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DNC chief Dean welcomes Obama's Tewes as Obama takes over DNC


LAS VEGAS--In a friendly take-over that was expected, Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean just welcomed to the DNC Paul Tewes, the chief of the Obama DNC team.

Dean talks about his 50-state organizing strategy in his statement; ironically--since Obama comes from Illinois--Dean really has been running a 49-state strategy. Illinois House Speaker Michael J. Madigan (D-Chicago), the chief of the Democratic Party of Illinois, wants nothing to do with the DNC state program.

From the DNC

Washington, DC – Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean today issued the following statement, welcoming the Obama team as we transition to the general election campaign:

“Over the last three years, the DNC staff has worked tirelessly to ensure that the Democratic Party is strong in all 50 states and that we communicate our values to Americans across the country. The DNC and the Obama Campaign are now working together to continue this effort. I’m pleased to welcome Paul Tewes from the Obama Campaign who will help lead our team here at the DNC and ensure a smooth transition to our general election efforts. We know that we have a lot of work ahead of us. On everything from the war in Iraq, to privatizing Social Security, to making the disastrous Bush tax cuts permanent, John McCain has made it clear that he is more interested in continuing the policies of the past rather than facing America's future. Working together, I am confident we will elect Barack Obama the next President of the United States and begin the process of rebuilding our great country.

“With the conclusion of the last primaries and caucuses Tuesday, we’ve marked the end of an extraordinary primary season and a long and hard fought race between two formidable and historic candidates who have made our Democratic Party proud. Our Party was very fortunate to have so many exceptional candidates in this race from the beginning. While the extended contest presented some challenges, those were significantly outweighed by the overwhelming enthusiasm and energy it generated across the country with more than 35 million people coming out to support our candidates. In every part of the country, Americans –women, men, Hispanics, African Americans, Asian Americans, Native Americans, LGBT Americans, young people, veterans, students and retires, Democrats, Independents and even Republicans came out to support our two outstanding candidates and the values we share.

“I congratulate both candidates, and thank them for their commitment not only to our Party but to our country we all love and serve. This has been a transformative election for the Democratic Party in no small part because of these two extraordinary candidates, the historic nature of both campaigns, and the passion, intellect and dedication they brought to the campaign trail every day.


There goes the DNC, right down the toilet!

That news GREATLY GLADDENS my heart about Barack Obama and the DNC deciding NOT to accept Lobbyists and PAC money!

Don't trust the DNC. Just received Hillary letter and she can do what she wants. If Obama does not give Hillary the VP. My wife will vote for McCain and I am undecided.

Now that Obama was selected by the DNC as the nominee, I am one of the 18 million for Hillary, my husband and I will vote for McCain. Obama has so much baggage, not honest and he is so transparent at least for me and my husband. Obana wa slected not elected. BIG DIFFERENCE.

It's all just so sad for Billary. All that money and power, and it has come to this. Will she break out into a version of 'Don't Cry for Me, Argentina' at her Saturday night event?
-Wm Tate,

The bashing of Hillary is done by people who I don't trust. Doyou want health care for ALL? Do you want the 14 million yearly it would take for real mass transit? Or do you want this war for oil. We need to win people over.

"Big Brown" Obama, won't close the deal for the Dems. He doesn't have the grit or the stamina. Everyone will be scratching their heads and asking "What went wrong...he seemed like such a sure thing...weak competition...his main rival withdrew from the race..should have won in a walk...????".

His loudmouthed, arrogant, corrupt, "trainer", Adolph H. Axelrod Jr. will be slumped against a fence with a sweat stained shirt covering his fat shapeless form, tugging on his 60s porn star moustache in dumb disbelief.

I will never vote for Obama. He hsa no experience, except in corrupt Chicago-style politics. His associations with corrupt politicans and "business" people, terrorists, and anti-white, anti-Semitic, and anti-gay religious figures either demonstrate extremely poor judgment - or demonstrate his own real beliefs and convictions. After all, who could sit for 20 years in a church whose theology and preaching did not match his own long held beliefs and convictions, and still be a person of integrity?

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