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Liberals have LOST their MINDS with the misogyny!
How The Nation HATES Hillary--and they don't even KNOW Barack!
(Do you think you know this guy?)
I read his books and was impressed, but that was before I learned about his voting record, his funding from all the big evil things he SAYS he's against--I mean I did not KNOW all the 'present' or absences he had carefully taken.
And those absences or 'present votes' sure seemed to be exactly what his contributers (they're carefully bundled, too) would have liked him to do.
Methinks there's probably some sort of signal, right?
It will be interesting to evaluate just how the media people interview them both--and then the spin afterward.
Keep in mind Erica Jong's "Hillary vs. the Patriarchy" piece, and the following links, too:
Hillary Clinton and the Media:
From Intelligent and Fair to Appallingly Sexist and Pointless
- - - - –
The Sexist Media Lynching of Hillary Clinton

Obama has not been present in the Senate to vote on most bills for months. I don't think the same is true for Hillary, although she has missed some votes,also. It it has an elephant or a donkey on the lapel pin, folks; you are going to get more of the same.

Tom Watson, you are surely part of either the Hillary campaign or Rush Limbaugh's group try ing to win the primary for Hillary. You are either disingenuous or so uninformed as to what a present vote means in Illinois ( it means I cant vote for the bill the way it is written, but if you improve the wording and take out the gotchas then we can vote again on it.. And this misogynist stuff is nonsense, I would vote for a woman in a heartbeat if she were against optional wars against innocent people and threatening nuclear war on innocent civilians. I am against the kind of politicizing I have seen in Hillary's campaign. She has experience but unfortunately she also has poor judgement. her campaign has been one of the worst on record. If she can't run her own campaign and its finances, how can she run our countries economy which is much more complex? Compared to Obama she lacks organizational skills, shortsightedness and fiscal incompetence. Hillary is a first order reasoner like Bush, she doesn't understand the implications of her actions, from voting for the war and with her jumping on the gas tax holiday boondoggle. I can buy their vote with an 18 cent a gallon reward for the summer. Who cares about the cost to our decaying infrastructure or the unemployment it would cause. I started out thinking I would vote for Hillary because I voted for Bill and thought I liked them both and thought it was past time for a woman to be President. Obama is our only hope in this election to change our country from the country with the best government that money can buy to one that is the best country..ahansa

Robert, money is buying this election just like every other election.

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