most powerful people in the U.S. and she's still whining...sad

Yes sexism exists, on both sides. How often do you hear from women about how stupid men are? It is here and it will never go away. Just deal with it. I'm sure sexism has hurt Ms. Pelosi's career. Without sexism she may be queen of the universe by now. As far as all you impeachment retards, just grow up. Bush has done NOTHING illegal, which is more than we can say for your old friend Bill. He was actually convicted of purgery. Why don't we ever ear about that?

The libs talk about sexism. Condi Rice just goes about her job. What's up with that?

Why must the primary results be reduced to sexism vs. non-sexism? How could anyone expect it to be the only determining factor in any woman's campaign for office? Given the fact that sexism still exists, is it possible that MOST people aren't sexist but just didn't want anymore Clinton influence in the white house, don't line up with Hillarycare or simply don't like Hillary?

I find it to be unfair, especially to the Hillary campaign and the Speaker of the House, to reduce their public life to that, regardless of her policies. Let them stand or fall on their merits.

Nancy... You're Likeability is 11%, I assure it has nothing to do with the fact that you're a woman or sexism. It may be that you're a bit disingenuous as a person, ride political waves and make consistently outrageous comments that may be in line with San Francisco, but would be utterly lost on flyover country. Frankly, the same goes for Hillary. Further to the point, I don't hear Conde Rice complaining of sexism or racism... do you?

Nancy Pelosi and the rest of the democrats that control congress and the Senate are a waste of skin. If she is the victim of sexism, how did you become loud-mouth of the house? For those that keep throwing the "why did you remove the Bush impeachment off the table", it is simple, Bush is being made to look bad because of ALL the Shortcomings of the democrat controlled House. The nation is failing because of this democrat controlled House that has a 12% approval rating. President Bush has 2 times that rating!

Nancy Pelosi needs to give up her sham as House Leader...every body needs to support Cindy Sheehan for Pelosi's seat in Congress. Get a real honest person in to the House in place of Pelosi.

I wish so many of you would get off the impeachment bandwagon. Pelosi not pursuing Impeachment is one of the smartest things she has done. While many of us agree that both Bush and Cheney should be impeached, you need to realize that it would be nothing more then a symbolic gesture. Nothing would happen to them: no jail time, no paying back the billions wasted, no bringing back the lives lost. They would just continue on with their lifestyles of the Rich and Famous. What an impeachment would bring is more division of our country, more wasted time and money, these are things we simply do not need. What we do need is less hate and more healing. Put all that negative energy into something more positive - turning this nation around.

Let me get this right, the Speaker of the House ( a woman) is complaining that she is a victim of sexism? A senator from one of the largest states in the union ( a woman ) is complaining of sexism? That's almost as bad as a black man who is nominated to run for the top seat in this government complaining about racism!

Look around the world and you'll quickly see that this country offers everyone , regardless of race, creed, sex or whatever, the opportunity to succeed.

Nancy grow up!

Sexism didn't sink Hillary. What sank Hillary was her craptastic campaign. She had everything possible going for her-- money, name rec, tons of press, the media falling all over Bill. The primary was considered a mere formality. And she blew it big time. She failed as a CEO on every possible level this primary season. Before this campaign, I would readily admit that while I disagreed with her politics and was appalled by her ethics, she was smart and a good politician. Now she's indicated that she's neither, and the best thing I can say about her is that I admire her physical stamina and that she has nice hair. Go away, both of you.

Sexism, smexism . . . as if not every human being in every country in the world is not been discriminated against for any reason whatsoever! You're too fat, too skinny, too dumb, too smart, you're ____(pick a color), you're not _____(pick a different color) . . . puleeze! But if you're (woman, black or gay), it needs to make a difference! If you want to win, compete. But when you lose, quit blaming human nature for your failures. Or is that just human nature, too?

Hey Bra Burners, calm down.

Do any of have a MAN in your lives or are you surrounded only by whipping boys?

Victims of Sexism? What a joke! When was the last time you saw a positive image of a strong man depicted anywhere on TV? But the difference is, being men, we zip it and take it like men. Women don't all they ever do and will do is claim victimhood. Women in the Middle East any most other places in the world suffer sexism. Women in the US don't. They're just spoiled brats.

I guess when you're a democrat you can have the third most powerful position in Goverment and still be a victim. You can be the Democratic nominee despite the fact that you're a victim of racism.. A female senator from New York and Democratic primarly runner-up and also.....yes, victim as well. Americans are sick and tired of the race card and the sexist card ( if that's what you wanna call it) from the victim party known as the democrats, I never heard one African American Republican or Female Republican that ran for congress and lost blame it on their status as a lifelong victim...Probably becuase they don't view themselves as such..When Obama loses this fall it will no doubt be beucause he's viewed as half black and not half white..Being a mindless socialist will of course have nothing do with it...

