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Department of Obama Image debuts new "presidential seal" features "yes we can" in Latin.


The new Obama seal--inspired by the real presidential seal--debutted in Chicago on Friday at a meeting presumptive nominee Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) had with Democratic governors. The seal--with the Obama "Yes we can" slogan in Latin--was created by the Obama campaign graphics team. In a bit of graphics whimsy, the seal incorporates the Obama "O" rising sun icon.

Like it?

obamaseal.jpg (AP photo)


I guess the Obama campaign doesn't realize that there is a federal law against using any image of the likeness of the Presidential seal 18USC713. But then, what else do you expect from such an arrogant individual, who feel he is entitled to the Presidency!

It's an inch from being a paper Burger King crown.

This disgusting

I do like it. It's also very similar to the seal they use for the show "24".

I don't believe I've ever seen such arrogance, such misrepresentation, and such a source of divisiveness as this man.

I think the entire government needs an overhaul, so why not the "presidential seal". It's the little things as well as the major ones, when weaved together will make into a new tapestry. Let'sget rid of all the things that don't work, replace them with systems and policies that do, and move on. Go Obama team!!!

Unbelievably arrogant!

It may well be a violation of the law (18 USC Sec. 713).


Barack Obama, I am quite sure, is being observed closely by those who have dedicated their lives to the protection of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

I like it. I do like the old logo, however. But this one does have more of a presidential flair. Very nice.

Goodness silly does all of this get. Issues my friends, issues...these are nothing but red herrings. Disagree with the man because what he proposes for the country and leave the style issues with People Magazine. This proves nothing, one way or another.

OK, this is neither a "likeness" or a "facsimile" of the Presidential seal. Calm down. It is not illegal. Lame though.

What else is new.

He plagarizes speeches so what if he takes the seal of the United States and changes it.

We are supposed to accept whatever he does and not question him.


The references to Federal Law in several earlier posts are mistaken about Obama's seal being illegal. The term used in the law is "facsimile" meaning "an EXACT COPY or REPRODUCTION," which his is not. Obabms's seal RESEMBLES the Presidential Seal only.

Those of you who think this is illegal have no idea what you are talking about. Read the statute.

"...for the purpose of conveying, or in a manner reasonably calculated to convey, a false impression of sponsorship or approval by the Government of the United States or by any department, agency, or instrumentality thereof, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than six months, or both."

It's just that his head all of a sudden looks so small next to that big seal...

To arrest everyone breaking the law, we'd have to put large iron bars around the entire District of Columbia.

give it a rest with the 'arrogance' crap. It just doesn't fit. The 'arrogance' label does not fit at all. It slide right off this guy. It just does not fit. The seal is a little graphic drawn up by some doodlers in the campaign. What is offensive is the bafoon hiding behind the real presidential seal and trashing the us constituion the past 7 yrs. If ya wanna talk about illegalities begin there. There is where the arrogant label fits and sits.

Obama is just trying to distract the general public with trivial b.s. so they don't look at his most recent screw ups like reneging on the public financing campaign that he endorsed. And the media is going soft on him because they know he will be spending his not so hard earned dollars on a media campaign to win the election and they want a piece of the pie. Otherwise they would be reporting and investigating Obama the way he has been by the Sun-Times and Tribune, it seems Chicago will be the only city in the country that knows what a scum-bag Obama is.

The epitome of arrogant presumptuous narcissistic self idolatry, and just plain freaking lame. I hope Obama's geniuses keep coming up with this stuff. What a bunch of buffoons!

Prediction: We will see another CHANGE when this disappears never to be seen again ... get 'em while you can ... destined to be collectors items for political hall of shame. Fire up the Tivos, there will be some classics coming from the late-night shows.

Shocking... republicans who don't understand the constitution. Shocking that.

"it may well be a violation of the law"!!! you mean like invading a country cause we, that is, the Decider decided to do so, illegal wiretapping of US citizens, torturing detainees held without a warrant? does it reach the magnitude of getting a b...job in the oval office? you wanna see violations? google Zeitgeist. It's an interesting little film you can watch on youtube.

looks great...thank you obama.

This is the coolest logo ever.
OBAMA 2008

Hey republicans don't cry because you don't have any creative brain around your old candidate.

I urge all of you to google "prepare for a world without the U.S" this is what Amidinajad told Japan recently,and the "Messiah" thinks he can reason with him,what an idiot.

I've seen the World War II recruiting poster of Uncle Sam used by a medical institution in its bathrooms: "I want YOU to wash your hands!" It seems good for the quarter-wits among the Americans to quit micturating on America's icons.

