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Superdelegate Rahm Emanuel still torn between friends Obama and Clinton.


LAUREL, MD.—Rep. Rahm Emanuel (D-Ill.), an uncommitted superdelegate torn between two friends, told me Friday he is waiting “for the voters to issue their verdict” before making any decision.

“When the primaries are done,” Emanuel said, “If that process is over and if there is not a clear nominee, I suppose I’ll have to do something.” He said he was not sure what yardstick he will use to measure voter preference—popular vote, delegates won, etc.

Democratic rivals for the presidential nomination, Sen. Barack Obama and Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton are “two good friends,” he said. Obama won his North Side Chicago congressional district in the Illinois primary.



You know he is going to go with Obama.

Apparently, Emanuel's decided that his vote won't be based on the preference of his constituents.

Lynn...Don't worry about Rahm...He will go with what his chapped finger tells him. He's constantly wetting his finger and holding it up to see which way the wind is blowing. an exellent example of what the true Super Delegates are about. Faithful only to themselves.

Emanuel maybe knows a little something about Chicago politics and courtrooms?
Obama would be a disaster for us on the top of the ticket right now!

If, Rahm Emanuel goes down the road of destruction, and attempts an Iago against Bill and Hillary Clinton, it can be scientifically stated, now, that "any explanation" he gives for his decision, would be the scientific equivalent of claiming to have reinvented horse manure.
I suggest Rahm read Shakespeare's Play, "Othello," from start to FINISH and contemplate the ideas presented therein.

If Emmanuel knows his political stuff, and I hope he does, he will flout the conventional wisdom and go with Hillary. Barack has shown himself to be a paper tiger. All talk, little substance, and a soft target in the general election. Whatever flaws Hillary has, she takes a licking and keeps on ticking, and looks better the longer you watch her. Barack and Michelle have worn thin, and a tough political veteran like Rahm can recognize that she is smarter, quicker on her feet, more resilient, more pragmatic and more prepared than Obama. It is the shame of the Chicago machine that a neophyte like Obama got this far, and I scorn the likes of Dick Durbin, who I used to really admire, for egging on this weak sister of a candidate.

Can we STOP with the fake mention of the fake delegate count?
Obama does well because they work the caucuses well.
His position in the race is FAKE--perhaps not as much as his performance as a 'liberal' politician--but he's not a 2nd place person!
People crossed over to put him in!
The whole thing is a SHAM!
We need a ONE DAY nationwide vote of ONLY Democratic voters in 4 of the last six elections in their state.

I hope he doesn't tear himself apart. We would have to go out and find another machine politician to replace him.

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