The speaker of the house of representatives is a victim of sexism all the time...

She is THIRD in line from being president. She must be hitting that glass ceiling that my liberal professors told me about.

This is absurd. I guess I'm a victim of sexism all the time too. Anything that doesn't go my way must be because I'm a man.

Speaker of the US House of Representatives Nancy Patricia D'Alesandro Pelosi could not have possibly meant Junior Sen. Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton lost the contest for the Democratic Presidential Nominee because Hillary was a woman? After all, Hillary was one of the most manly candidates of the season seemingly fashioning her "play-hard-with-the-boys" approach to politics after UK Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.

Hillary had her put-on sensitive moments but her policies, especially those concerning war, had zero feminine appeal. Some examples: Did she endure the pain of 911 with patients and steady resolve? No. Hillary recklessly voted against the 10/10/02 Levin Amendment #4862 that would have slowed down the rush to war. Is there any hint of unconditional love, understanding or nurturing in her approach to Iran? None! Despite the US's meddling in Iran since WE overthrew their secular democratic government to install the Shah, and despite Junior George's infantile, antagonistic, irresponsible foreign policy, Hillary voted in 2007 to criminalize the Iran Revolutionary Guard bringing the US one step closer to another war.

Hillary consistently chooses the hammer over the carrot. Yes, misogyny exists! And sexism exudes from both genders. But for the most part, Hillary's loss in MARCH was due to the content of her character. The histrionics that followed unfortunately only add to stereotype.

Hello All!

Oh boo hoo. She is multi-millionaire, one of the most powerful people in the country and third in line for the presidency.

If this is sexism I will gladly share it with her.

Be Well,


Seriously, she just didn't want another woman to outrank her.

Yes, Nancy, people need to grow some thicker skin. Sexism, racism, anti-everything is everywhere you look. But instead of being a hypocrite, why don't we forget about being PC all across the board. I'm all for letting go of the whiners' hands and telling all of them to shut up. Why worry so much about offending minorities when the largest minority brings more votes than any other? Uh-oh Nancy, I think you might have lost your seat already. Socialists are finding out more and more that the voters that count don't have peppermints for eyes.

Impeach Bush and Cheney? Wow, you guys are stil holding on to that old one. The Dems LIE all the time, and you all vote them in believing their lies. What good has Pelosi done? Nothing but hold hearings about nothing and raise the minimum wage which caused a jump in unemployment. Is that because she is a woman? Can women be prejudiced against men? Can black people be racist? Of course! It is not just white men who are this way. Everyone is.

Oh, and just wait for it...... "IMPEACH OBAMA NOW", "Obama Lied, America Died".....did you think it's gonna stop????? We will hate Obama just as much as you all hate Bush, maybe even more.

Nancy Pelosi rightfully sees what a waste of time impeaching Bush or Cheney would be. She knows that impeachment is driven by those who want revenge for Clinton's impeachment and the close election in 2000. She is a patriot for putting her politics and leftist supporters aside for the good of the country.

Pelosi is a very competent steward of the status quo. If you want change, progress or reform you've got to be a leader and a fighter. She is neither.

Whay does she need any examination of facts before a final pronouncement? I would think there are better things to worry about than your opinion of HRC and her failed attempt. Why don't you get some facts on the gas prices, food prices, etc. Who really cares what your "final pronouncement" on Hillary would be anyway.

Hmm, let me see.. Nancy Pelosi, as Speaker of the House of Representatives, is easily one of the most powerful women -- if not THE most powerful -- on earth, and is third in line of succession to become president of the United States of America.. but she thinks she is a "victim" of sexism. Oh sexism, where is thy sting?

Key word is victim - that's what liberals are all about. If I competed for something and I lost then I must have been victimized by somebody. And poor (actually very rich) Nancy Pelosi is criticized because she won't try to impeach the president? How many crimes does Hillary have to commit before people realize that sexism had nothing to do with her losing?

Whatever "ism" that exists in this land is a by-product of the "standing with a hand out" mentality we have. We wonder why racism still exists when we have organizations such as: NAACP, LULAC, BET, the Congressional Black Caucus, the Latin Grammy's, etc...The test for any of those organizations adding to the pertpuation of Racism in this country is easy, substitute the word "White" in place of the minority identity and see the reaction you would get. Dr. King is probably spinning in his grave to witness the state of race relations today. He and countless others sacrificed so much for equallity and yet minorities are the largest purveyors of racism today. Affirmative Action is racism in reverse, yet still racism. The same would go for the victim and don't be surprised if you are treated like one.

