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Dean says Democratic National Committee fund-raisers will no longer be secret. Says "wrong and unfair" to slam Obama if he opts out of public financing.

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WASHINGTON—Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean—now cast in the role as top level surrogate for Democratic presumptive nominee Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.)—said Wednesday the DNC will now disclose previously secret fund-raising events and allow press coverage.

Obama has been signaling that he will not take public financing for the general election, despite saying he would if details with his GOP rival could be worked out. Dean said it would be “wrong and unfair” to criticize Obama if he chooses to opt out.

Dean said the DNC will now “do what Obama does.” Once Obama locked up the nomination, his team seized control of the DNC—totally routine—and Dean said the Obama new policy of disclosing all fund-raising events and allowing at least a pool reporter in will also be the norm at the DNC. Dean made his comment in response to my question at a breakfast with reporters organized by the Christian Science Monitor. I immediately e-mailed DNC spokesman Karen Finney for a list of fund-raising events.

Footnote: The DNC finance chair was recently in Chicago prospecting among big Clinton fund-raisers.

Dean ducked a direct answer Obama’s judgment in tapping former Fannie Mae chief Jim Johnson to lead his vice-presidential search team. Instead, he noted that McCain and the Republicans take money from lobbyists. (Stories are circulating about how Johnson—a Washington insider’s insider—got a sweetheart mortgage deal with Countryside—a subprime lender blasted by Obama.)

Dean on Obama use of the internet:
“The genius of the Obama campaign is to understand that the internet is not a machine, or even just a means of communications. The internet is a community. It just doesn’t happen to all be people that live in one place.”

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I have the greatest respect for Howard Dean, He balanced the budget and had health insurance for women who were pregnant as governor. A rare accomplishment in this day of promise them anything just get me elected.
Here is a question for Obama and Dean;
Why should women support the DNC and Obama?
Never mind our skin color or our ethic background, We are qualified women who work in every field from scientist, running a steel mill, balancing our budget. We are the greatest fund raisers for any event. We are capable of investigating any and all candidates promises and will find the truth.
As of the date you are reading this we women of the United States of America have been relegated to subordinated positions in the land of the free, anyone can become president ideology's will always find assistant before any title bearing the name of a women, with very few exceptions in our U.S. goverment.

Britain, Germany, Netherlands, India, Argentina, Ukraine, Liberia, Aland,
Moldova, Just to name a few all have, or had women as head of their government's I ask you just how progressive is the United States and the men who hold positions of power. Why should women voters support them?
Does Obama believe the oil companies should pay tax on their billions of dollars of profits? Why did Obama-McCain not vote on this important vote? Should politicians accept money from the oil giants in the disguise of bundled money? Why is it reported that;

McCain-Arizona - Received as of March 2008 $291,658 oil contributions
Obama- Illinois- Received as of March in 2008 $163,840 oil contributions
The American voter and tax payer be it a man or a women would appreciate Disclosure of all funds received when seeking a political office and while serving the American voter while in office.
As of promises of disclosure we voters do not believe in the Easter bunny or Santa clause so where does that leave the politicians?

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