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Why didn't Scott McClellan quit if he thought he was selling Bush Iraq war propaganda


WASHINGTON--Former Bush White House press secretary Scott McClellan--thought to be a soft-spoken loyalist---rams President Bush's team in his new book out this week for marketing the Iraq War like cereral. Veterans of the Bush years are stunned. Former Bush press secretary Ari Fleisher told NPR's Alex Chadwick on "New Day" that he is "heartbroken"

" Well, there’s just something about it that doesn’t make any sense to me, and I’m heartbroken about this," Fleischer said. "Scott was always a great deputy to me, very reliable, trustworthy, and never once did he come up to me and express any misgivings that he had or to anybody else that I know of about the war or the manner in which the White House prepared for the war."

Chadwick noted "he uses the term propaganda. That’s quite a term. And he’s talking about President Bush. I think he’s talking about you as well. He’s talking about the message from the White House.

Replied Fleischer, " Well, that’s what really struck me is if Scott thought it was propaganda, then Scott should not have accepted the job as White House press secretary. If Scott viewed what the White House was saying was so irresponsible or wrong that it rose to the level of propaganda for him, it’s not a job he should have accepted. He should on principle have declined it.

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It's snippets like this on National Patriarchy Radio that make me hate what passes for 'news'--I have NOT read the guy's book. I do NOT NEED to hear what Ari Fleischer (who maybe oughta go to the war court of the Hague with Bush, Cheney, Condi, Rummy and Rove) has to say to make up my mind about this man's repentant book.
Remember the 12 step repentance Mark Heertsgaard recorded in ON BENDED KNEE: The Press during the Reagan administration from Reagan's 'line of the day' guy?
Fleisher is NOT to be trusted.

Dan Bartlett is going around stating that the reason for going to war was based on "flawed intelligence." However, there are some who believe that this Intelligence was not flawed, but MANUFACTURED, as in the forged Niger documents yet to be truly investigated! I cannot in good conscience let Dan Bartlett's statement go unchallenged!

David Gregory thinks it is ok for the Bush Whitehouse people to come out and say the exact same identical talking points, as if they are devoid of a thinking, rational mind and are unable to use their own ideas -- ideas which might get them in trouble, however. This form of speaking in this manner is Brainwashing and dictorial, and it is not ok. And, I think David Gregory knows this. This type of brainwashing and parrot-like mimicking and chorus from our elected officials is indefensible and inexcusable in a working democracy.

And many are shooting the messenger and missing the point, the content of the book the glimpse it gives into a mind or a group of minds who thought it important enough to invade a country which has not invaded us, something never done before in American history and boarders on barbaric! What matters when he wrote it or why he wrote it, when we are getting a sliver of a glimpse into the truth and inner workings towards a war which should never have been Authorized and waged!

And YES, the Media failed us then and it looks as if they are failing us now. Going all around the issues that this war was planned first and then reasons given out later to fit the scenari and that maybe the so called intellegence was most likely manufactured! If I, who am just an average Joe knew that this war was wrong and most likely manufactured way back when, when a few courageous people stood up and said NO to this war against the chorus of the Yes Men and Women, then the Main Stream Media, shoud have also known or at least asked the hard questions, something they failed to do. This lesson in history is not only a failure of the Bush administration due to lies and distortion but also of a Media who did not do their job and was led by their "journalistic" noses to enjoin into a disastrous and unjust course of action which has badly devastated and devitalized the American way of life and those too of the Iraqi people. There is no true reconstruction moving forward in Iraq or in America -- are bridges are falling for God's sakes and our Cranes, weekly or monthly around the United States there are incidents of cranes falling! Where is the media on those stories? No, they rather spend hours on superficial stories on Britney Spears, hollywood socialites, Rev. Wright, Barack's bowling score, how many beers did Hillary drink, Saturday Night Live skits, etc. There are a few champions in the Media but they are few indeed and often silenced out! Hopefully this tide will turn and journalists will find and live up to their calling again!

Scott McCllean's book is a story waiting to be finished. Slowly, steadily the truth will emerge, layer by layer until the whole pattern takes shape and form, as in the unburdening of our conscience of some long-dark held secret — the full pattern has yet to emerge, this is just a part.

Scott came into his position believing in it's truth - but eventually found deception. It's not hard to see why later after he saw the truth being covered that he didn't "come up" to Fleischer or anyone else. Where do you think that would have gotten him? Scott seems to have placed GOD before himself and wants the American people to know the truth. Deception is running rampant in Washington and not just in this one area. Satan is the king of Deception. It seems as though Scott has chosen to be his own man and follow in God and Jesus - and NOT to be a slave to the king of deception. All those high up officials who deliberately deceive people are only SLAVES to the devil. I am looking forward to reading his book. May this only be the beginning of the truth being told and accepted.

Well, if what he says is true, backing up those of us who felt that something screwy was gong on as the years went by, then McClellan's book, as well as his resignation, were long overdue in making an appearance. Are the book profits enough to mask the pain of thousands dead? I can't commend him and give him a pat on the butt for "manning up" as we so often hear today. He participated, according to his own words, in a knowing way. And now he profits. Men behaving badly should not be rewarded. Maybe he'll donate all his book profits to opening an advanced rehab center for those who lost their limbs or experienced brain traumas. Let's see what happens. And always, follow the money.

I want to know when our government notified Halliburton that they needed to hire a couple thousand new employees for "something" in the future?? It would take several months to interview, do background checks, drug test, evaluate, train, etc. and if that was BEFORE 9/11 then we have a MAJOR PROBLEM!!

Just wondering?


It's so refreshing to see someone close to the pres speak up for the fact that maybe he actually has a soul, and can identify right from wrong--possibly following a higher power than the one who is currently still supporting this Iraq fiasco?

Scott was just a high-priced messenger boy. I don't intend to read the book.

Tammy Swofford

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