A lot of white men receive racism and sexism at work, college, life, too, but we call that "Affirmative Action" and it's OK, since the government is doing it to us to make you Liberals "Feel better".

Impeach Bush and Cheney? Wow, you guys are stil holding on to that old one. The Dems LIE all the time, and you all vote them in believing their lies. What good has Pelosi done? Nothing but hold hearings about nothing and raise the minimum wage which caused a jump in unemployment. Is that because she is a woman? Can women be prejudiced against men? Can black people be racist? Of course! It is not just white men who are this way. Everyone is.

Oh, and just wait for it...... "IMPEACH OBAMA NOW", "Obama Lied, America Died".....did you think it's gonna stop????? We will hate Obama just as much as you all hate Bush, maybe even more.

Pelosi and Sexism?
I would understand Womanism, but SEXism
It's always funny to see people actually think Democrates are exempt from political games...and when then you finally relize there just as much of a politician as the other side.
You'll be saying same thing about Obama when he cons you into voting for him also.

I am also effected by sexism. I can't get hired, or make a sale, JUST BECAUSE I'M A MAN !!! I can't blame some women for not listening to me, paying attention to me, understanding my feelings !! Or blame the CYCLE for yelling, crying, and screaming at everyone for no reason. Never get out of a ticket for being good looking, HAVE TO PAY FULL PRICE AT BARS....male sexism is a real disorder that needs to be addressed. please feel my pain, care about my feelings. help us Nancy!

That's just great. One of the most powerful women in the world whining about sexism. Give me a break.

She deserves to be voted out. Let's find and support the likely opponent(s).

I am also effected by sexism. I can't get hired, or make a sale, JUST BECAUSE I'M A MAN !!! I can't blame some women for not listening to me, paying attention to me, understanding my feelings !! Or blame the CYCLE for yelling, crying, and screaming at everyone for no reason. Never get out of a ticket for being good looking, HAVE TO PAY FULL PRICE AT BARS....male sexism is a real disorder that needs to be addressed. please feel my pain, care about my feelings. help us Nancy!

Males face sexism as well. Title IX, college scholarships, basically the whole education system. It is simply ridiculous to complain that females are the only ones facing discrimination in this PC era of society. No one complains that over 60% of college grads are females but if it were the other way around then something would be wrong with our country.

A lot of white men like me receive racism ans sexism in our everyday life including work and college. We've labeled it "Affirmative Action" and it is ok since the Government is doing it to us just to make Liberals "Feel better".

I'm a victim? This is coming from the Speaker of the United States House of Representatives? I'm so sick and tired of hearing all of these "victim" claims. Does any one have a back bone anymore? If Hillary Clinton would have defeated Barack Obama, would he then be able to claim that he was a victim of racism? I guess either way the Democrats were going to have a "victim" looser.

I wonder if she's accidently mistaking sexism for her doing just a down-right terrible job. I can see how she could do this. For example, if i say "Did you know congress has set history with the lowest approval rating?" Of course she'll see this as sexism since she's leading congress, and because of this terrible rating she'll assume it's just a sexism because shes a woman. Let's not forget her wonderful assesment of herself when she remarked that even she is dissapointed with congress, and she's the one who is in charge... Who cares if she's a woman? Just do the job and shut up about it. Bringing attention to it trivialises it in my opinion.

Nancy, you are a disgrace to this country. For someone who is supposed to like their country all I see is hate coming from you. You work your hardest to bring down this country and our troops. You have single handedly set women back years because of your higher than mighty attitude that make you look stupid. You are not qualified for the job.

Ya know, I'm so tired of people whining about the type of discrimination they endure. Everyone does. Fat people get told they are lazy and need to lose weight, skinny people get told they need to put some meat on their bones so they look healthy, old people get told they are out of touch and not relevent any more, ugly people need platic surgery, beautiful people are artificial, gays are un-natural and the religious are zealots, blah blah blah.

Get over it and realize most people are jerks and if you are confident in yourself that's all that matters. When you are in the public light it very seldom shows you in a good way. We all have flaws and the spotlight brings them front and center. Does that mean we should avoid the spotlight, hell no! Be who you are and don't whine when stupid people try to discredit you for being who you are, they only wish they could amount to something.

Quit sniveling Nancy. Get in the kitchen and help Hillary make me a sandwich.

Yeah, "Women and Minorities Hardest Hit..." blah blah blah

I would like to here just one way that Ms. pelosi has been a victim of sexism. Can anyone here give me some day to day examples of sexism?