*** I guess the Obama campaign doesn't realize that there is a federal law against using any image of the likeness of the Presidential seal 18USC713. But then, what else do you expect from such an arrogant individual, who feel he is entitled to the Presidency! ***

I guess you're an imbecile who can't tell the difference between a likeness and a vague resemblance.

I think the people of Illinois should stand up and vote against this self-centered, inexperienced caricature. He has no business running for the POTUS and this seal issue is is over the top.

While I admit even acknowledging that this should be considered a story and published in anyway by commenting is foolish, but this is entirely ridiculous. How does one build up the energy to care about something like this? How does that work, exactly? Because I just can't make the jump from, "presidential candidate uses faux presidential seal in what is probably a botched, somewhat arrogant, lighthearted gesture" to "I am angry at this, this is inexcusable and affects me deeply." Stories like this only serve as distractions, they have no value at all.

I had something very cleaver to say that illustrated either my support or complete lack there of for the candidate and the issue at hand but I've forgotten what I'm commenting about now.

Do I Like it? NO

where's the pizza? It looks like they made it from the cardboard a pizza comes on.


and what's equally as bad is that it's obnoxious. This is really poor judgment on his part.


Barack's Seal is pure cheeseball, pretentious, and juvenile. Will SNL jump all over this? I doubt it.

"I guess the Obama campaign doesn't realize that there is a federal law against"

The law is against likenesses that actually try to pass as the real thing. The point is to protect against forgeries. Not particularly relevant here.

Funny how everyone fancies themselves an expert on seals all of a sudden.

a great seal representing a great needed change in America...

I actually think the seal is a good idea. Urkle's polling data must have shown that his inexperience is registering with Americans, and the discovery that he can't speak effectively without an external aid (written script, teleprompter) is a concern that needs to be addressed.

Dressing him up with some presidential props is an effective approach. For a good portion of the population, they will recognize the symbols and identify him with the office. This is a good use of framing, just as the campaign's use of projection-enabling words like "change" "hope" "future" etc. are, allowing anyone to identify with the candidate without him making any specific representation. Per the presidential seal, what's Latin for "Respect my Authority"?

Next, we need Steve to be seen meeting with powerful-looking people, like Alec Baldwin's tv character. Real influential people aren't necessary - in fact, most of Erkle's constituency wouldn't recognize a foreign head of state. We need imagery to offset that god awful "Barak's Great Adventure" bicycle picture that's searing through many peoples minds.

The seal makes his ears look big!!!

The incredible arrogance, presumption and naivete of this action is an insult to every person who has any respect for the office of the President--regardless of who happens to occupy it. Barack Hussein Obama has just created his own Dukakis moment (wherein candidate Michael Dukakis went joy-riding in a tank). Let's hope it has the same result: Dooming his chances to become the Commander-in-Chief forever. What an unbelievably stupid man!

Occam, what does the cited statute have to do with the Constitution?

It seems obvious you are as ignorant of US law as those you purport to criticize.

It is a phony just like Obama...

I must say for those of you who are confusing this seal with the Seal of the President are blind. Yes there are similarities, but not so much so as to be confused by them. You are making a big deal out of nothing.

Second, for the individual who mentioned the Federal Law about not using any "image of the likeness of the Presidential Seal", you should take a look at all the State Seals that exist. They are more similar than Obamas. Does that mean the states should all be prosecuted?

Now, if you want yet another reason to bad mouth Obama, you don't have to use this ignorant argument about the likeness of his seal to that of the Presidents. What you should be saying, or better yet asking, is why the hell does he need a seal anyways???????? That is where you would have a point!

I must say for those of you who are confusing this seal with the Seal of the President are blind. Yes there are similarities, but not so much so as to be confused by them. You are making a big deal out of nothing.

Second, for the individual who mentioned the Federal Law about not using any "image of the likeness of the Presidential Seal", you should take a look at all the State Seals that exist. They are more similar than Obamas. Does that mean the states should all be prosecuted?

Now, if you want yet another reason to bad mouth Obama, you don't have to use this ignorant argument about the likeness of his seal to that of the Presidents. What you should be saying, or better yet asking, is why the hell does he need a seal anyways???????? That is where you would have a point!

If he doesn't LIKE the old seal, then don't run for office.

Be CAREFUL in taking this as a positive note. The next step will be to CHANGE the FLAG....

Leave it alone !!!


In the time it took me to defrost a few pork chops for dinner, I conducted a quick Google search and I was able to find hundreds of examples of seals, some more and some less like the Presidential Seal. Some were even used by state and local Republicans. So, unless we want to say that any use of any seal constitues an illegal use of a likeness of the Presidential Seal, you Republicans need to wake up to the fact that Team Obama has simply come up with a great logo and you're just jealous. I mean, seriously, is this all you have on Obama? Here's a thought, Republicans, try challenging Obama on the issues, not manufactured faux-rage. I dare you.

it should be noted that jaywalking is illegal, and i'll bet all of you either do it or have done it at one time or another. and if you deny it, you're a dirty dirty liar and should go to jail.