Nancy Pelosi makes me ill. I remember before she was elected, all she would talk about is how she and the other Democrats were going to stop George Bush and help end the war. Once she was elected she became just another politician that talked alot but did nothing. As the first woman Speaker of the House she had an opportunity to do something great and actually affect change, but instead she has just run her mouth about how the new Fisa bill is good for America. Because of "Big Mouth" Pelosi, there will probably never be another woman Speaker. She has fed every stereotype the sexist men have about women in power. Hillary would have been a better Speaker than "Big Mouth". She wants to talk about sexism, but she will not even hint that there is racism going on against Obama. Nancy, you just give fuel to the sexist men who think women should be seen and not heard.

I feel really bad for speaker of the house Pelosi and the Senator from New York. We all know that were it not for sexism they would both have been president by now, I mean look at their incredible track records. Both of their extraordinary achievments have absolutely nothing to do with the fact that their husbands are both extremely wealthy and powerful.

In the words of the president of Spain "WHY DON'T YOU JUST SHUT UP"

One must understand that this woman has spent a life as a victim. He whole identity is that of a victim she will never change nor recognize change. In a nutshell she is psychologically unbalanced.

Nancy says there is sexism, so there must be! Now get back in there and iron my shirt!

Speaker Pelosi's implication that women should "suck it up", and get on with their business is a bit like saying that the Rev. Dr. King should have just "sucked up" racism, and gotten on with other issues. Change does not take place without a conscious effort to combat bigotry of any kind, and it must be identified before it can be fought. Women have continually been made to feel silly or petty when we note sexism, and Speaker Pelosi's response to the press today about the contribution (or not) of sexism to Sen. Clinton's primary loss contributes to that. Whether or not sexism cost Sen. Clinton the primary is not the point. That it went on blatantly and ubiquitously in the media IS the point. That kind of racism would not, and should not have been tolerated. Sexism should be treated as seriously, because it is as damaging to individuals and to our country. I cannot cast my vote for either Presidential candidate this year, because neither has addressed it.

She must be up for election this year. With the Democrats its allways about racism,sexism and rich against the poor.OMG country is in trouble.

I read some of the communist/socialist comment here and had to go to the top of this article to figure out just where it was from. Now I know it to be from that bastion of freedom ,Chicago, where democrats vote for years after they die. The ones that are alive vote many times and get paid for each.
You folks need to hope your wishes don't come true or you will wake up one day to a country you never knew existed.
I would love for all you impeachment nuts to list whatever charge you think Bush could be impeached for. Just one but be sure it is a lawful charge of impeachment. Bill Clinton did his on TV. Has Bush?

Do you think Maggie Thatcher, or Indira Ghandi whined about sexism? They just did their job and won the respect of the world.

At this point I am seriously considering throwing in the towel. I will stop going to work every day and start crying discrimination, plant a noose in my office and go on the dole. You win Democrats. Just make sure you give us enough drugs so we will be too stoned to continue to watch our beautiful country go down the tubes. I have cried enough already.

If Pelosi is a victim of anything it is incompetence. Her complete failure to "lead" this country is a direct result of choosing House and Senate leadership based upon seniority and not ability.

In the words of the president of Spain "WHY DON'T YOU JUST SHUT UP"

Oh Nancy! Aren't we are all victims of everything according to your liberal standards. When we are failures and not competent, it is always someone elses fault.

Sexism Nancy? Maybe they just think you are an egotistical crooked incompetent hag. I think male witches were also burned at the stake.

Here is an African American presidential candidate and all these women can think of doing is railing on about sexism, real and imagined, against Hillary Clinton's campaign. It's really weird. We have come forward light years in this country in terms of equal rights for women. There are plenty of issues (for example, child sexual abuse), for which men are unfairly judged and women who drown their children or sexually abuse them (yes, it happens), virtually get away with it. At this point in time there is a lot more racism than sexism in this country. A man can't have a baby; women have so many gifts that men can never have. I don't want to be like a man. I'm pushing 60 too. The civil rights issue is a bigger issue than sexism against women these days.

God forbid Pelosi actually provides examples. Just another baseless 'ism' that a liberal throws out there to scare opposition into silence.

I'm so sick of the bullshit sexism and racism claims in this country.

Let's see ... Nancy Pelosi, speaker of the House of Representatives, third in line for the presidency, claims to be a "victim" of sexism "all the time." Could one of those times POSSIBLY have been when she VOLUNTARILY donned the hijab during her visit with the chinless opthamologist psycho that runs Syria? You, madam, are a clown (clownette?).

I call Bull****. Nancy Pelosi is a cast iron, insane old bag with more balls than the New England Patriots. She's only acting out the part of the poor little victimized female here to try and drum up more support for her failing policies. If she could strap on a fake penis and claim to be an abused gay male she would do it if it would get her a few votes.


Nancy, who in their right mind would even think of that word sex, pertaining to you, you are so ugly you even hurt my feelings, and if you even think of entering a ugly contest they wound reject you baste on the fact they dont take proffesional uglyness,

Perhaps a few of us are guilty occasional sexism. However, Nancy is constantly guilty of overt stupidism.

Democrats, wake up! Can't you see how Pelosi's latest festival of self-pity follows in the wake of the comments by Ferraro, Obama, Kerry, Clinton, etc? To hear people like this--who have acquired (through democratic processes) positions such as Senator, Presidential Candidate, Representative, Speaker of the House, etc--whine and complain about how they're victims of "racism", "agism", "sexism", or whatever else is just pathetic. None of these factors kept you from becoming Senator, representative etc, but suddenly NOW they stopped you? The voters supported you before, but maybe now they don't. How about a little honest introspection? What have YOU done differently or ineffectively?

I think it's hilarious: the Democrats are victims of their own victim theology. You've fallen down, and can't get up. Who's fault is that? YOURS.

It is very hard for Pelosi or Clinton to cry they are victims of 'sexism' when they are in the two most powerful leadership positions in the entire world.

They wield the 'sexism' charge like a sharp axe when they feel it suits them.


Nancy Pelosi makes George Bush look like Albert Einstein. What is it with California that our three most notable politicians are all completely incompetent women? Feinstein, Boxer and Pelosi don't generate the power to light a 40 watt bulb.

Actually, the acts of treason performed in washington are done by the democrats, to wit: Gun Control is TREASON. Hang them. Then talk about who should have done what differently. All the murders and mayhem that disarming the victims for fifty years has caused is beyond unforgivably outrageous!! Then, after the slayfest, if anyone wanted to talk about impeaching the president- I would be interested in hearing why they think they should be allowed to phone in orders for more cocaine un-heard, to venezuela... or why they think it wrong to listen to them telling their islamist fanatical murder pig friends where to smuggle in bombs. Then when they speak up, hang them too! PS fools: all the companies taking jobs overseas began with democrat a brain, and learn something of history of your party!

One of the myriad of subjects that Speaker Pelosi is clueless about. Not a bad woman I'm sure, but like a lot of others up on the hill, a dangerous, ignorant politician. But that's the norm nowdays.

Nancy is not the victim of sexism, she is the victim of her own arrogance, elitism and incompetence.

Her actions as Speaker of the House indicate a propensity to act as a dictator both to Democrat committee chairmen and to Republican opponents alike. As a consequence, under her "leadership" Congress has failed to accomplish ANYTHING of consequence and Pelosi has shown herself to be an abysmal failure as a leader.

Well gosh ladies and gentlemen, while so many of you are piling on Nancy Pelosi, let me say I am also a 60 year old woman and that I agree with her statements wholeheartedly. Who of you was naive enough to believe that sexist remarks would stop because Hillary Clinton ran for office? Not letting those remarks hindered you, does not mean you aren't cognizant of them. Few women would be in positions of authority today, if they allowed themselves to be put off course by sexist statements. And would somebody please remind women who raise these people who grow up with contempt for women that they are your sons and daugthers, husbands and wives, brothers and sisters, uncles and aunts, fathers and mothers,and boyfriends and girlfriends. What are women doing within their own families to fight this behavior? I watched a video tape where an upper middle class woman asked John McCain, "How do we beat the bitch?". Counteracting sexist remarks is not Pelosi's job, succeeding in spite of them is. I even heard reporter Leslie Stahl, who was interviewing Pelosi, about the possibility of becoming the next Speaker, mention that Pelosi was wearing a designer pantsuit, which had been purchased by her husband who did all of her shopping. I thought, that is the absolute last piece of information that I thought I would hear from Leslie Stahl when interviewing a female politician. Well surprise, surprise, surprise... Hillary was hit with sexism for a number of reasons, and while it may not have been fair, that is the game today...and she ought have been ready for it. The whining drove me up the wall. From my seat, if she could find it within herself to accommodate right wing pundits who attempted to derail her husband's presidency last time around, then she ought be able to take a couple of neanderthals calling her names. Perhaps the sexism was just another version of the 3am call. You don't go in the deep water if you cannot swim.

Radolf, Well said. The problem is that because liberals are in charge of our schools there is no longer competition. Everyone is supposed to be a winner. With someone never learning how to lose they always have to point a finger, since it must have been someone elses fault they did not win. And therefore they are a victim. The public school are churing out victims daily thanks to liberals.