So is He going to keep "Ruffles and Flourishes" when He enters the room, or is the Obamessiah going to have the band go straight into the "Hallelujah Chorus"?

I think all of you should live your life the way you find best. I understand you are not running for President but I am sure some disagree with what you are doing. Let the man run for President!!! You are so hard on him. Give me the best be against Obama. I would really appreciate an appropriate response to this message. I try very hard to show my Christianity, but I am not perfect, neither is any human being. I show love to everybody. Please respond ASAP

The seal is weak, pale, fuzzy, lacking in detail, cartoonish, and without distinguishing features just like Obama himself... it fits.

Seems to me that one of the last times someone created a new symbol for their government/regime was in the 1930s. It led to WWII, the extermination of 6 million Jews, gypsies, and mentally handicapped and a ruler who has been unrivalled in immortality. We are treading on dangerous ground here and I'm sure any member of the Greatest Generation is appalled at this. This is an insult to all true Americans and further proof that Obama is tyhe Anti-Christ!

Barack Obama is immature and this graphic is stupid looking like the entire Obama campaign. Obama has no class and he is a marxist.

Whose idea was this? Is there any other way to think of this other than presumptuous? Is the idea that if we get used to him seeing him with a seal on his podium, it will be easier to visualize him as POTUS? Kind of "inevitability"? I really do not like this guy!

Are you kidding?? The Obama Seal? I thought this was a scam, a joke! No, this is change you can believe in! HA! "Vero Possumus?" That sounds like a form of green possum stew.. Maybe he is reaching out to us country folk afterall!

Obama campaign doesn't care that he has broken the federal law, HE KNOWS IT he somehow feels he is above the American law. God help us all if the people of this Nation doesnt stand up now and make sure he goes no father into office. His changes may very well bring this great Nation to her knees. He is a self center self seeking proud man. What has happened to this great Nation that once stood together would the out cry over such an act as this would has drove him out? This is to gross to even look at. Obama wins we all lose, even the freedom of speech he already is threading that to some so whats and whos nexts WAKE UP PEOPLE THIS MAN IS DOWN RIGHT BAD!

I would rather elect a mentally retarded polar bear into office than this scumbag. This guy blames our country for everything that is wrong the world. You know who else does that? Iran, Syria, Venezuela, Cuba, militant Muslims... Are we seeing a pattern here?

You people who support this oxygen thief have been had. You should look in the mirror and realize that you are a sucker.

Two words---Barney Fife!

Let him use this fake looking seal that that fits his enormous ego just right. Let him play like he is the President because this is close as he will ever get to being President because the Anerican people are fast realizing that this guy is a fake just like his new seal.

Heaven help us when the Democrat nominee steals the terminolgy of La Raza and the illegal alien marchers and incorporates it into a campaign logo-an illegal one at that.The Spanish version came along before Obama became a candidate. Guess that's why it's a good fit for him.

Symbolism people...Where are the 50 stars usualy present on the seal that represent the fifty states? You Obama the ones you are suppose to represnet at president. As usual Obama wants to win for Obama. Poor Democrats they are so easily fooled.

What we so soon forget is how and why this country was founded. It is the ONLY reason it has existed for so very long. It is the reason this IS the greatest nation on the face of the earth. It is the reason all of these detractors and agents for throwing away America are allowed to speak as they speak. Those that would change these foundational priciples and truths are the REAL terrorists to America. Anyone with any education, integrity, and character CAN see this.

Ridiculous, boyish, arrogant, bizarre, possibly illegal
Not presidential

You people are such a bunch of babies. This isn't what the election is about. The media uses stuff like this to distract you from the real problems. Focus on the issues and realize that all politicians have enormous egos. That's why they are politicians in the first place. Get a life, learn the truth about what the candidates believe, and stop labeling the candidates unfairly. They both want good things for the country, but politics is a dirty game and they have to play it.

The best reason is that the man is a camelion. What does he stand for? Obama is acutally very much like George Bush in this regard. Bush would have 'townhalls' with supporters only. Obama initially claimed to be for townhalls with McCain but has of course backed out because he doesn't like to be questioned. See "Come on guys, I've answered like eight questions already" before storming off when asked about his fundraising pal Rezco or "Can't I just eat my waffle?" when asked about Hamas. Real questions for Bush or Obama is a NoNO. Say something against Bush, you're a terrorist. Say something against Obama, you're a bitter racist. Arrogance? Check.