I would suggest that everyone take the time to read Alan Greenspan's book, "The Age of Turbulence". Here's a man who is about as even handed as you will ever find...and who served republican and democratic presidents AT THEIR REQUEST equally. He managed to earn everyone's respece and confidence and rightfully so. That said, his predictions for where we are headed as a country are not encouraging...and neither the republican nor the democratic pols have either the understanding or courage to take the steps necessary to right the ship. This whole business of impeaching everyone is of no value...and it does not advance the long term values of our country. there is just too much anger on both sides.

Apparently Lynn Sweet can't handle the truth about Nancy Pelosi. No new posts approved in the last 3 hours! We seriously need a couple of alternatives to AP and the drive by media.

So Hillary advanced the cause of women by losing. Then does that mean that Barack advances the cause ......

Pelosi using sexism as a sorry excuse for not accomplishing anything, like the blacks use racism as an excuse for everything that doesn't go their way...
When racism is an problem, then deal with it, don't hide behind it because you're too dang lazy to work and think the world owes you a living, it doesn't owe you anything.

Same goes with sexism...

I didn't and won't vote for Hillary, not because she is a woman, but, because she is an idiot. Like her dumb butt husband is.

too bad we're all victims of Pelosi's complete and total lack of a spine. Dems need new House and Senate leadership. replacing the completely ineffective Reid and the craven Pelosi should be one of Obama's first orders of business.

Nancy will only worry about sexism when it is to her benefit. She has gone as high as see can. I face sexism every day also and just have to bear with it.

Could it be per se sexist, everytime someone supports Pelosi because she is an advocate for women. Could it show per se racism when, whenever voters of a particular ethnic vote 80% for a candidate of the same group? Would it mean more as far as "racial blindness within a certain ethnic group" in this country, if more than 40% of McCain's votes were from people of Obama's race.

In fact, as far as racial progress among caucasians is concerned, it shows a lot that way over 20% of caucasians voting in the democratic primary, appear to have voted for a non-caucasian. Perhap racism is more prevailant amoung those of Obama's race when 80% of his votes are from those of the same race.

Racism, arguably, is much more prevalent among non-caucasians at this time, whenever they vote with a significant majority for a candidate of their own race.

Sexism, arguably, is much more prevalent amoung non-males at this time, whenever they vote with a significant majority for a candidate promoting women rights.

Caucasian men are far from perfect. And those who helped establish this country recognized that and put into words their hope that this country could became one which is "more perfect;" and they recognized that all are "created equal." Even though tribes in Africa captured and enslaved their fellow human beings, and then exported their slaves and captives, through their slave trade, centuries ago, and even though caucasian men were on the receiving end, if not parties thereto, of some of that trade--caucasian men, even though they had paid significant property to separate such slaves/captives from those which had traded for them (or captured them), still, it was some caucasian men who decided it was "right" to foregive any of their own claims to such property and right to free slaves, even without any reimbursement for their own costs, expenses, etc. Caucasian men, at the time, were willing to give up their own rights without reparations for themselves at that time. It was Caucasian men, at that time that gave up of 500,000 lives of Caucasian men, in an attempt to promote a more perfect and equal country, without reparations for the lives of Caucasian men lost at that time.

And, it was men who, while having the sole right to vote, gave up that sole right without raparations at that time; and, it was men who voted to share that right with women. It was men who made that decision in order to promote equal rights.

Men have proven through history that they will give up personal rights and group rights, in order to promote equal rights among the sexes.

Why isn't Pelosi promoting equal rights? Why isn't Obama promoting equal rights?

What thing of value does Pelosi say she will give up for equal rights for men? What thing of value does Obama say he will give up for equal rights? (Not the right to forego none public financing of his party's candidate for president.) Take is cheap about promoting equal rights. Many people are like Pelosi and Obama and talk of promoting fairness and equality, but what some of them do is just "take" anything of value from others (taxpayers or property owners or others with right whether given by God or man) when they can arrange to do it, so long as it will not cost them; but it was Caucasion men who gave up existing rights, established laws hoping to promote a more perfect union and equal rights among its citizens; and it has been people like Pelosi and Obama who say they want to do this country better by promoting limited rights for some whether or not, it is unequal and unfair.

When will women "give up" something of value that they have in order to promote equal rights for others? When will each race "give up" something of value that it has in order to promote equal rights for others?

So often what is done is not "giving up unfair and unequal rights of whether in favor of women or a particular race;" but instead, taking something from someone else in the name of doing what is will assure you own political party of temporary success, even if the inequality might in the long run and in the short run do injustice--it might keep us in office sucking at the public trough for now.

Only a liberal would make the comment of "I'm a victim." Aren't you all! Go live somewhere else like Venezuela where you won't be a victim of yourselves.

Nancy (off the table) Pelosi thinks inexistent sexism favored Hillary?
That makes a lot of sense.
Too bad you and fellow party hacks rigged the election and pushed the winner aside...But it's wonderful how you made this about you. Now I need to know what Clarence Thomas thinks about racism.

Pelosi knows that there are more advantages than disadvantages to being a woman in a party where group membership means more than individual ability. She just says these things because she knows there are absolute nut cases out there who expect to hear it.

BTW, the Democrats were never serious about impeaching anyone. They just wanted your vote to get in power and now that they are there they are more than a little scared of just how crazy a lot of their constituents are. They have opened the gates to the asylum and they are having trouble rounding everyone back up.

Of course she is a victim of sexism. Have you forgotten her trip to Syria when she was forced to wear the hijab? Oh wait, she willingly subjected herself to that. Way to represent the liberated women of America, Nancy.

Nancy stated it plainly several times "I just don't know"...
She needed not say more.
Progs are so predictable...
"Of course there is sexism, we all know that. I mean but it is a given, it is a given..."
A given? Facts ma'am, just the facts....

"...but it is a given, it is a given..."
beleifs are not facts ma'am.

"I just don't know"...
We know ma'am, the facts are born from your tenure as congresswoman (oops, congressPERSON).

If Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid pulled this crap during the time of the Founding Fathers they would have been tarred and feathered and then hanged.

To have the 3rd most powerful person in the world claim to be a victim of sexism is pretty disturbing.

Of course she is a victim, but for sexism she would have gotten the jetliner she wanted.

Frankly, I wouldn't trust Pelosi, Hillary or Obama with ironing my shirt. I doubt they have any life skills whatsover, since they've spent all of their time looking to be offended.
Hillary couldn't get coffee for herself, Pelosi wouldn't know science if it bit the chip off her shoulder and I doubt Obama can wipe himself.

Pelosi is a victim, Michelle is a victim, Hillary is a victim. Hey, no chance of running out of victims around here. Let's all hold hands and cry.

People don't hate Pelosi because she's a woman.
They hate her because she's a TURNCOAT!

I am constantly amazed at the ignorance. Speaker Pelosi had a female constituency of 16% when she ran for Speaker of the House -- she did not win because she is a woman. No-one sane would give away a powerful job like that based simple on sexual organs. Speaker Pelosi got the job because she earned it. I understand that many Republicans may be confused by this, but simply because the Republican House Members are no longer sane, and actually made Rep. Hastert Speaker when he clearly was not up to the job, does not mean that the Democrats are equally out of their own right minds. Also, sexism didn't hurt Senator Clinton's candidacy unless the majority of the Democratic Party (who happen to be women) some how became the biggest perpetrators of discrimination against their own gender, and that is not likely.

i think people are misinterpreting pelosi. she basically said, yes, she encounters sexism, but whatever-- you move on, overcome and don't dwell. She thinks Hillary was using sexism as an excuse. However, she won't come out in say it because 17 million HRC voters are still claiming the world is sexist against Hillary.

Pelosi would be a stronger speaker if the democrats, as a whole, grew some balls. Oops, this is probably sexist.
Intelligent gov't, not partisan gov't.

"Whites, Christians, and Males are now the only acceptable groups where discrimination is acceptable."

Right, while the gays and lesbians are sitting pretty, right? Geez. .

How convenient!! It's time to throw away the grass roots, in the trenches war, for winning equality for women, by throwing away the nuts and bolts of the daily fight against sexism. It's a good thing for blacks that Nancy isn't black and they never had to depend on her for their civil rights.

Nancy likes to pick and choose which issues she wants to champion when it's politically expedient to do so. She can tell women to not worry so much about sexism, the equivalent of blacks being told to ignore being called the N word, when it's expedient to do so.

She does the same thing on issues regarding your constitutional rights. She will argue against FISA because she likes to tear up the bits and pieces of the US Constitution that might help us win the war on the terroroists who want to destroy this country. They include the extreme radical left that Pelosi is in bed with.

However, when it comes to bits and pieces of the US Constitution that help you to combat those terrorists and inform the public of what they're doing daily to try to destroy the country, from within, little by little....Nancy jumps up and down and screams and hollers...against the very same Constitution. Cases in point are FREE SPEECH and her support of the Fairness Doctrine that attempts to throw it out, and the 2nd Ammendment right to keep and bear arms, which the radical left has attacked constantly.