Obama was for cleaning up politics until it became expediant to throw out public financing. Against NAFTA in Ohio, Ok with it now. Israel gets Jerusalem when speaking with the Jewish community, but not the next day. When you read through the tea-leaves you are left with a guy who will increase spending over $200 billion a year, increase taxes significantly, support pro-choice legislation of any kind (even if the fetus survives the abortion - he voted this way in Illinois), and will basically do whatever he feels like. Sound like anyone else we know?

Republicans are insane, plain and simple. And all of you that are screaming that Obama's faux seal is illegal, get ready to throw a bunch of GOPers in prison with him:

Wow, no against the law by any interpretation of the code - and actually with precedent.
It was cute, but in a nation where "image" means more than realite I'm not surprised that such a pathetic fuss should be raised about it.

Well, we all know he's a shoo-in, right? I mean, my God, Bill Bechtel said so yesterday. So, he's just getting used to the amenities, right?
How absolitely presumptious. But that's his whole game plan. He's the "Great Hope of the Republic", no need to look further.
Well, it's gone now. Just evaporated last night. Next spin will be it was a GOP plant.
I personally though of "Possums (the animal opossums) when I saw the logo-country boy in me, I guess.

Wow. Conservatives will get all bent over this? Seriously? Thought you guys would be a bit smarter. Last I checked unemployment, gas prices, the mortgage crisis, the weak economy/dollar, the Iraq mess, etc affects ALL of us. Complain about the REAL issues, this is nonsense.

If this is so illegal, why weren't The Ramones (a great American band, whose guitarist Johnny was a HUGE Reagan supporter!) or their record companies ever sued??

Ramones Logo

Prediction realized. The Obama has indicated that this seal will not be used again.

Goofy is as goofy does. The same Dimicrats make fun of Bush!

Entitlement...well, isn't that patriotic. According to Washington, Jefferson, Madison, Monroe, Roosevelt, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Reagan, Clinton and Bush...and oh yeah, McCain, it is...what a black man with a since of entitlement...we were entitled to our 40 acres and a mule...but i think we will take the White House instead. You philistines.

why are you wineing about this it's not like its the presidential seal.

I can't beleive ANYONE could or would condone a change in our seal. Obama would need his privates cut off for even trying and any idiot saying "Go Obama" should get the same. America will be in for a very rude awakening if this jackass is elected. Are we a nation of lemmings? The next thing you know he will want to change the American Flag or change the words to "God bless America" or the "Star Spangeled Banner". And quit whineing about this or that for the "black man"! You are not nor was any member of your family for at least 3 generations a "slave". So quit pissing and moaning about it already. Entitlement went OUT at least TWO GENERATIONS AGO!

This seal is sooooo silly to the point of being embarassing. Not a good idea, Obama.

I'm glad Sarah nailed Obama on this one. A total embarrassment.

All of you complainers about Obama, you might as well admit it; you never thought in a million years that the very thing you hate in a man would actually make it to the highest ranking position in this country---he's BLACK! You are afraid you'll lose your "king of the mountain" status in this world. Well, you might as well get use to it---God knows we've had a long time to bear with the likes of YOUR arrogance---from this time forth, somebody who isn't white will occupy the White House (hopefully that name will CHANGE). Eight years from now, maybe an Hispanic will be president, and after that, a Native American, an Asian American, etc, etc.... Then and only then will this country become one nation under God with liberty and justice for ALL!!!

Really ? This isn't an issue about race and that is ignorant of you to say so. Just to remind you though, Obama is half- black. He was raised by his white family because his black father ran out on him when he was little. Not that race even matters at all. But when we have someone who hadn't even been elected as the official democratic nominee at the time go and change the presidential seal, which no other president has done before, you mean to say that there is nothing wrong with that?

Obama will probilly end up changing it to:

Salvator Mundi

which translates to Savior of the World


hostis humani generis

which translates to enemy of the human race


minatur innocentibus qui parcit nocentibus

which translates to he threatens the innocent who spares the guilty


omnibus locis fit caedes

which translates to Let there be slaughter everywhere


orbis unum

which translates to one world


ordo ab chao

which translates to out of chaos, comes order (one of the oldest mottos of Craft Freemasonry)


Pater Omnipotens

which translates to Father Almighty


pro se

which translates to for oneself


sum quod sum

which translates to I am what I am


veni, vidi, vici

which translates to I came, I saw, I conquered


Magister Mundi sum!

which translates to I am the Master of the Universe!

subruo ruere rui rutum

which translates to to undermine, overthrow, destroy

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