Another example of her picking and choosing was when she told Greta Van Susteren, Tuesday night in an interview, that she "was just glad he was in church", when asked about the Barack Obama's controversial 20 year affiliation with Rev. Wright. Why suddenly all that the Democratic party had championed on racism and bigotry had to be tossed aside in order to protect their precious presummed nominee. I don't expect a San Franciscan to know the difference between the Word of God and apostacy these days no surprise there.

Nancy does no less than totally disgust me just about everytime she opens her mouth these days.

Bush/Cheney rape our Constitution and our Democrats blink . . .
Quoted from Huffington Post author Robert Borasage,

“Congress must formally object to President Bush's abuses or it risks by "indifference or quiescence" contributing to the powers of our imperial presidency.
"When Pelosi took impeachment off the table, it was reduced to being a rhetorical protest vehicle for progressives like Dennis Kucinich or Russ Feingold. But Congress need not convict President Bush to impeach him for High Crimes and Misdemeanors. And arguably, the House need not even impeach the president to hold a Grand Inquest into the powers that he has claimed, registering a formal objection to them. The Judiciary Committee in the House should formally convene that Inquest, no matter what the decision is on impeachment. For if Pelosi's sensible political judgment results, as it has to date, in a show of congressional "inertia, indifference or quiescence," the Democratic majority in Congress may have gained a dozen seats at the cost of relinquishing its own powers, and putting the rights of Americans at risk.”
****The most patriotic act we can perform on this July 4th is to stand up and object to any refusal to charge Bush, Cheney and the rest of his cabinet with egregious crimes against our Constitution – the foundation of our democratic republic. If we don’t do this, their constitution rewrites will stand as changes forever, and will support imperial presidencies – the worst fear of our forefathers. Contact your elected officials in Washington and object to our congress – the cops on out national beat – who are now “blinking”. And that does include the woman who seems to have learned well the Washington "politico speak" -- she Waffles, stutters her way through truth requirements, uses weasel words and is usng her substantial power to force others to ignore the damage done to our Constitution. Please, let's get a House Speaker with cojones. Sexist? Bite a Bullet,Nancy. A female military veteran for our Constitution. JMB

Alright, to start with PELOSI ENDORSED BARACK. Let's ge that out of the way and not talk about how that was "sexist" of her.

Secondly, no one threw anyone under the bus. People voted. Someone lost. Someone won. This is not Florida '00 where people actually cheated, this was a case of one person simply getting more votes than the other. WHY DON'T YOU GET THAT? There was no "betrayal" or "throwing under the bus", there was simply people voting the way they wanted to instead of the way YOU wanted to.

Back to Pelosi... Yes, sexism exists. "Women are weaker/emotional/too compassionate/etc." Also, "Men are too aggressive/violent/neanderthals/mean." Sexism happens to everyone, from everyone. Now, if your version of "sexism" involves petty little things like that, CONGRATULATIONS, WE'VE FIXED THE BIG PROBLEMS AND CAN MOVE ON TO OTHER STUFF.

The only thing Pelosi has been is lacking a spine to uphold our constitution and laws.

Why are people like Pelosi still in office!!!!

If you perform your job as Pelosi and Reid , in real life you are fired!!!

We need Waxmen to start an investigation into Nancy and Harry...

Is this a new defination of sexist!!!!
When you arrogantly refuse to do your jobs which you took an oathe to "like impeachment if off the table even before you have the information about the high crimes" then we start include just about anything one wishes to for the defination.

My beef with Ms. Pelosi not related to her gender. My problem with her is she isn't doing what she was elected to do! If she takes that to mean that I wish she was a male, then she shouldn't be in politics.

Pelosi claiming sexism? All right. I can see that. I've had trouble telling what sex Pelosi is.

I'd be more concerned that my name sounds like some sort of disease of the muscles or skeleton.

"So, how long have you been plagued with Pelosi?"

"About 15 years."

"Yikes! That must be painful."


SEXISM ,RACISM , whateverism.
Arguments and excuses to take over your country, lives, Unalieanable rights. Oh then again you are all federal citizens of the UNITED STATES of AMERICA corporation.
Therefore, shut up and sit down, else get your rightful citizenship then grab your guns and get your republic back.
Hang them all, buy back the fed and your debt from the rothschilds for 450 million(per congressional records),bring home all your troops to expell NATO and the over 250,000 foreign troops now on your soil, stop all immigration till all illegals have been kicked out, and start being AMERICANS again instead of a bunch of whinning fat lazy bastards.

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Lynn Sweet

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